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The Definition of Universe Used in Religion 2.0

The Common Dictionary Definition for Universe: (B)

1. The universe is defined as everything that exists, has existed, and will exist including all physical space, time, matter and energy, the planets, stars, galaxies, and the contents of intergalactic space.

2. The term universe may be used in slightly different contextual senses, denoting such concepts as the cosmos, the world, or nature.

From an Encyclopedia an explanation of universe that is also relevant:

Observations of earlier stages in the development of the universe, which can be seen at great distances, suggest that the universe has been governed by the same physical laws and constants throughout most of its extent and history.

What We also Mean When we use the Word Universe within the Religion 2.0 (I) )(A)

The universe is --- or is in some type of holonic relationship to what the universe-scaled Religion 2.0 calls Ultimate Reality (specifically the origin of the universe.) In part this is because the universe is also defined as everything that exists, has existed (the universe's origin,) and will exist.

Therefore, this definition of universe infers that the great remaining scientific mystery of what is (or was,) the actual pre-Big Bang original Source, Cause and/or Origin of the Universe --- the Ultimate Reality of the universe is also a part, a relationship to and/or possibly co-acting with the universe in some way and is therefore fully worthy of investigation and exploration.

This is because the Origin of the universe also must have existed at some time (all things we know have an origin, every piece of fruit has some form of origin seed,) or, the Origin may still exist now in some way or,

the Origin is:

a. either an intrinsic holonic part of the universe (In the sense of there being a prime or ultimate holon consisting of the Great Originating Mystery as the agency aspect of a holon creating or emerging the universe and --- the universe itself being the communion, union or group/social aspect of a holon. Here the Great Originating Mystery and the universe seen together in relationship as a whole become the ultimate holon of reality ) or,
b. the universe is an intrinsic part of the Origin, or
c.  the Origin is also the universe as a whole, or
d. that it is all of the above and the ultimate paradox. (This paradox is most closely approximated by theological term panenthiesm, which is not at all like pantheism.) 

(If you have not reviewed the definition of the word holonic [from holon,] we recommend that you do so now and consider the Origin of the universe and the whole universe as the most fundamental holonic relationship. In fact it may be the the most primal holonic relationship in all of ultimate or universe reality.)

There are several other important reason why and how we use the word universe. Before going to the next section if you have not read our omni-denominational definition of Ultimate Reality, please do so now by clicking here. It is fundamental to understanding an important part of the core nature of Religion 2.0. (If you have not already read our new and precise definition of spirit, spirituality and religion click here before going on to read the next section as well.)

Other Reasons We Often Use the Word Universe related to Religion 2.0:

1. Religion 2.0 is based significantly, but not exclusively upon the direct physical observation and physical experience of the whole universe as a unified system. For possibly the first time it presents spirituality from a whole systems, integral and physical universe-framed perspective.

Religion 2.0 holds that even though the physical universe may not be the ultimate end of the spiritual discovery and exploration process, it is the first, most direct and most common collective objective space wherein individuals can explore and test their personal spirituality and then agree upon what common or universal values and meanings they discover in an open and reasonable manner. Direct observation of the reoccurring patterns of the physical universe has always been the source of our oldest spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living.

2. Religion 2.0 has also come into being in significant part due to the emergence of the science breakthroughs of Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Now because of new universe-scale discoveries in cosmology and in the evolutionary sciences the physical universe has once again become an upgraded and expanded source for some of the most effective and life-affirming new spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living. This new information is found within the perspectives and meta-principles of progressive evolution of Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

This direct observation of the physical universe may also be the best way to know the nature, purposes of the Origin and Original Source of the physical universe. This is because directly observing the fruit (the universe,) of any seed tells you a lot about the nature, purposes and destiny of that seed. Right now the newest science discoveries described by Evolution 2.;0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview provide the most exponentially expanded, systematic and accurate direct observation of the universe in the entire history of humanity.

3. The words universe evolution and spirituality also define and reflect the integration and balance of science (from the direct observation of the universe) and spirituality (integrated from humanity's vast life-affirming spiritual heritage.) These two words also symbolize and embody communal objectivity in the word universe and personal subjectivity in the word spirituality.

These balanced and integrated concepts of universe science (objectivity,) and subjective spirituality and its related personal experience reflect the dance and balance of the most vital and fundamental relationship for any spirituality that will be effective, healthy, evolutionary and integral.

What this means is that personal spirituality as practiced in the Religion 2.0 is continuously grown within the individual's personal subjective reality and then is balanced and grounded by good science about the objective physical nature of the universe. The essential subjective side of our Religion 2.0 consists of the knowledge, wisdom, myths, metaphors, probabilities and beliefs that the individual discovers for themselves and then holds discards or re-integrates at new levels as they mature in their spiritual development and practice. 

The objective side of Religion 2.0 consists of the knowledge, wisdom,  probabilities and facts that the individual discovers for themselves from the sciences and then holds, discards or re-integrates at new levels of growth as they expand their studies and/or as science discovers new or re-defining facts. In this balance and dance between discovery experiences in subjective personal reality and objective science-reality experiences tested by a community of the adequate a balance and integration is found, which also makes Religion 2.0 so vital to the future of religion and spirituality.

It is in the combination, integration and balancing of the subjective, objective and even the inter-subjective discoveries of life as we grow where we continually expand our vision of our own individual essence and the essence of all things, (Ultimate Reality) in new and expanding ways which add to the richness, meaning and effectiveness of our lives. Religion 2.0 embraces this evolutionary, integral and balanced necessary spiritual process of objective and subjective integration and balance and educates on how to maximize its safe results in many unique ways simply not found in any other spiritual or religious movement in the world today.

In fact: We hold that without both sides of objective science and subject personal spirituality present, integrated and in balance it would simply be impossible to have a healthy and effective spirituality or religion.

Why Religion 2.0 Now? (B)

In this complex, fragmented and rapidly changing 21st century, it is our view that now --- more than at any other time in history, the world needs a balanced, uniting and science-grounded new form of personalized spirituality that is also aligned, grounded and balanced with science and the progressive evolution of the universe. This Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview informed personalized spirituality can help each individual realistically reach their fullest potential, their most life-affirming goals and support them in becoming a more empowered resource doing their 1/6,000,000,000 part in helping to resolve the current planetary challenges that we all face.

If you thought about Religion 2.0 as a Universe Evolutionary Worldview aligned, science and spirituality integrated forerunner for what almost all of Religion 1.5 progressive spiritual organizations will eventually evolve into in the future, you would have a good starting idea about what and who we are. Paradoxically, it was not really possible for Religion 2.0 to come into being before the most recent scientific discoveries in cosmology and progressive evolution had occurred as well as the vast cross-pollenization integration and unification of humanity's entire heritage of spiritual and scientific wisdom was occurring over the Internet.

Universe-scaled Religion 2.0 may be the first spiritual movement (but hopefully not the last spiritual movement,) with the capabilities of being the first true planetary meta-religion movement. Unlike so many earlier spiritual movements based upon far more partial views of life and the universe, Religion 2.0 starts from a universe scale evolutionary perspective.

It has new universe scaled ethics and values with an authentic capability of being planetary and beyond in application and effectiveness. These qualities (and its new trans-planetary perspective,) born from the transcending Universe Evolutionary Worldview put it in a unique spiritual position to do much to help resolve the many global challenges that we all now currently face.

No pre-twenty-first century spiritual movement has ever before started out with such a large advantage in being able to utilize both the scope and depth of internet linked current scientific and spiritual knowledge. Religion 2.0 holds the promise of being a significant contributor to humanity’s sustainable future and to a great new second enlightenment period for the planet.

In summary:

Religion 2.0 seeks to create a better alignment, integration and harmony with the proven life-sustaining evolutionary meta-patterns of the objective physical universe and with our best, life-affirming subjective wisdom about Ultimate Reality and wisdom about life gleaned from humanity’s vast spiritual heritage. This objective science and subjective personal spirituality balance is reflected in the "big picture" mission of Religion 2.0 and the Universe Spirit organization:

"to create a just community and civilization, a sustainable prosperity and a meaningful quality-of-life for current and future generations. This is done by improving our alignment with the universe's progressive evolution and eventually expanding out into the stars --- while also improving our understanding, union and co-creative partnership with Ultimate Reality.”

To discover more about those unique ways go to the full theological and administrative definition of Religion 2.0 by clicking here.

(Parts of the above universe definitions are taken from the Wikipedia definitions of universe.)

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