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A little bit More About What We Do and Where We are Going

The Three Great Adventures of Life, The Universe Principles of Life & the Universe Worldview

It is the mission of Universe Spirituality and the Universe Spirit organization to support your success on the Three Greatest Adventures of Life with effective new maps and tools. These are the 3 minimal adventures that every human being must engage upon to continue to exist and to have a fulfilled and meaningful life.

The First Great Adventure of Life,

The First Great adventure of Life is about making the first things that really need to be done to sustain our lives and civilization and the lives of our children our first priority! In this case this means, “Preserving Our Planet’s Life-Sustaining Environment!”

The First Great Adventure is by necessity every individual’s, group’s, corporation’s, government’s and religion’s Job Number One! This is because if we do not enact the changes needed to insure a healthy and sustainable planetary environment now, both ourselves and future generations will be quite severely and adversely affected or could quite possibly even go extinct as a species!  If we do not evolve to fully sustainable lifestyles with great speed, everything else that we consider important and meaningful could cease.

Because of the current threat that environmental degradation poses to all life today every religion and spiritual organization on the planet now especially needs to make saving our planet's environment their new First Commandment, First Spiritual Principle and their first moral imperative to be taught and realized in every member!

This first Great Adventure of Life is achieved by:

  1. learning and living a sustainable lifestyle aligned with the Universe Principles of Life, so that humanity will be sustainable and meaningfully prosperous for 10 million more generations and,
  2. educating others on the vital and immediate changes needed to avert planetary environmental crisis and,
  3. peacefully insuring that these needed sustainability changes are enacted! And especially by,
  4. contacting religious individuals and religious organizations and leaders to educate them about the vital role that is intrinsic to their faith in promoting and demanding sustainable planetary stewardship now!

By doing the above one is acting as an empowered universe co-evolutionary consciously forwarding the progressive evolution of the universe. This is also where you will help create a new form of shared sustainable prosperity with a meaningful quality of life for all! These above actions are also universe consciousness in action!

When you extrapolate and include an estimate for species that are not found in our fossil records, it is estimated that 99.95 percent of all species that have ever lived on the earth have gone extinct. If we as a species continue to pollute our environment in non-natural ways as we are doing now, and do not take this challenge as the greatest single threat to our future, our going extinct is not such a distant impossibility at all --- particularly when you look at the percentage of past species that have lived on the earth and have gone extinct just due to natural causes alone!

Humanity’s future is far from guaranteed! Now is humanity’s time to become an active and conscious, co-evolutionary partner with evolution by embracing and living the new universe consciousness, Universe Worldview and the Universe Principles of Life. This is highlighted the importance of the wisdom of the following quotes:

  • "The consciousness that creates the problem is not the consciousness that can solve the problem." Albert Einstein
  • “The planetary consciousness that has created the planet’s environmental problems is not the consciousness that will resolve them. It will take the new and larger universe consciousness found in the new Universe Worldview and the Universe Principles of Life.” Lawrence Wollersheim

(This first Great Adventure is sometimes called the great planetary and universe adventure into the “It.” It has also been called the great adventure of sustainability and eco-spirituality.)

The Second Great Adventure

The Second Great Adventure of Life is to "Release Your Full Potentials, Increase Your Discriminate Awareness, and Achieve Your Most Life-Affirming and Meaningful Personal Goals."

On the second Great Adventure of Life you will learn new ways to release your full potential and reach your goals. You will also learn how to attune to accurate adaptation feedback by practicing a discriminate awareness of:

  • Yourself, (your moment to moment motivations, thoughts, emotions, reactions and actions,)
  • Others, (their presence, feedback and actions or re-actions,) and,
  • The environment, its local and even universe scale vital feedback, which also is a major force controlling and conditioning your life results.

The Second Great Adventure also teaches you how to use the new Universe Principles of Life as well as other new universe scale informed tools and maps. The Second Great Adventure is sometimes called the great adventure into the “I.”

The Third Great Adventure

The Third Great Adventure of Life is to "Increase Your Service, Stewardship and Leadership Influence in Life."

On the third Great Adventure of Life you balance the pursuit of your own personal goals (and/or your group’s goals) in alignment with the Universe Principles of Life with service and positive leadership influence back into the many communities in which you exist and that support your life directly or indirectly. The types of communities that help support your life are:

  • the family,
  • the tribe,
  • one’s ethnic, racial or gender group,
  • one’s religious affiliation,
  • one’s business group,
  • one’s nation or national group,
  • humanity as a whole,
  • the planet and biosphere, (including non-human living species and other life-supporting
    structures,) and finally,
  • the universe as a whole,
    that which is the origin of the universe, the Great Mystery and Ultimate Reality.

Here using once again the Universe Principles of Life you actively serve, steward and lead with positive influence to the best of your abilities in the various communities that support you and/or in which you have developed influence. The Third Great Adventure of Life is where one acts in alignment with the progressive evolution of the universe as an empowered and co-responsible Universe Evolutionary and Universe Citizen. The third Great Adventure of Life is sometimes called the great adventure into the “We.”

The Three Great Adventures of Life are generally always unfolding simultaneously, but at different levels and intensities. If you see the value, importance and wise balance of these three necessary life adventures into the I, we and it aspects of existence and, you want to live them more consciously and effectively the wisdom and people of this organization can significantly help.

As you can see from above, one of the most important power tools needed to be successful in the Three Great Adventures of Life is being able to consistently apply the Universe Principles of Life derived from the new Universe Worldview. The understanding and the consistent application of the Universe Principles of Life creates a universe citizen with a stable and empowering universe consciousness.

The New Universe Principles of Life are the Decision & Action Map for   Successful Living & Sustainability

When you apply the universe’s 13.7 billion year-old science and time-proven principles for sustainably evolving life in the universe as born out of the new Universe Worldview and as found within the Universe Principles of Life. The new Universe Principles of Life will:

  1. help you align with the unstoppable power flow of life itself through a process of direct personal discovery of the deepest reoccurring success patterns of progressive evolution in ways that not even the early scientists or mystics and founders of the world’s greatest religions could have foreseen or understood during the times in which they lived. They will show you how to first align with and then "surf" the unstoppable power flow needed to create a thriving life and society found within the natural directionality of the universe’s progressive evolution --- which, when also seen at universe scale, is the most logical and probable physical manifestation of the creative impulse of Ultimate Reality itself.
  2. convey to you and your groups the big story --- a vital universe-scale perspective along with the colossal problem-solving and quality-of-life enhancement advantages that come from holding this biggest of all possible perspectives,
  3. provide new principle-aligned maps and tools to collectively manage our potentially life-ending planetary challenges in ways that are proven, practical and clear. The Universe Principles of Life are the new and practical global values and principles needed for us to work together in effective new ways.

“The planetary consciousness which has created our planetary problems is not the consciousness that will solve them. To resolve our current planetary challenges it now will require a new and larger universe consciousness!” Lawrence Wollersheim

This new universe consciousness created from knowledge and actions such as above is derived in part from the new Universe Worldview. Universe consciousness, the Universe Worldview and Universe Spirituality are all embodied and realized in an integral daily practice of the new Universe Principles of Life!

What Our Mission Means to Your Practical Day to Day Life...

We seek through delight, love and artful means:

  1. to provide practical and integral life practices that empower you as a co-responsible universe evolutionary and universe citizen to achieve your goals in alignment with:
    1. the success-proven 13.7 billion year old patterns and principles of progressive universe evolution, and
    2. the most life-affirming wisdom from humanity's spiritual heritages of the last 10,000 years. (We call this integration of universe science with the best of humanity vast spiritual heritage Universe Spirituality.)
  2. to provide the personal and community support systems necessary to help you turn the new ideas, inspirations and tools, which you discover while exploring on the Three Great Adventures of life into lasting lifestyle success habits.
  3. to help you create today’s new "right livelihood” and the new sustainable lifestyle vital to the planet’s future and future generations.
  4. to create supportive communities for co-responsible universe citizens (These are communities of life and spirit where you can comfortably be who you are right now while you are applying new knowledge to grow a sustainable and meaningful prosperity in all areas of your life.
  5. to help foster the Unissance social network with its passion for helping to create a progressive evolution enlightened culture and civilization dedicated to a meaningful quality of life and sustainable prosperity for all! And,
  6. to educate the universe evolutionaries, leaders, educators, advocates, and activists about the new universe consciousness and lifestyle practices needed for insuring a healthy planetary future, and about how to be an informed, capable and responsible universe citizen. (We provide on and off line education at our Universe College.)
  7. to provide new answers to the biggest and most important questions of life. Questions like:
    • How do we use the current universe facts on how life has successfully evolved since the Big Bang to live more successful lives in today’s challenging world?
    • How do we discover a new collective planetary identity and purpose, one which is also in rational alignment with the progressive evolution of the universe?
    • How do we become the new Universe Evolutionaries who are capable of integrally co-evolving life on this planet towards a sustainable and meaningful prosperity for ALL?
    • What is our highest purpose(s) for existence in the Universe?
    • What is origin and nature of what is called Ultimate Reality and why this information important to your daily life? And,
    • At our most basic level, who or what are we --- really?

What’s Next?

If you have seen enough to want to take the next exploration step, click here. It will help you decide upon your next personalized exploration step based upon your greatest interests and needs as well as your unique personal background. It will also describe the kinds of individuals this new science and universe spirituality integrated organization is attracting.

Go even Deeper? Are you curious to see ALL of the details about what Universe Spirit and Universe Spirituality is, then click here, but if you have a specific question see our frequently asked questions FAQ page with over 60 of the most asked questions about Universe Spirit by, clicking our FAQ here.

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