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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

Welcome to the Era of the Personalized Spirituality of Religion 1.5 and Religion 2.0!

The included personalized spirituality principles from Religion 1.5 along with Religion 2.0's open-source religion processes empowers and recognize the uniqueness of every individual and also adapts to each person's needs at each stage of their lives. The personal spirituality of religion 1.5 allows for people as they are, helps them to take the natural next step for their individualized spiritual development and it does not require that they adapt to some rigid or less-than-rational set of ideas or ideals based on someone else's authority or ideas.

The open-source religion processes of Religion 2.0 make the principles of Religion 1.5's personal spirituality work even better in community and in a collaborative commons. (More will be said about open source religion in the following links.)

Please feel free to take any of the ideas for expanding your personal spirituality that you find on this web site to evolve your personal spirituality or your local spiritual community.  You can always self-select, sequence and use the processes, wisdom and tools that you find on our website in the most optimal way that will work best for your current life conditions, stage of spiritual development and understanding.

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