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Integral Ethical and Moral Values and Virtues of Progressive Evolution in the Universe, or What does it Actually Mean to Live or Be in Harmony with the Universe?


The key integral values and "virtues" of progressive evolution come in two complimentary types. They are the action values and "virtues" and the action-conditioning values and "virtues." Both types are derived from the study of the facts concerning the universe as a whole system and 13.7 billion years of its progressive evolution.

“The most practical belief system for a large-scale society in the long run is one that is firmly anchored in factual reality.” -- David Sloan Wilson

These values and "virtues" are important because they provide a common standard for social ethics and morality based not upon individual belief or opinion, religion, ethnicity or nationality, but upon the independently testable, factual observations of the multi-disciplinary sciences that study the universe and its evolution as a whole system. The beauty of these values and virtues is that to the degree any individual or organization does not align with them to that degree that individual or organization will not sustainability survive or thrive.

“Is evolution a theory, a system, or a hypothesis? It is much more: it is a general condition to which all theories, all hypo-theses, and all systems must bow and satisfy henceforth if they are to be thinkable and true. Evolution is a light illuminating all facts, a curve that all lines must follow.” PIERRE TEILHARD DE CHARDIN

To the degree that individuals, families, groups, organizations and governments allow for, know how to manage and practice the new integral values and virtues they will have a unique survival advantage, will be sustainable and will thrive. This is because all universe subsystems must align themselves to the directional master meta-patterns of the universe or they will eventually be broken down and recycled.

To make it easier to spot these values and "virtues" in Parts 1 and 2 below we have underlined them. In part 3 below we summarize them in short lists and provide links to practical applications of them for your daily lives. Parts one and two can seem a bit deep at times as they are dealing with the complex meta-actions and meta-structure of the universe and its progressive evolution, but they are valuable reading at any level of retention before reading the short summary lists of part 3 or the short lists in part 3 would not be as comprehensible.

Part 1: The integral values and "virtues" of progressive evolution based upon the meta-action patterns of the universe

Because the following in Part 1 are the most repeated key action patterns of 13.7 billion years of progressive evolution in the universe they reasonably can be considered as the key integral values and "virtues" of the universe's evolutionary action processes. If you have not read the process definition of progressive evolution, please do so before reading the following list of the key integral values and "virtues" of progressive evolution. 

The action values and "virtues" of progressive evolution in the universe are:

Expanding complexity requiring energy exchange,

expanding growth and/or physical expansion requiring energy exchange,

expanding creativity, (mutation, novelty innovation requiring energy exchange,)

expanding self organization, (autopoiesis requiring energy exchange,)

expanding consciousness (awareness) of the relevant exterior environment requiring energy exchange, within both the parts of the whole and, within the whole itself as a collective,)

expanding full-consequence capture, full accountability, which requires energy exchange, (which also requires expanding levels of full transparency for all parts of a whole and the whole unions themselves. In one way or another, evolution eventually and invariably always enforces increasing severity levels of consequence capture upon any parts or wholes that do not learn, adapt, exchange energy fairly, "cooperate" and progressively evolve.)

expanding intelligence, learning ability, which requires energy exchange,

expanding adaptability choice, freedom, which requires energy exchange, (for parts or wholes in adjusting to the environment or changing the environment,)

expanding or alternating periods of compression or centralization, which requires energy exchange,

expanding ordering, integration, harmony and then synergies, which requires energy exchange,

expanding cooperation, which requires energy exchange,

expanding wholes (unions,) of greater scale, which requires energy exchange,

expanding interdependence, (by parts and wholes, which then also loops back upon the parts and the whole (union,) to further motivate greater cooperation because of the interdependence and increased interconnectedness,)

expanding control over the environment which requires energy exchange, (in part because of the increased cooperation of the parts and the wholes,)

expanding sustainability for the most cooperative parts and wholes, which requires energy exchange, (in part because of the increased cooperation of the parts and the wholes,)

which only in some human parts within the universe eventually results in... 

expanding the scope and scale of conscious self-reflection (consciousness of the individual's interior environment and then consciousness of individual's interior to exterior interactions with the exterior environment and then evaluation of future interior to exterior interaction possibilities through futures modeling,) 

which only in some human parts within the universe eventually then emerges...

expanded reflection of those human self reflective parts upon the total universe environment and the universe's complete evolutionary processes and systems creating conscious whole universe consciousness

(At this point it can be said that either the universe has evolved self reflective and universe reflective humans to better assist itself in co-evolving itself (the universe,) along its progressive directionality or, that self reflective and universe reflective humans can for their own self interests decide to become conscious partners with the whole process of universe evolution to better co-evolve evolution to meet their needs by aligning their needs and actions to the overall existing progressive directionality of universe evolution as expressed above.)

And, if none of the above universe meta-patterns continue to progressively evolve at some point toward their next levels of increasing and unfolding complexity and appropriate energy exchange along progressive evolution's directionalized path --- the other great meta-pattern and process of progressive evolution activates and takes over. It is the breakdown and recycling of non-learning, non-adaptive and non "co-operating" parts or wholes (unions,) to be reused later in some other situation to once again attempt to forward the progressive evolution directionality mentioned above.

If you look again quickly down the list of underlined universe integral action values and virtues you have probably heard some of these before and that is exactly as it should be because humanity has been looking at the universe for a long time trying to learn how to live successfully and in harmony with it. What is new in this list is not just values and virtues that you may never have heard about before as critical to the life process, what is also new is that these virtues and values are presented as a unfolding intrinsically interconnected system that is generally sequenced from the big bang until now. 

But, it is not just the universe meta-patterns of action that make up the whole of universe values and virtues. The universe's space has quantum and other qualities that also condition, qualify and control how these action meta patterns manifest. To make it easier to spot these space conditioning values and virtues we have underlined them in the list below.

Part 2: The new conditioning and controlling integral values and "virtues" of progressive evolution based upon the space conditioning qualities of the universe are:

initiating energy quality and quality throughput from big bang to universe,

inherent non-deficient “is-ness,”

(at its most basic minimum level, existence of the universe or any thing within it --- is as it is. It exists as it is when we observe it. It just is pure and simple. The physical universe or any thing within it is not inherently or intrinsically deficient in any way --- no matter what our current usual partial view perspectives, religious beliefs or personal attitudes about either the nature of the universe or the things within it might be.) 

native original inclusiveness, union, unity --- the always current cohesion, union and unity of all things within the limits of time and space of the known universe.

(In qualified ways all things are sharing the time and space within the universe's totality of existence. In qualified ways all things are sharing the matter and energy within the universe's totality of existence. The original and ongoing inclusiveness and union of all things within the universe implies that at its deepest levels the universe is essentially a sharing experience.)

native and abundant potentiality,

(at the level of the part of the universe, potentiality is manifest as the drive to release and realize the inherent full nature and evolutionary possibilities of a thing. On the level of the universe as a whole, potentiality appears to be manifesting as the drive to exhaust all possibilities for creativity and novelty at every level of existence with that creativity and novelty eventually adding to the amazingly abundant richness and quality of the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe. This universe space potentiality manifests and fulfills itself in many concrete ways such as parts or whole unions within the universe learning, adapting, showing emergent self organization etc.)

native transparency,

(the universe hides nothing from anyone looking with the right instruments. It is fully transparent,)

native creativity,

(within the universe's native potentialities lies its realizable and inherent native creativity. This creativity continuously bursts forth both from the inherent creativity within all things involving matter and energy and from what appears to be an inherent conditioning creativity within the time space itself.)   

inherent evolvability, dynamism, continuous process, (This equals abundant and continuous change in part because of the process of continuous energy flow-through continuously creating the universe in each moment and ongoing energy exchanges seeking to establish (or needed to establish,) new dynamic energy balances as new or expanding parts and wholes [unions.])

dynamic balance, an ever changing state of new and evolving "imperfect" changing energy/matter balance within the universe itself as a whole and also found within sub-states of dynamic balance within some parts and wholes [unions,] of the universe,

(Dynamic balance is not a static perfect balance, but a paradoxical "balanced" state of continuous energy/matter change within certain necessary tolerance levels creating new levels of simultaneously closed and yet open dynamic balance. This dynamic balance is vitally needed between the differentials (differences, conflicts,) found within various parts and wholes of the universe to maintain their stable yet evolving, closed yet open relationships and fragile existence. Matter and energy in the universe are constant, but they take on a myriad of constantly evolving forms. For this possibility to occur there is a paradoxical and simultaneous closedness and openness that must also occur throughout the physical universe's evolution to create the necessary ever changing states of dynamic balance. It is the various states of necessary dynamic balance which dynamically adjusts where necessary the differentials, differences and conflicts between parts and wholes so that various essential evolutionary balances and unions may take place or be maintained so that not only existence but also the various steps of progressive evolution can continue.)

The universe's dynamism, (its continuous process of change,) and its dynamic balance conditioning qualities show up as the following sub-levels of evolutionary process:

"incompleteness" the manifestation of the inherent inclination toward evolving changing, growth,

(growth and transformation is abundantly and continually emerging toward resolving this "incompleteness" and these emergences of new growth are aligned by evolution toward the direction of the universe's progressive evolution. Growth can also mean a growth that evolves to new levels when older levels of growth run their course such as when one grows physically to adulthood. After a human being has physically grown to full capacity there are still many levels of maturity, skill, intellectual or other forms of growth still available.) Incompleteness is a paradoxical term as it is used in association with universe qualities. It does not imply any deficiency or imperfection. It just means a pre next evolutionary step state. This inherent "incompleteness" toward growth manifests as and through:

emergence and its consequent differentiation,

(the universe abundantly emerges new things and those emergences create differentials, differences or separation for those new things. The existence of differentials [differences and separation between things,] which can create dissonances [conflict perspectives,] is because of the natural separation created by the mere differentials themselves. Differentiations between things and their dissonances are utilized by evolution as one of its most effective tools to stimulate optimal adaptation and growth. On physical levels the universe sometimes uses differentials and polarities to generate and create energy,) 

complexity, (more emergence and differentiation creates an abundance of more complex things. Which then creates increasing)

inherent spontaneity, (caused by the inherent self-organizing autopoeisis and creativity of things in the universe, which creates the novelty, and innovation of the universe, which creates at various levels of scale new uncertainty, [unpredictability,] linked with previous probability, [predictability,])

(In the physical universe, certainties and absolute truths are in essence relativistic even illusionary. This is due in part to abundantly increasing complexity, spontaneity and creativity. In the physical universe, certainty and predictability are better conceived of as being on a continuum going from uncertainty at one end through increasing levels of probability to an unobtainable level of absolute certainty (fact/truth,) probability or predictability at the other end. These levels of either uncertainty or probability created by increasing emergence, complexity, spontaneity and creativity create the various levels of unpredictability or predictability of our lives.) 

accelerating expansion,

(Growth implies expansion. The galaxies are expanding away from each other faster and faster because of the dark energy effect of space. On a cultural level complexity, knowledge, uncertainty, interdependence, interconnectedness and change (to name, but a few cultural qualities,) also all appear to be in states of accelerating expansion.)

native directionality,

(all things are seeking to grow and fulfill their inherent and natural potentialities. The fruit manifests the potentials contained within its seed. Here we are talking about the universe as whole unto itself. As a whole system, there is also a progressive directionality inherent in the universe's evolution seeking to manifest its inherent and natural potentials.) 

All of the above continuous process steps of abundant universe dynamism moving things toward growth (or change,) are facilitated by the dynamically balancing qualities and interactions of:

centralization, (there exists numerous known and unknown attractive forces within the space field of the universe that draw things together in acts of centralization. These are forces such as gravity, electromagnetism, the strong and weak atomic forces and theoretically, dark matter. There also appear to be other biological and non biological attractive forces, which in living organisms and cultures naturally cause new centralizing unions and wholes to be formed and maintained. 


native inter-connectedness, cohesion, (dependent or independent parts and/or wholes [unions,] of the universe's inclusiveness naturally sharing of some form of energy, energy exchanges or relationship or reciprocating cohesion forms to exist or grow,) and,


native inter-dependence, (dependent or independent parts and/or wholes [unions,] of the universe's inclusiveness requiring the sharing of energy, energy exchange, other forms of relationship or reciprocating cohesion forms to exist or grow,)

(Inter-dependence and inter-connectedness are intrinsically linked and paradoxical in some ways. For example new physics research shows that there is nothing within the universe that is not interconnected at some level to all other things included within the universe. Because of that, all things no matter how seemingly independent are also inter-dependent to varying degrees upon all other things within the universe. To varying degrees the universe is a system where anything in the system is in effect dependent on all other things within the system.) 

All of the preceding sub-processes of universe dynamism and dynamic balance when directionalized as growth (not merely change,) then lead to:

the evolutionary impulse manifesting itself toward or as transcendence,

(the parts of the universe through increasing autonomy and consciousness appear to seek growth toward realizing then transcending the limits of themselves as individual parts --- both in the realization of their potentialities as individual parts and, in their transcending participation in the creation of new wholes/unions.) 

the evolutionary impulse toward unification,

(more universe parts are growing and evolving into new wholes/unions of greater cooperation and scale towards a theoretical whole super-union and super-organism that includes all parts of the universe in cooperative alignment with the universe's progressive directionality,)

Which takes the dynamism and dynamic balance processes above paradoxically "back to" a new, evolved and enhanced form of its original

union, unity, 

(on the level of the whole, the universe may not be just the ultimate union, unity and inclusiveness. It might also be the only true indivisible unity and inclusiveness in scientifically known existence when seen as the currently largest know totality. On the level of the part, there is also an inherent union and unity within each thing helping to hold it together and make it what its nature is.)

Part 3: Quick Summary Lists and Practical Applications for Your Life on How to Live and Be in Harmony with the Universe

The following quick summary lists are what could be called the raw ethical and moral values and "virtues" of progressive evolution. These are the things that the universe does or is inherently or, does over and over and, at its deepest levels throughout the past 13.7 billion years of universe history.

The following two lists (one for actions and one for conditioning actions,) are also what could be called the full-circle details on what it actually means to live in harmony with the universe based upon the latest universe cosmology and progressive evolution science. To our knowledge this is the first time this comprehensive and somewhat naturally sequenced universe values and "virtues" list has ever been published.

To make it easier for you to use for practical application in your day-to-day life, we have also converted theses two lists of universe values and "virtues" master lists (just below,) into what we call the new Universe Principles of Life.  The comprehensiveness of the two parts of the new Universe Principles of Life will help you bring your life (and any organizations you belong to,) into a dramatically empowered and improved alignment and harmony with the universe and its unstoppable flow of progressive evolution. (The New Universe Principles are in the form of short affirmations with brief reminder explanations where needed.) 

The action values and "virtues" based upon the deep reoccurring patterns of progressive universe evolution 

The following is what the universe considers valuable in progressive evolution. These are also the survive and thrive action and action-conditioning keys of progressive evolution.

Although we listed it first and only once in the actions list, it is vital to also be aware that to bring about each action value and "virtue" below requires the appropriate energy exchanges. Energy exchange can be thought of as the hub value of actions in the physical universe.

As you review each item on the universe actions summary list below, ask yourself the following; In your life or groupings are you embracing, holding, allowing for, being, doing, honoring or expanding that particular universe action value and "virtue" of progressive evolution? If not, those are the areas that you are out of alignment and harmony with the unstoppable flow of the universe's progressive evolution. The values in bold also seem to be meta-values.

The action evolvability enhancing qualities, values and "virtues" of progressive universe evolution are:

appropriate (fair,) energy exchange, complexification, growth/expansion, creativity/freedom, self organization, consciousness/awareness, full-consequence capture, intelligence, self-reflection, adaptability, phases of centralization, order, integration, harmony, cooperation, making wholes (unions,) of greater scale, environment control, sustainability, whole universe systems consciousness.

The action-conditioning values and "virtues" based upon the space-conditioning qualities of the universe

Although we listed it first and only once it is vital to be aware that to bring about each action-conditioning value and "virtue" below also requires the appropriate energy throughput or exchange. Keep in mind that the universe as a whole is also a thing in addition to being a place in which all things exist. This means that the universe as a whole thing will also manifest many of the potentials, qualities and action patterns of things within the universe.

As you review each item on the summary action-conditioning values list below, ask yourself the following; In your life or groupings are you embracing, holding, allowing for, being, doing, honoring or expanding that particular universe action-conditioning value and "virtue" of progressive evolution? If not, those are the areas that you are out of alignment and harmony with the unstoppable flow of the universe's progressive evolution. The values in bold also seem to be meta values. 

After the initiating energy quality and quality throughput from Big Bang into the universe, the action-conditioning values and "virtues" demonstrating the inherent evolvability enhancing qualities of the universe itself as a whole are:

energy, non-deficient “is-ness,” transparency, inclusiveness, potentiality, creativity, emergence, differentiation, complexification, expansion, "incompleteness," spontaneity, uncertainty/unpredictability, dynamism, dynamic balance, directionality, inter-connectedness/cohesion, inter-dependence, transcendence, unification, union/unity.

Practical Application Notes:

1.)  We have converted the universe values and "virtues" lists above into the New Universe Principles into short affirmations to make them far easier to use in your daily life and to help you come into better alignment and harmony with the universe. Click here to go to part one of the new Universe Principles of Life.   

2.) The values and virtues listed below are in a relative linear "emergence to completion sequence" or in an "increasing complexity sequence," but in the universe there are many, many non-linear and non sequenced relationships involving these actions and action-conditioning universe qualities. Therefore, neither a relative linear "emergence to completion sequence" or in an "increasing complexity sequence" will accurately reflect the many complex variables of evolutionary process in the universe.  

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