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The Home of Evolutioneers

The 3 Simple Basics of a Being Universe Community Member

The emergence of the Universe Community as found on this website is a natural consequence of the emergence of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. In spite of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview's amazing ability to embrace the enormous complexities and possibilities of life, at its core it is rather simple.

The three most basic facts, actions and attitudes of a Universe Community member are:

1.) Science has demonstrated that we are all embedded within one interconnected and interdependent universe and universal union!

Therefore nothing that is embedded in this one universe and universal union is ever truly separate or excluded. When we understand and then act from this inherent physical universe truth of oneness and inclusion the separation and tensions of "us vs them" in our interactions with other people and things in life begins to dissolve to both our and the world's great benefit.

Also we will all ultimately share consequences at some level in this interconnected and interdependent universe. Whole new possibilities of creative and loving action are possible when one realizes and embraces this "we are all interconnected and interdependent as some level and nothing is ultimately separate from you" scientific truth and embrace it as a primary guiding life attitude.

2.) With the escalating threat to the very existence of humanity, future generations and most of the species on the planet caused by increasing global warming, at this particular time in human history the most practical and important first life practice of a Universe community member is to creatively use the best of science to help eliminate the looming climate destabilization threat while simultaneously helping to build safe, sustainable prosperity lifestyles, livelihoods, communities and nations. 

If we stabilize the climate before we go off the climate destabilization cliff, we will preserve our planet so that all of the other life dreams that we now have can be achieved and all of the other challenges that we face both individually and collectively can be resolved. If we fail to deal with the looming global warming issue and build sustainable prosperity lifestyles, livelihoods, communities and nations on a "first things first" priority basis as our key life practice, the planet will continue escalating into deeper ecological catastrophe. It could even descend to a level that could soon become irreversible and then evolve into an extinction level event for all humanity (as well as most of the other species living on the Earth.) It is now a fact that all of our other life practices do depend for their very future existence upon us resolving global warming caused climate destabilization as our first life practice. 

Our Universe community does have a specific social activism program to help you resolve humanity's number one threat --- climate destabilization caused by global warming. It is called the Job One for Humanity plan. (If you are of a spiritual nature, the Job One for Humanity plan is also partially grounded in the new principles of eco-spirituality.)

3.) Science has demonstrated that the universe is engaged in a creative, grand and progressive evolutionary process that is actually going somewhere. Because it is going somewhere --- we can effectively align with this evolutionary process to enhance our own success in our personal lives as well as to do our parts to sustainably forward the progressive evolutionary progress of humanity and life in the universe.

Over the past 13.7 billion years of progressive evolutionary creativity, the universe appears to have a broad creative directionality to it and has continually repeated certain patterns and actions that cause certain parts and wholes within it to be sustained and thrive. When we understand and align with this evolutionary directionality and then creatively live its science-illuminated evolutionary principles of sustainable prosperity our lives, communities and nations will also thrive and be sustainable, our lives will be as meaningful as they can possibly be and, we will most likely be living in congruity with the most live-affirming aspects of the moral codes of today's religions.

If you creatively live and do these three main actions and attitudes of a Universe community member, you can be highly certain that you will be living the most successful, optimized and meaningful life possible and, that you will be doing the most essential, effective and important things necessary to helping resolve the biggest challenges facing your own future as well as the future of humanity.