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Global Warming Panic Now Appropriate Says Bill McKibben

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Watch Bill's five-minute "time to panic" video here http://time.com/5575658/bill-mckibben-climate-change-falter/

The international global warming expert and founder of 350.org the nonprofit global warming educational organization says it's now okay to panic about global warming.

Congratulations to Bill for finally no longer listening to all of those other global warming experts who say you can't tell adults bad news because they just can't manage it, and that you should not tell your members much bad news because they won't keep donating.

Thank you for not treating us as children anymore!

Hopefully, soon Bill will completely stop using the words climate change in any of his presentations or at 350.org because that is concept/thinking control created by the fossil fuel lobbyists to control the conversation with false framing.

Hopefully, Bill will put the dialectical conversation about global warming back into a new and more accurate balance by always talking about what is real and what we must now do to prevent global warming extinction within our lifetimes as discussed here.

Thank you Bill for finally joining those other few of us in global warming education who have been faithfully saying this for years.


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