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The Big Evolutionary Question and the 800 Pound Gorilla in the Room of the Integral and Evolutionary Movements

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Submitted by Lawrence on

The process (and processes,) of evolution is science’s greatest discovery as well as the foundational common factual grounding that informs and conditions all of life. It is our single best current and most documented, "theory of everything."

In spite of these powerful objective facts, many of the branches of the current Integral Evolutionary movement unfortunately give short shrift to promoting the works of the leading evolutionary scientists or even educating much about the core principles of modern evolutionary science.

David Sloan Wilson in his book "Evolution for Everyone," warns that far too many people who believe in evolution (even scientists,) do not make the connection on just how important applying the modern scientific principles of evolution are to understanding our lives and tremendously improving the success of our daily lives in the most practical and principled ways.

While the current Integral Evolutionary movement extols detailed maps of evolutionary progression, it too is not demonstrating how practical or essential the core principles of evolutionary science are to informing and empowering the success of our daily actions or --- our ethical and moral decisions. Too much of what is being offered by the various branches of the Integral Evolutionary movement as what it takes to be an integral and informed evolutionary is overly spiritual in the form re-hashed Buddhism, old guru speak or mash ups of other eastern religions and/or mostly integral philosophy. (Lots of Ken Wilber maps and endless parsing of quadrant perspectives and then the nuances of that endless parsing.) There is really little or no hard evolutionary science or guidance on how to use evolution’s practical and time-tested core principles to enhance the success and moral decisions of our daily lives. 

There currently is an over-emphasis on the spiritual and philosophical and an under emphasis on learning the hard evolutionary science and its relevance to managing daily life and developing a common set of ethical and evolution grounded guidelines. This backwards sequence and emphasis puts the proverbial "cart in front of the horse" and disproportionately over-emphasizes the role of the subjective spiritual and philosophical realities over and BEFORE the naturally antecedent and common ground of objective physical universe realities. (The physical universe really is antecedent to the biological and then the biological becomes antecedent to the cultural aspects of existence.)
Paradoxically, it might just be that when we directly observe the universe objectively we might also be optimally informing and expanding the truthfulness and usefulness of both evolutionary philosophy and evolutionary spirituality. (Particularly within and through its universe-scaled evolution processes to discover its deepest operational success patterns.)  
This lack of appropriate grounding in evolutionary science has grossly unbalanced the educational functions of many of the current branches of the Integral Evolutionary movement. It is time to get this important issue out in the open, discuss it and hopefully re-balance and appropriately re-ground our movements.  After all, how can we really call ourselves Integral Evolutionaries without deeply understanding and practicing the modern principles of universe-scaled evolution? 
If you would like to share your wisdom on this big evolutionary question and get the 800 pound gorilla in the room "outed" within our movements, add your comments at the end of this blog posting in the comments section. 
Here is some additional Evolutionary information that could be discussed and help fill the objective evolution void:  
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