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The Home of Evolutioneers

Basic Information For New or First-Time Visitors FAQ (B)

(Special Notice: The spirituality found on this website is also an open source, personalized and self-created spiritual process. You can always self-select, modify, sequence and use or not use the wisdom and tools you find on this website in the ways that will work best for your current conditions, stage of spiritual development and understanding. We have no rigid dogma that you must believe. We do although have principles for which you are the final authority who decides their truth and usefulness. Encouraging spiritual personalization, experimentation and deciding what is true for you is just one of the many qualities of Evolution Spirituality. Please feel free to take, use, adapt any of the ideas of this new spirituality or the evolutionary science that you find to improve your lifestyle, livelihood, personal spirituality and your local spiritual community.)

Pick the question below that interests you most. If you want to get a big overview of what we do, you can also follow the links below in the sequence given as a type of course check sheet as well.

The Basics for new visitors and members:

Our Basic Message and Service:

Universe and Planetary Citizenship

What do Planetary Citizens and Universe Citizens know and do? (I)

Introduction to Basics Of the New Evolution Spirituality

The Role of Science and Spirituality in Our Organization and within Evolution Spirituality:

The Genesis Story of Evolution Spirituality:

How do I Begin:

The Spiritual Practices of Evolution Spirituality:

Organizational aspects of Evolution Spirituality:

Universe Spirit and Universe Community Membership: