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A Big Picture Evolutionary Perspective on the Global Warming Emergency

Even though things may be going well at this time in your local, regional, or national area, it is not hard to see that, at the global level, we are going in the wrong direction on global warming and humanity's other mahor global challenges. From a "big picture" evolutionary perspective, it can be said that we are currently going through a temporary and natural evolutionary compression period.

When things are not adapting well, natural evolutionary compression periods bring things to a "boil" and intensify the adaptive challenge's pain or loss. Evolution "does" this so that the building pressure and pent up "energy" of the compression period can suddenly be released like a compressed spring to break the inertia and facilitate the critical adaptation. A good example of this normally recurring evolutionary compression cycle in history is how, after the painful compression period of the European Dark Ages, humanity suddenly surged forward into the great European Renaissance period.

Our current natural evolutionary compression period is defined by:

a.) how our major global adaptive challenges including global warming are still escalating and whip-sawing into each other and moving toward an eventual catastrophic convergence.

b.) that we still appear functionally unable to evolve the necessary effective global governmental mechanisms to resolve our major global adaptive challenges.

If left unresolved, this escalating evolutionary compression process acting upon our current converging global challenges will catastrophically destabilize most, if not all, of our local, regional, and national areas.

The good news reminder, once again, is that:

a.) this should be a temporary compressive destabilization period.

b.) it should also eventually lead to a great surge forward of positive growth for humanity.

c.) it is just another adaptive challenge in the great transformational, evolutionary adventure and process of evolving life.

Roshe Run Kaishi