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Sustainability, Spirit & Community


From the heart of the team at IS, to your heart

Do you truly believe in the values of the integral worldview? Supporting the growth of the integral age is, no doubt, the most effective means for creating a better world for yourself and future generations on this troubled planet. So if you are ready and willing to support its emergence, please read on.

Are you committed to supporting an emerging integral commons so as to facilitate collaboration between the diverse individuals and groups of the integral movement? Are you committed to supporting the emergence of integral spirituality and/or the growth of a new non-pathological integral religion? Do you see these goals as vital to your personal practice, your social-spiritual life, and the world’s future?

If you are indeed so committed, as we are, then it may be your privilege to flow needed financial support to the very hard-working team at Integrative Spirituality. Remember, when you offer a portion of your resources to those things that represent the deepest commitments of your heart, your actions are congruently reflecting and empowering your most cherished values. And remember, every donation to IS is fully tax deductible.

Please then take a moment to go online and donate by credit card, or use normal mail or direct deposit; or, you can help fund our mission by doing something as simple as purchasing more of the name-brand products that many of you are already purchasing from our affiliates. Everyone can do something to help, with so many methods available.

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