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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

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What we Are and Do

The Universe Spirit movement and the new Universe Worldview offers a unified understanding of life and spirit and sustainable prosperity.

From a holistic, integral and universe-framed perspective the Universe Spirit movement integrates life, spirit, science, culture, consciousness, art and the life-affirming parts of humanity’s vast spiritual heritage to provide new, science-balanced and spirit integrated answers to the most critical questions of life today.

The Universe Spirit Movement provides new, science-balanced and universe-scale answers to the really big questions of life like:

How do you live successfully in today’s world?
What is the optimal purpose and meaning of your life? 

Who or what really are you?

What is our collective identity and purpose? 
What is the ultimate origin, nature and destiny of the universe we all live in? And even,
What is Ultimate Reality itself?


Why is this New Knowledge Important  

The new knowledge of the Universe Spirit movement and the new Universe Worldview conveys a great life-quality improvement and problem solving advantage to all who understand and use it. It provides a better macro-map of reality.

From the practice of the new Universe Worldview Principles you will be able to live more successfully in better alignment with the universe and in better harmony with others. Using these new Universe Principles you will learn how to use the power found within the near unstoppable directionality of progressive evolution in the universe to help empower the realization of your own most life-affirming dreams.

The Universe Spirit Community Helps Support You While You Are Exploring The Three Great Adventures of Life 

The Universe Spirit movement explores the Three Great Adventures of life discoverable in a living, evolving and learning universe! These Three Great Adventures are the epic self-discovery and life-empowerment adventures of today’s new heroes and heroines.

They are the life adventures, in which you will be able to release your greatest potentials and consciousness to serve:

a.) your most worthwhile and life-affirming goals, 

b.) the planet and all it's life,

c.) the amazing unstoppable power-flow of the progressive directionality of the universe's evolution and,

d.) the great mystery of the Ultimate Reality that interconnects all things.

To learn more about these Three Great Adventures of life and spirit, click here.

Quick Summary

The Purpose of the Universe Spirit Movement is:

to support alignment with the universe’s progressive evolution of life and spirit to birth a civilization of sustainable prosperity and a meaningful quality of life for all.  

Are you Curious About What You Can Do Next to Begin the Adventure?

Assuming that you have already become a registered user for free, all you have to do now is make a quick decision based on your strongest interests or greatest curiosity. Ask Yourself:

What Do I Most Want to Do or Learn More About

1.) Learn more about the science-balanced and personal spirituality integrated new Universe Worldview that informs the Universe Spirit movement. (The Universe Worldview conveys a tremendous problem solving and quality-of-life success advantage upon all individuals or groups that have discovered it and use it!) 

If you would like to know more about the new Universe Worldview and the basic Universe Principles and Practices , click here. 

2.) Learn in detail how the the Universe Spirit movement will help you release and realize your full potentials, empower your personal goals in new and more effective ways, and --- help create or expand your right livelihood by taking a course at the Universe College! (The Universe College is where tomorrow's heroes and heroines become the new leaders, consultants, teachers and facilitators who will earn a right and sustainable livelihood while educating others on how to build a new civilization in alignment with the new Universe Worldview, the Universe Principles and practices of progressive evolution and how to create a sustainable prosperity and meaningful quality of life for all.) 

To review and begin one of our free or paid introductory online courses at the Universe Collegeclick here.



3.) Let your curiosity be your guide to what to learn next by scanning over the master list of all the questions that we are most frequently asked (our FAQ,) about the Universe Spirit movement. 

To quick scan our master list of frequently asked questions (FAQ,) click here.




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