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The Five Key New Spiritual Definitions Used in Religion 2.0 For All Religion 2.0 Practitioners

There are Essential New Definitions for Religion 2.0 That One Needs to Understand:

Religion and personal spirituality has radically evolved with the emergence of Religion 2.0. Because of this the older spiritual definitions of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 also needed to evolve, be expanded and be redefined.

We have provided links throughout this page and our website to these new or greatly modified Religion 2.0 spiritual definitions and that we use. We strongly recommend clicking on these new word or concept definition links as they come up.

One reason for the new or expanded definitions of religious terms in Religion 2.0 is because the Evolution 2.0 meta-principles found within the progressive evolution facts of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. This new information that has been integrated throughout the Religion 2.0 materials has significantly qualified and expanded our understanding of so much more of the world and reality around us.

While we still use some parts of Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 spiritual definitions for many terms, we have also had to significantly expand many Religion 1.0 and religion 1.5 spiritual definitions to describe the new spiritual, conceptual or physical spaces just being discovered and brought into being for the very first time by the new science-grounded Religion 2.0.

Our Key Religious Definitions Relating to Ultimate Reality, Spirit, Spirituality, Religion and Universe That are Used in Association with Religion 2.0

To understand the basics of what the new emergence that Religion 2.0 actually is, it is essential to first understand our key, nuanced and often new definitions for spirit, spirituality, religion, universe, Ultimate Reality/Great Mystery and God! When you have finished reading these foundational new Religion 2.0 religious definitions you will again see that we are not like any Religion 1.0 or Religion 1.5 denomination currently or previously existing.

Start by:

a.) Reading our specialized definition of the Great Mystery or what some call God. (We use the words Great Mystery or Ultimate Reality far more often than God because of our omni-denominational, meta-religion nature.) (B) 

b. Next, click here to read our foundational definition for the word universe and for how and why we connect the word universe within Religion 2.0. (B)

c. Next, read the new definitions for spirit, spirituality, religion for the minimal foundation needed for understanding begin here. Click here now to go to these essential definitions for spirit, spirituality/religion. (B)

Now that you have read the above essential unique and nuanced definitions on what we mean when we use those key words in a spiritual context, you are ready for our most concise combined definition of what we mean when we connect the words, Ultimate Reality, universe, evolution and spirituality together to create the new meanings of Religion 2.0 as a new form of meta-religion and personal spirituality.

When you think about Religion 2.0 you now know that it also means:

1. the universe itself.  As it contains the post-postmodern understanding of the balance and appropriate roles of:

a.) the objective fact probabilities of science (as described in the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Principles of Sustainability,) grounded, balanced and wisely integrated with

b.) the subjective belief probabilities of your own self-evolving personalized meta-spirituality.  (This new self-created personalized spirituality of Evolution Spirituality is derived from an "open source" access to and exploration of --- all of humanity's life-affirming spiritual wisdom and tools that are grounded in and by science facts. (Our spiritual wisdom and tools from the Western spiritualities are drawn from women's spirituality, integral spirituality, creation spirituality, process theology, liberation theology, mystical Christianity as well as Open Source Spirituality. The spiritual wisdom and tools from the Eastern spiritualities are drawn from non-dual, mystical Buddhism, Mystical Hinduism, Sufism, Taoism and Zen.) Understanding the appropriate and complimentary roles and uses of objective and subjective reality is an essential element in understanding the unique effectiveness and relevance of Religion 2.0 to today's challenges.

c.) the inter-subjective "we" shared agreements about reality. (Click here to learn the basic postmodern objective, subjective and inter-subjective understanding which is also essential to a full understanding our high emphasis on the objective science grounding integrated with personalized spirituality in the appropriate healthy balance discussed. We strongly recommend that you review this link now and learn more about the 3 postmodern perspectives of reality!)

2. spirit as the sustaining and vital essence and dignity of life.

3. personalized spirituality as a self-created and self-chosen way to live sustainably in the universe and in optimal well being through:

a.) understanding yourself as a vital essence and dignity of life and,

b.) alignment with others who are also essences and dignity's of life exactly like you and who are also striving to be in alignment with the unstoppable flow of the originating Essence and source of the dignity of ALL life (Ultimate Reality,) evolving within the universe (and possibly outside of the universe as well,) --- in partnership with us!

4. Ultimate Reality and/or God, Buddha, Consciousness etc as concepts for the Origin of the universe and the totality of reality and that on a purely objective level is still the Great Mystery of life and existence.

"In many ways the new spiritual experiment and emergence called Religion 2.0 has emerged into being because of the natural evolutionary process of the universe itself. It was an inevitability that eventually a universe science-grounded, meta-religion that is open source, personally discovered and collaborative using all previous human knowledge would naturally emerge precisely when traditional religions seem to be least capable to offer new and effective solutions to the current complex personal, global and environmental challenges that we all face." Lawrence Wollersheim

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