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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

Integral Spirituality: The Integral Virtues and Values of Integral Citizens and Practitioners of Integral Spirituality

Ever wonder what we stand for as citizens and practitioners of a (r)evolutionary integral and universe spirituality? The values of the integral and universe spiritual citizen embrace and integrate the non-pathological manifestation of the whole developmental spiral of life.

The following values are copied with permission from a new book entitled Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution by Steve McIntosh.

The values that the true 2 nd tier integral citizen ideally embraces are:

The Tribal Consciousness Contributions to the Spiral (AKA Magic Consciousness): Family and kinship loyalty; strong sense of the enchantment of the world; innocence; imagination; closeness to nature

The Warrior Consciousness Contribution to the Spiral (AKA Mythic Consciousness): Individual empowerment; initiative; action orientation

The Traditional Consciousness Contribution to the Spiral: Sense of civic duty; law and order; appropriate respect for authority; strong moral regard for group members; preserves traditions; loyalty; hope, and a strong sense of faith

The Modernist Consciousness Contribution to the Spiral: Meritocracy; upward mobility; the middle class; excellence through competition; science; technology; confidence in progress

The Postmodern Consciousness Contribution to the Spiral: Worldcentric morality; recognition of human potential; increased responsibility for people and the planet; compassion and inclusion; celebration of the feminine; renewed spiritual freedom and creativity

The Integral Consciousness Contribution to the Developmental Spiral: Practical worldcentric morality; compassion for all worldviews; revival of philosophy; seeing spirituality in evolution; overcoming the culture war; renewed insistence on achieving results

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