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The Meta-Religion and Meta-Spirituality Goals of Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Spirit Organization


Our goals have evolved over the years as we have evolved. Much of what you see farther down on this page is from our earliest years. If you are of a spiritual nature, some of the spiritual goals you will find on this page also are goals of Evolution Spirituality the meta-religion of evolution. 

Our Universe Spirit Organizational Mission

"to create a just civilization, a sustainable prosperity and a meaningful quality-of-life for all by improving alignment with the universe's progressive evolution."

And with those that are of a spiritual nature,  "simultaneously improving our union and partnership with Ultimate Reality.”   

"to help our members learn how to create and live prosperous and sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles."

The Goals Of Our Universe Spirit Organization

Our Spiritual Goals (for those so spiritually inclined):

a) To forward the Mission of Evolution Spirituality (new in 2013,) which is as follows:

To self-organize ourselves to both align with and contribute to the forwarding of the progressive evolution of humanity and life out into the universe. (Here progressive evolution has a very special science-grounded meaning. Click the following link if you are not sure of what  progressive evolution means. You may not see it yet, but once unpacked within this mission and goal are included most of the life-affirming goals of every religion that has existed.)

The most basic activity and "promandment" of Evolution Spirituality is to help create a sustainable prosperity for all. We do this by educating on a how to create prosperous and sustainable personal livelihoods and lifestyles as well as educating on how to build a just, meaningful and sustainably prosperous world for all --- based upon the new science and vision of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

The following spiritual goals are from earlier in our evolution and emprace many of the possibilities of meta-religion:

b.) in an open source and integral way --- to integrate the life-affirming spiritual wisdom from the totality of humanity's spiritual heritages with humanity's most current sciences (particularly the whole systems perspectives of progressive evolution and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.) We do this first to help individuals better discover, unfold and expand their own unique personal spirituality. From this individuals will be able to live more meaningful and sustainably prosperous lives that are also aligned with Ultimate Reality, life, their fellows and the progressive evolutionary directionality of the universe.

c) Educate and support processes that are effective in helping individuals improve their conscious union, relationship and transformative direct spiritual experiences with the Ultimate Reality that interconnects us all. (Ultimate Reality is our way of expressing our omni-denominational names for God, Buddha, Consciousness or any of the other denominational names that describe the Great Reality, Wholeness, Unity or Great Mystery of life and existence.)

d) While helping individuals improve their conscious union, relationship and transformative direct spiritual experiences of Ultimate Reality, simultaneously help those individuals improve their conscious union, relationship and transformative direct spiritual experiences with their own most essential Self (spirit, soul, Atman, etc.,) as well as the highest most essential Selves (spirit, soul, Atman, etc.,) of others. Through this expanded triune process of union the individual is both empowered and healed as well as better able to act with authentic love in the world without inappropriate fears.

e) Integrate art and beauty back into its vital role within spirituality.

f) Re-integrate the life-affirming values and wisdom of spirituality with the beauty of philosophical inquiry. 

g) Help co-create new spiritual metaphors, rituals and ceremonies based upon both the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the best of humanity's life-affirming spiritual heritage that present a new, science-illuminated  common genesis story as well as a science-illuminated common identity, meaning and purpose for the individual and humanity that embraces all of life.

h) Offer new integral ethics and morality system called the Universe Principles of Sustainability, which are based initially upon the testable science of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview integrated with the best of humanity's life-affirming spiritual heritage.

i) Promote the critical grounding and real-world importance of doing spiritual growth work simultaneously with psychological shadow-work. The importance and effectiveness of this combination of spiritual and shadow work can be demonstrated through the classic spiritual community validity test for authentic spiritual practice, which is demonstrated by a balanced living of the virtues.

j) Integrate the core spiritual wisdom of both western AND eastern spiritual traditions to provide deeper, broader and more universal answers to our questions about Ultimate Reality and to the ultimate spiritual questions of life, such as:

Who and what is Ultimate Reality that interconnects and includes all things and what are his/her/its purposes?

How is it experienced and realized in our individual and collective lives?

What is the true origin and highest or most basic identity essence of the individual, humanity, the planet and the living and non-living systems of life?

What is the highest purpose and destiny for the existence of the individual, humanity, the planet, the living and non-living systems of life and the universe?

What is the best way to devote ourselves to forwarding those purposes and destinies?

How do we best live our lives with nature and our fellow beings?

What is our individual and collective responsibility in co-creating a better world in the here and now?

How do we understand our relationships in relation to the many dualities of life that so often seem to cause relationship conflict?

Is there an afterlife, and if so, how do we prepare for it and seek a greater understanding of all the spiritually classic, scientific and yet unknown aspects of the afterlife?

k) Re-balance and re-integrate the life-affirming qualities of feminine (communion and matriarchal spirituality,) with masculine (agency and patriarchal spirituality,) by including and integrating both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine qualities within our new Evolution Spirituality while also simultaneously transcending both of these genderizations of Ultimate Reality in a new appreciation of the all inclusive yet complementary Divine Oneness and ultimate interconnected partnership of all things. Our goal in this area is to do all that we can to create better partnerships between men and women as a spiritual path and a vehicle of spiritual practice. 

l) Honor the creating and maintaining of life-affirming relationship as a key spiritually value and a great spiritual "end in itself" achievable in each now moment.

l) Work actively and practically toward evolving our world in the here and now toward a sustainable, prosperous and meaningful civilization for ALL that will last for 10 million generations in addition to working toward achieving a "heaven" for ourselves in the afterlife.

Our Spiritualized Social Activism Goals:

a) To Forward Job One for Humanity! Click here for all the information on this social activism program. (From 2009.)

Why we forward Job One For Humanity: To do our part to help stop the radical temperature increase now occurring on the planet by helping our members and visitors create sustainably prosperous and meaningful lifestyles.  This means learning how to actively steward all of earth's eco systems! 

At the current time due to the growing environmental crisis of radical planetary temperature increase and potential biocide that both we and all future generations will face, there is no greater more current, more relevant or embodied Great Spiritual Work and daily spiritual practice than that of learning and following the practical steps of lowering your carbon and eco-footprint, living sustainably and actively stewarding the Earth's eco-systems for both ourselves and future generations.

Due to this looming environmental crisis that can effect all of humanity, no religious or spiritual person who feels love or connection to Ultimate Reality and others can any longer ignore their first and most immediate spiritual responsibility and spiritual practice --- to lower your eco-footprint and live in a practical sustainable harmony with the eco-systems of earth. Until we are collectively out of this growing environmental crisis, living sustainably and educating ourselves and others on how to live sustainably is absolutely Job One for every person, corporation, government, organization and religion on the planet.

This is simply because if we do not do Job One for Humanity fast and protect the system that sustains all lives and activities, the goals, lives and dreams every person, organization and generation will be drastically effected in unthinkable negative ways up to and including de facto planetary wide biocide. If you would like to see an amazing short video on the logic of why this has to be Job One for Humanity, click here. In our eco-spirituality courses at the Universe College you can learn all about this issue, what to do about it and much more.

b) Promote "The Century of Women." The new Century of Women is designed to focus attention and resources upon improving the conditions of women all over the planet through education and rights empowerment activities. Having the entire 21st century being dedicated to the advancement of women could not come at a more needed or advantageous time.  Achieving the women's educational and rights empowerment goals as set out in our vision for the Century of Women is vital because not only is this fairness for women (who constitute over 1/2 of the planet's population,) long overdue, it also is a practical, proven and major way to help solve Job One for Humanity --- the current environmental crisis. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that educated women who know and exercise their equal rights help create a healthier long term balance and sustainable quality of life within their families and communities and therefore immediately improve the sustainable conditions of life for more of the world’s population.  

The Century of Women Goals Are:

1) the full empowerment of all women (full and equal education, equal legal rights and, equal access and fairness in economic and financial power areas, and  
2) the recognition and expansion of women's equal and indispensable partnership with men essential to creating a lasting and sustainable prosperity for all.


It is unrealistic and impractical to think that post-modern society can go back to matriarchal dominant social and political structures of the past or that our current patriarchal dominant social and political structures of the present are working (as evidenced by the many global crises we now face). Only by creating a new fair balance and partnership between men and women as true equals within a new universe worldview is there realistic and practical hope that civilization will continue to be sustained for generations to come.


The Century of Women goals seek to establish conditions that have unfortunately never existed before in human history and to remedy conditions that have for too long been drastically out of balance. Unfortunately, it will take at least a century of a globally coordinated massive effort and focus by individuals, governments and non-profit and for profit organizations alike to achieve these goals for the greatest majority of the world's women.


In support of the Century of Women and its goals Universe Spirit (the originator of the Century of Women vision,) invites women's groups, nonprofit groups, religions, corporations, governments and interested individuals all over the planet to actively co-sponsor and co-promote the Century of Women awareness and goals within their own Century of Women events and projects. Our sustained global co-sponsorship, co-promotion and co-creative work in improving of the conditions of women throughout the 21st century will result not only in our planetary civilization becoming far more balanced and fair, but also more prosperously sustainable on all levels of life. 

c) Be a fertile spiritual incubator for the emergence of enlightened, service motivated leaders informed by a evolutionary, integrative and integral Universe Evolutionary Worldview perspective --- leaders who will inspire by example and lead the world toward a more life-affirming and sustainable evolution in ALL areas and walks of life. We intend to do this in part by creating ongoing on and offline educational programs to educate and support these enlightened new leaders. To more realistically achieve this mission goal we will also create educational programs to provide ongoing spiritual and leadership training for children, teens and young adults--the next generation of enlightened leaders.

d) Provide social service to community and society that is informed by the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview

e) Expand the Global Spiritual Commons (which will also help spread the omini-denominational and trans-denominational ideas of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview based evolution spirituality.

f) Use the Universe Evolutionary Worldview based principles and perspectives to assist other religions in evolving their faiths, i.e., assisting in the evolution of a more integral and universe science-informed Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. We can thus facilitate the spiritual growth of billions of individuals through the developmental perspectives of consciousness to create a more spiritually tolerant and life-affirming world for all.

Our Spiritual Library and Knowledge Base Goals:

a) Collect and provide all of the most universally applicable spiritual wisdom and processes from humankind’s vast spiritual heritage into a open source Global Spiritual Commons for all to use to help individuals achieve:

1) direct spiritual experience(s) of Ultimate Reality,

2) successful spiritual lives, and

3) co-creation of a better world.

b) Present the collected spiritual wisdom of humankind in such a way that it is life affirming, coherent and internally consistent.

c) Present the collected spiritual wisdom and processes of humankind in such a way that it can easily be assimilated at every perspective of consciousness and developmental level by any personality type, learning style, culture, race or ethnicity.

Our Organizational Goals:

Be a spiritual organization evolving our administrative and educational systems to support:

a) the creation of increasing numbers of Evolution Spirituality members.

b.) the creation of increasing numbers of Evolution Spirituality teacher/facilitators/ministers.

c.) the creation of increasing numbers of new Evolution Spirituality communities, centers, study groups and affiliates.

d.) to be a major support hub for a collaborative, open source and  personalized new spirituality.

e.) to expand the open source Global Spiritual Commons.

f.) what the next optimal spiritual system will be to support how the Ultimate Reality is now spiritually appearing to partner with us to resolve the most serious challenges of our times.

g.) how we can best show up in spiritual partnership with the Ultimate Reality and in relationship and community with our brothers and sisters in life to do the same.

h.) For a lot more of the details about our spiritual and administrative principles for how we intend on reaching our goals above click here.

How We Intend to Achieve Our Goals:

1) While many religious orthodoxies proclaim that they are the only way and complete truth, we intend to be a gracious evolutionary open source spirituality support organization. Our educational attitude is, “Yes, you’re currently right and that is always true, but it is partial rightness in an evolving universe. And, there is more wisdom available to increase the current wisdom rightness of your life.”

2) Be a both/and unity and solution-creating organization versus an either/or duality or creating or polarizing organization.

3) Stay humble by not forgetting that our perceptions of any given spiritual reality are also conceptions that are at least partially constructed and created by us. At a particular time they can be good and useful interpretations, myths or metaphors, but as we evolve, and as deeper and broader structure is uncovered, those perceptions will evolve too.

4) Teach that there is no wrong form of spirituality or religion because every human being must grow perspective by perspective from birth through the entire developmental perspectives of consciousness. Authentic Ultimate Reality and spiritual expression will always look significantly different from each cultural or human developmental perspective. Additionally, everyone has a right to be and remain at any developmental perspective for as long as they wish. No personal or cultural developmental perspective holds an intrinsic or naturally inherent authority or superiority over any other.

5) Teach and integrate the spiritual wisdom found within humankind’s developmental perspectives of consciousness (archaic, magic, mythic, rational, pluralistic, integral, and beyond) and then being an effective platform for educational and experiential evolution through those developmental perspectives.

6) Teach that for one's spiritual life to grow to its fullest heights and the world to flourish in the most life-affirming ways, one's spiritual path is most optimally served by regular, balanced and direct spiritual experiences with Ultimate Reality and/or each and all of the ultimate co-absolutes of the absolute oneness of Ultimate Reality found within the objective science of the physical world and within both our eastern and western subjective spiritual traditions. These paradoxical triune co-absolutes of the ultimate oneness of Ultimate Reality of both eastern and western spirituality are also known individually as:

  • The Personal Absolute (an actual God/Goddess, the ultimate and absolute personality/being found commonly in western spiritualities. This Presence also implies a possible direct personal relation to this absolute personal being)
  • The Evolutionary Absolute (God/Goddess evolving through and in the universe with us as partners. This form of Ultimate Reality is science-revealed and partially humanly co-evolved and emerged through time. This co-absolute contains both personal and impersonal aspects)
  • The Impersonal Absolute (concepts such as the non-personal Buddhist Emptiness, the Non-Dual Absolute, Brahman, the Tao or the “I am witness” as offered by many forms of eastern spirituality).

This tripartite of Personal, Impersonal and Evolutionary co-absolutes that are listed above have also been called the integral "I" the "We" and the "It" co-absolutes of Non-dual or God Consciousness.

Our process of promoting integrative direct spiritual experience(s) with each and all of the three supreme co-absolutes found within the highest levels of the absolute oneness of Ultimate Reality also serves most effectively to help unify the deepest core of eastern and western experiential spiritual wisdom.

7) Teach that the Ultimate Reality is also the ultimate unfolding mystery. At any time our perceptions of it will be incomplete and partial. Holding a natural humility that our perceptions or best metaphors concerning the Ultimate Reality will or could also evolve would be wise too.

8) Doing everything possible to educate our members about the many pathologies and abuses of past religions and the necessary critical spiritual safeguards to prevent them from occurring in our new open source integrative spirituality. Some, but by no means all of the pathologies of institutionalized religion have been:

a.) fixation of beliefs;

b.) establishment of oppressive ecclesiastical authority;
c.) religious fundamentalism;
d.) tendency to standardize and fossilize truth;
e.) diversion of religion from the service of God to the service of the church;
f.) fund raising focus in place of a humble spiritual service focus;
g.) creating discriminatory religious castes;
h.) becoming an intolerant judge of orthodoxy;
i.) creation of the aristocratic "chosen-people" attitude;
j.) sexual and financial abuse of members or diversion of donations;
k.) undue psycho/spiritual influence or coercive influence over members negating or debilitating their ability to exercise spiritual free will;
l.) fostering of false and exaggerated ideas of sacredness;
m.) routinizing of religion;
n.) accepting or foisting religious symbols, ritual and ceremonies in place of authentic direct spiritual experience of and with the Divine;
o.) using blind or absolutist faith to override proper faith balance with rationality or scientific facts;
p.) preventing or slowing members progressing spiritually through Fowler’s natural stages of spiritual growth; 
q.) tendency to form sects and competitive divisions;
r.) petrification of meditation/worship;
s.) venerating the past while ignoring present demands;
t.) failure to make up-to-date interpretations of religion’s messages;
u.) entanglement with functions of secular institutions;
v.) inclination of leaders to become administrators instead of ministers;
w.) accumulation of vested interests toward increased secularization;
x.) failing to hold the interest of adventurous youth;
y.) losing the hope renewing wisdom derived from ongoing personal direct spiritual experience with the Divine.

9) Have most of our spiritual education materials, organizational policy and operational direction be co-created by a spiritually mature community of self-organizing individuals operating from the best of our ability.

10.) In an open source and collaborative way.

Click here to learn more about our spiritual safeguards against other religious pathologies and abuses.

For a lot more of the details about our spiritual and administrative principles for how we intend on reaching our goals above, click here.

What's Next?

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