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  • We’re Losing the Global Warming and Environmental Protection Races: “So, What Do We Do Now?”

    It is time to be honest with ourselves. We are facing a myriad of global warming and ecological crisis rapidly escalating toward extinction levels. The collapse of multiple climate, biological and human systems is inevitable. But what next?

    In this Universe Spirit monthly newsletter you will find a reply to the philanthropist Jeremy Grantham’s brilliant new essay on the unfolding multifaceted environmental catastrophe rapidly approaching called The Race of Our Lives, Revisited. Even if you not have read it, you will get enough of a summary from what is written below to understand it and its importance concerning what to do next in the face of honest environmental news. 

    This reply was also significantly co-written by a partner and global warming education team member, Michael Mielke...

    In The Race of Our Lives, Revisited, essay, an enlightened environmental philanthropist has finally and clearly explained that the interconnected crises of climate breakdown, ecological overshoot, and pervasive pollutions are not problems that can be solved or even difficulties that can be sufficiently addressed.  

    Instead, Jeremy Grantham details how taking, making and wasting– our relentless extraction, production, then pollution processes – now yield consequence predicaments we can only endure.  

    The difference between problems and predicaments is stark. Problems have solutions. Predicaments can only be managed and endured.

    The situation that remains once too many humans take too much from our Earth leaving too many poisons in our wake is a predicament, and Grantham’s Race of Our Lives Revisited describes with amazingly detailed and solid documentation the unavoidable predicaments and consequences. Most importantly it also describes the necessary responses for our collective survival:

    1. Destroy the Earth or rapidly and completely decarbonize economies. (Page 2).
    2. Gradual fossil fuel reductions mean coastal cities will be flooded and uninhabitable; ice caps will melt.  (Page 3).
    3. We are losing 1% of our global soil a year. There are 30 to 70 good harvest years remaining. (Page 3).
    4. We have created a toxic environment not conducive to life, and toxins saturate our daily life. (Page 3).
    5. There is simply no other way to manage these crises except for extensive and overarching governmental regulation and leadership in establishing restrictions and limiting poisons. (Page 4of his essay and in Part 3 of the Job one Plan for the last five years). 
    6. Even with the over-optimistic assumptions and accelerating green technologies, i.e., decarbonized energy, the projected use of fossil fuels will still be 50% of energy consumption in 2050, which is a near certain extinction level. (Summarized on page 13).

    It is easy to become overwhelmed by the intractable nature of the honestly illuminated crises of our present situation, particularly when almost all of these crises are getting inexorably and exponentially worse. On page 28, however, Grantham explodes the bombshell:

    “The greatest deficiency of capitalism is its complete inability to deal with any of these things.”  A few pages later he concludes, “God help us. For we appear incapable or at least unwilling, to help ourselves, and our great scientific skills increasingly appear insufficient.”

    Should we be Resigned to Comprehensive Catastrophic Collapse and Is that Our Only Option?

    At first glance, it does seem that Jeremy Grantham has argued that our modern wonder-world will end with “Hell and High Water,” while the water itself will be laced with toxic poison. He does not show any way out, nor does he provide a feel-good, unrealistic ending as do so many others.  In other words, he tells it honestly and like it is. Not like too many green groups and most large environmental organizations have been afraid to do.  

    In the case of most of the largest environmental groups, decades of advocacy have been defined by the rule of: “Don’t scare the public!”  They believe that if they do, then the public will freeze or give up.  They have certainly believed that explaining the full truth of the dire straits we are in would interfere with getting money, membership, and related support.

    For too long, the Reality of our existential situation attended by proliferating and interconnected crises has been covered with fig-leaves or denied outright. The Truth of the matter has been tailored to continuing the economic system, the social system, and bowing to what has been called “political realities.”  Yet, in order to deliver comprehensive catastrophe, all we have to do is to continue to act in ways that are “good, moral, and certainly acceptable.”  

    In this case, human self-immolation means simply continuing to turn the Earth into a waste stream behind our increasing and relentlessly increasing belief in unrestrained infinite growth and economic activity, while we eliminate the rest of Earth’s mammals, except we hope, ourselves and our domesticated food animals.

    It appears from our lack of progress in reversing or even slowing down the rate of carbon from fossil fuel use going into our atmosphere, we have no collective moral restraints that would stop complete self-destruction!

    Despite a laundry list of crises, all requiring management, and not finally fixable (or even solvable), Grantham plainly states that salvaging some parts of a fractured future will require collective action, extensive governmental regulation, and governmental leadership. Clearly, individual actions and exhortations toward more sustainable individual choices or individual behavioral changes will be futile! As they have been for the last few decades. 

    So, is there any good news?  Or, do we just party until the Titanic goes down?  

    To Be, or Not to Be or, To Do or Die

    Perhaps there is a plausible way out of the cul-de-sac that is presented by the crises, stated and otherwise. This crises argues for collective action, extensive government regulation and governing leadership. In the USA, the unstated belief is that there is no possible way for the government to do what is necessary. Nonetheless, the major philanthropies, like the Hewlett Foundation and the Packard Foundation have five-year plans that are working to build political leadership and elected officials that can begin someday to start to propose the suite of policies required to somehow salvage some part of our future and perhaps shards of civilization.  

    This is too little and too late. (For all the reasons why it is absolutely too little or too late read the 13 factors listed on this page.)

    It is widely known that one political party in the US is moving as fast as possible to drive us off the climate cliff of oblivion, and the other party is not proposing emergency brakes to stop forward momentum. Furthermore, the idea leading philanthropies suggest is to support “green” and responsible politicians. But, (almost) no Congressional candidates are proposing actions at an effective scale or, reflecting the urgency and the real breadth of the interconnected crises and, worse yet they are not looking to legitimately transform any of the true underline conditions exacerbating the crises, and so the prescription does not change.

    As things are progressing now there seems to be no escape from the comprehensive catastrophe that is fast approaching. Something drastically different is needed. Consider Backcasting. Backcasting is reverse-forecasting. So, can we start with a specific desirable future outcome and then work backward to the present conditions.  

    The desired future outcome here is the entire country working together cooperatively and with focused effort to eliminates fossil fuels use at a speed that will prevent humanity from suffering the worst possible consequences leading to extinction. The economy and productive capacity of our nation would be focused on eliminating fossil fuels to handle accelerating global warming, stopping toxic release while cleaning up pollution, slashing extraction and functioning within frameworks of fairness and social justice in order to involve everyone, like we have in our past, providing benefits and incentives for population reduction, and much more. 

    The recent analogy for something close to this comprehensive effort was World War 2. In the peak of that war, in 1943, the necessity of the emergency meant that military outlays were about half of the entire economic outputs for contending nations: the USA 42%; the UK 55%; Germany 70%; and Japan 43%. So, how could this level of concentrated and cooperative effort be catalyzed now? 

    To begin with, who could rouse, educate, alarm, warn, and advise the people of this nation and world?  

    Organizations like Job One for Humanity and the Association for the Tree of Life as well as the philanthropists, politicians, businesses, green groups, climate activists, and any others that these two groups have influenced are the first to come to mind. We are now left with those honestly educated leading players as the key current actors armed with a deeper truths about the real depth of our current crisis that could possibly have either the credibility or, who care deeply about impending human catastrophe or, who could muster the resources or, who could supply the advocacy that would galvanize enough people who could come to grips with this multifaceted ecological crises. 

    But what must we do next to truly save ourselves?

    To get to effective action requiring a cohesive and comprehensive political response, Americans (and people all over the world,) must give themselves over to the collective political system, similar to the ways many nations did in World War 2. In order to do that, we must first understand first that we have no choice because effective action at this late date can only be achieved by collective governmental action.  

    To get to a comprehensive and cooperative effort, nothing less will suffice. That effort must be catalyzed by us you and those listed previously, entities who care and who have the resources to make it happen. Those resources are at no one else’s disposal. 

    By this time you should be beginning to understand the scope, scale, and urgency of the interconnected crises that have beset all of us.  

    Unfortunately, Americans and most other people of the world do not grasp, much less recognize and accept that continuing as usual with our economic, political and social operating systems means comprehensive catastrophe. Similarly, most of the world is not conscious of how rapidly the transformations of our operating systems must take place if we are to create a viable future (since we do not have a viable future now). (See Part 3 of the Job one Plan to learn about how much has to change and how fast it has to happen.)

    Large-scale and urgent government action is critical, and it is necessary for Americans and all nations to have that explained, and have it explained as both unavoidable and immediately required. (Click here to see specifically what those government driven actions will look like for the escalating global warming emergency.) 

    The information, the news, the data related to the multifaceted threats to our survival are all more significant and widespread than at any time in our human history. Yet the people of every nation must “get the picture,” then “make sense of it.” We must communicate relentlessly the reality of what all of us face in ways that cannot be avoided and that motivate to act. If we rouse, alarm, warn, educate and advise the people of this nation and the world, the nation and world can be moved. 

    Looking back from a historical perspective, sometimes it seems that the future of a culture rests on the shoulders of a significant individual, or just a few. In America, we often believe that may have been true in the case of George Washington. Perhaps for Abraham Lincoln as well. But now, our future is in your hands and those who can see the crisis and respond to it.

    We can ask, and we can hope that you will help us and answer the call. We need your help to rouse, alarm, warn, educate, and advise the people of this nation and the world. (The effective action stepson our website including the 4 part Job One for Humanity Plan that will also help you rouse, warn and educate others about both the predicament we are in (with its chain of now on avoidable consequences as well as the honest and practical solutions that can still be executed.)

    Please volunteer, tell your friends and don't forget to donate! Yes, you too like Jeremy Grantham can call yourself a philanthropist because every leading-edge donor to this difficult and unpopular reality and cause is in truth, also a philanthropist. 

    Last month more of you responded to our newsletter with more donations than we have had for months. Thank you!

    This means we are now able to delay cutting thousands of our subscribers off our email lists to reduce our operating costs for at least another month.

    But, we do still urgently need your ongoing donations of any size. If you did not donate previously, please do so now. Your donations are easy to do online here and they are tax-deductible. 

    If you did donate last month, please donate again and be one of the key philanthropists that are helping keep our important message and mission moving through our global society. 

    Yours for humanity, our children, and the earth,

    Lawrence Wollersheim

    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Universe Spirit



    PS: please don't forget that all donors and volunteers and only donors and volunteers will receive special donors and volunteer briefings as we begin sending them out in the next several months.

    As such, because Job One for Humanity and the Association for the Tree of Life are leading this survival critical effort, they deserve your wholehearted support.

    Have you seen the new Global Warming Blog posts for the previous month?


    Click here and check out the new blog posts!



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  • What’s Another Way to Say ‘We’re F-cked’?

    One of the leading climate and global warming scientists of our time is warning of the horrifying and very real possibility of 15-to-20 feet of sea-level rise within 70 years.

    A new book on global warming called Climageddon presented a well-documented case that sea level rise by 2050 will likely be closer to 10 feet versus the official estimates of about 3 feet. Now a renown climate scientist suggests the real numbers for global sea level rise could be 15 to 20 feet within as little as the next 70 years!

    It appears that severe global warming consequences are coming far, far faster than the public is being told while at the same time governments like the US are secretly preparing for these consequences. For example, the US military has been given a large budget to start dramatically raising all of the dock and wharf facilities at all military seaports around the world to accommodate their own internal sea level rise estimates. If they do not do this, military preparedness and re-supply lines (not to mention world trade,) would be drastically affected as ships could not load or unload at docks and wharves that would be flooding or underwater.

    Paradoxically at the same time, the US government publicly denies that global warming is real and removes global warming information from its websites.

    It's time to start thinking about why we are not being told by the US government how bad global warming consequences will actually become in the next 10 to 20 years as well as over the next decades. Is the US government not telling us how bad global warming is really going to get because they are not fully ready to handle the mass migrations and the massive changes and reactions from the public and the markets as the public and markets rapidly make the radical real estate, economic and social changes necessary to protect themselves from what is coming?

    If you'd like to read more about how global warming caused sea level rise could now be as much as 15 to 20 feet in the next 70 years, which would cripple world trade and flood out significant portions of almost every major coastal city around the world read the full article here,then come back to our website and read this article for the necessary background science you will need to digest the shocking news bet sea level rise is going to be far higher and far faster than you are being told.

    From the research staff at Joboneforhumanity.org

    Please also check out our Twitter feed at https://twitter.com/Climageddon



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  • World's leading global warming authority warns it's almost too late to save the future!

    Of the dozens of articles just released on the newest and worst IPCC report on global warming, the one in Rolling Stone is the one we select for you to review.

    Consider it indicative of how bad and how fast a massive global warming disaster and meltdown is approaching...

    The long title of the new Rolling Stone article and review of the IPCC report on global warming is; Can Civilization Survive What’s Coming? The new IPCC report on climate change will fill you with existential dread — rightfully so.

    Selective quotes from that article:

    A thousand years from now, when some vaguely human-like machine digs through the ashes of the Twenty-First century and tries to figure out what happened to those once-thriving animals called Homo sapiens, it may be confused about why an intelligent species that could build rockets and write songs like “Imagine” couldn’t heed warnings of its own destruction. A key question for future historians of the universe: How stupid were those humans anyway?

    Here’s what this new IPCC report says, in a nutshell:

    To avoid blowing through the 1.5 C target, nations of the world need to cut carbon pollution as fast as humanly possible. To be more precise, nations of the world need to get to zero carbon emissions by 2050.

    The other big takeaway from this report is that it’s time to get serious about adapting to a rapidly changing world. If we don’t, a good percentage of civilization as we know it today won’t survive.

    From a purely economic point of view, the cost of climate denial is already enormous. Last year, damages from extreme weather hit $306 billion in the U.S. alone, the costliest ever. If we don’t rethink how and where we build homes and infrastructure, those costs will only grow.

    You can read the full article here: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/can-earth-survive-climate-change-735067/

    You will notice that there is no pulling punches in this article. If we do not get climate emergency openly declared worldwide and make the necessary changes, we will not survive.  

    If we are not proposing drastic measures then there is no future for the children.

    It is that simple.

    Whatever you are doing, if you are not doing everything you can to transform our economic, social, political and moral operating systems, then your families will not forgive you. That is because you know, and when they ask what you did when you knew, no half-measures will save you from their comprehensive condemnation.

    Now, if you now believe that telling people the truth is too difficult and will cause people to "give-up," We will say instead that "triggering our survival instinct to act is our only remaining hope." 

    (This article has been done in coordination with the Association for the Tree of Life and its leadership.)


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  • Look out L Gore, Bill McKibben and Michael Bloomberg, a new global warming education hero has appeared!

    and, he has had the courage to go far beyond Al Gore, Bill McKibben and Michael Bloomberg in telling us how bad the global warming is going to get and how soon that really is going to happen. His name is Jeremy Grantham.

    Jeremy Grantham is a British investor, philanthropist, and co-founder and chief investment strategist of GMO, a Boston-based asset management firm having more than $118 billion in assets under management. Mr. Grantham earned his M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School and he is regarded as a highly knowledgeable investor in various stock, bond, and commodity markets, and he is particularly noted for his prediction of various financial bubbles. He is also the founder of the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment. 

    What makes Jeremy Grantham the new hero of global warming and environmental education is that he has had the public courage to tell us that global warming is actually much worse than we are being told. In fact, what he says is much worse than what we are being told by our famous global warming educators like Al Gore, Bill McKibben, and Michael Bloomberg.

    In a way, Mr. Grantham describes a new "bubble" that is about to burst as global warming continues to escalate. (Further down this blog post you will find the links to his video and to his full paper.)

    To reward Mr. Grantham's courage in making these highly publicized statements about the true future of global warming, the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization now recognizes him as another true hero, wise elder, and global warming educational leader. To further reward his brave actions, our organization will offer a free ebook copy of a new 450-page book about global warming (which also supports his statements about the real future of global warming,) to every one of his employees at both the Grantham Foundation and at GMO, the Boston-based asset management firm.

    To watch Jeremy Grantham's strongly recommended and chilling short video presentation of key information about the coming collapse in global life-critical systems, click the link below.


    To read Jeremy Grantham complete presentation with all of its back up documentation, illustrations, and graphs, click the link below:


    Congratulations Jeremy Grantham on having the courage to speak truth to power about our global warming emergency and its related environmental collapse. May your wisdom and courage be an example to us all!

    (Employees of the Grantham Foundation and the asset management firm GMO may obtain their free ebook copies of the new book on global warming by emailing manage@JobOneforHumanity.org and putting "Hero's free ebook" in the subject line. Downloading instructions will be sent to you within 2 business days.)

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  • Will global warming force families and businesses to relocate farther north within the next 10-20 years?

    Each month we do news update for our members and subscribers. This month and going forward we have decided to make this monthly member/subscriber update available to all website visitors...

    We said we would keep you informed about the global warming emergency. To do that I'm going to share a few bits of telling news before directly addressing the question raised in the subject line of this blog post.

    1.) The Saudi's have been discretely buying up huge numbers of dairy farms in northern Wisconsin as well as thousands of acres a prime farmland in the northern parts of Ukraine.

    2.) The world’s wealthiest individuals (who pay huge annual fees for specialized climate research to protect their investments,) have been strongly advised to buy security compounds in northern global warming "safe zones" as an essential survival hedge against a rapidly deteriorating global warming situation. They have also been advised to make significant real estate investments in northern global warming safe zones for profitable resale later. Corroborating this, there have been numerous news reports about these huge and unique purchases.

    3.) The northern nations within or closest to global warming safe zones are already toughing up their border security as well as their immigration qualifications and laws making immigration to the north far more restrictive and costly. Expect to hear much more about this tightening and closing of northern borders as global warming accelerates.

    4.) More and more individuals from around the world who have been decimated by two or more global warming catastrophes (rain bombs, flooding, wildfires, droughts, sea level rise etc,) have decided to stop rebuilding where they are and have decided to migrate to safer areas. The number of new climate refugees (climagees) is now rising at a near exponential pace with each new year and real estate values in global warming high-risk areas are dropping fast and hard!

    5.) Below of the public radar, the world's insurance companies are quietly canceling flood, fire and other global warming-related insurance policies in global warming high-risk zones or they are dramatically raising rates. Getting mortgage insurance in unsafe areas will become tougher and tougher due to insurance companies no longer offering policies in many of these areas and the exorbitant insurance rates you will have to pay if you do find coverage.

    6.) As if the above is not enough to get you thinking about your global warming future, I offer a few additional thoughts to consider carefully:

    Do you honestly think that our governments are going to tell us how bad the global warming emergency really is? 

    Do you think that they will ever chance how it might affect their economic stability, the real estate markets or the general social stability? 

    Do you think that the real bad news about global warming might be being intentionally denied publicly or officially withheld so that our governments, politicians, military and its wealthy insiders can ensure that they, their families and their assets are safe and protected first? 

    Now that some new thinking has been stimulated and before I answer the main question on the subject line of this blog post, whether you personally will need to relocate north within the next 10 or 20 years to avoid the escalating and harsh consequences of global warming,I would like to share a little bit more about what I been doing over the past year as far as it directly relates to this important question...

    During 2018 because global warming is such an important issue at Universe Spirit, for over a month I traveled by car around the United States. I drove over 5,000 miles looking for "global warming safe" land and communities that are situated above the 45th parallel north. (If you're not sure where the 45th parallel crosses the United States, imagine a line that goes from near Portland, Oregon over to Minneapolis, Minnesota through Green Bay, Wisconsin and over to and through the upper half of Maine.) 

    There is not really a lot of land available in the US above the 45th parallel when you think about it. Most of that land is not global warming safe for various reasons. In fact, most of this land is so difficult to survive or thrive upon that less than 5% of the total US population is currently living on it. 

    The reason that I felt strongly motivated to do this safe land search was because of our existing climate research (and its supporting math and physics,) which profoundly demonstrates there are unavoidable and severe global warming consequences coming far sooner than almost anyone (except our organization and several other organizations and climate scientists,) are telling the general public. Dedicated climate researchers like myself, as well as other climate scientists who have done the predictive math, know how bad it is going to get and have already started adjusting their lives to the harsh new reality of the future. Additionally, it is highly probable that those individuals who still live below the 45th parallel north and who had previously avoided the worst of the global warming-related consequences like the wildfires, rain bombs, hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding, will no longer be able to avoid these escalating consequences in as little as 10 to 15 years.

    During my 5,000 miles of travel, I was also looking for a safe and stable new home for the Job One For Humanity organization and the Universe Spirit organization and land for my family, our staff and friends who have also expressed their desire to move before more and more people begin to migrate and real estate prices start rising in the safest northern areas. I was carefully looking for very specific areas that met all of the key criteria for being a safe or safer place to survive and thrive through the three major phases of the transitional global warming emergency. 

    As global warming continues over the next 10-20+ years those three phases are:

    1.) A regular increase in the severity, frequency, and scale of the global warming consequences described on this page,

    2.) As more and more basic crops fail because of the many global warming consequences converging, food prices soar and food shortages and mass starvation becomes a widespread global reality, and

    3.) The many consequences described in number one and two above bring about global economic, political and social instability and chaos. 

    I firmly believe that northerly migration is inevitable and should be planned soon for appropriate individuals in higher risk locations particularly as more people realize what the world is experiencing with its current extreme weather is not going to get better only worse for many decades. Most smart people will eventually realize, that what is occurring now and what is coming, is not just random weather events or some normal climate cycle. 

    They will realize that what we are currently experiencing in our climate and what we will continue to experience with increasing severity, frequency and at larger and larger scales, is nothing more or less than the science-predicted consequences of the physics and math of the escalating global warming emergency.

    What this all means to you

    While our organization, staff, and friends begin their orderly migration to near or above the 45 parallel north, we will, with your financial support, continue offering the latest information, news and insights on how to best prepare for this emergency both physically and spiritually in order that you and your loved ones can stay ahead of it. 

    Now that I've given you a little bit of what's happening with me and what's happening with the Job One and Universe Spirit organizations, it's time to provide a detailed answer the life and death question about when (or if,) you should move and how are you should protect your assets as the world goes through the anticipated global warming changes.

    Here are several links with all necessary information that will help you determine “will global warming force you to move in the next 10-20 years and what you can do.”



    If you have not read this update on our current global warming emergency be sure you do! http://www.joboneforhumanity.org/irreversible_global_warming_is_here_now 

    There is one other important member subscriber update...

    It is with great reluctance that we are going to begin a gradual process of removing individuals from our member and subscriber email lists. After a very difficult economic decision regarding reducing our organizational costs, we are going to begin removing the oldest inactive names on our subscriber member lists first. These will only be people who have not donated even as little as one dollar, volunteered, signed a petition, commented on our website or otherwise been involved with us in any active way over a long period of time.

    We can significantly reduce our monthly mail list servicing costs by eliminating thousands of members or subscribers from these lists who have not been supportive or active within our organization in any way for years. If it's been a long time since you've emailed us, commented on our website, donated,volunteered, signed a petition or have done anything else to help forward our mission,please consider doing one of those things when you get this and your name will go onto our protected member subscriber lists and you will not be deleted.

    We realize that removing members subscribers from our mail lists is painful not only for us but also for individuals who value what we offer but have not ever interacted with us in any way. To give those of you who fall in this second category time to react to this new cost-reducing policy, we will begin this inactive member subscriber deletion program October 30, but only if there has not been a significant uptick in donations and other member subscriber interactions. 

    In closing, we would rather work closely with a smaller group of informed and dedicated individuals who understand the challenges before us and willing to help and support our mission rather than have thousands and thousands of names on our member or subscriber lists who are inactive, no longer interested or non-supportive. 

    Please do what you can to donate and/or support our mission in other ways as soon as possible. These actions will help keep this important work going because in the too distant future you and your family will probably need our up-to-date research on how to best prepare and adapt to what is coming as well as where to find the safest locations and new communities to ride out the escalating global warming emergency. 

    And finally, in special appreciation for their ongoing support, all donors and volunteers and only donors and volunteers will receive our first briefings on the specific best locations for relocating their families and businesses in the safest global warming zones that I discovered after my 5,000 mile trip across the top of the US.

    Lawrence WollersheimYours for humanity, our children, and the earth,

    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Universe Spirit


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  • Humans are pushing the Earth closer to a climate cliff.

    A new study examines potential climate feedbacks that could push Earth into a ‘hothouse’ state. A new paper, just published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has received a lot of media attention.

    A melt pond on Arctic sea ice in the Central Arctic.

    The attention is justified because the paper paints a very grim picture of the climate and what humans may be doing to it. In particular, the authors of this study tried to determine the trajectory that the Earth is on so we can predict what the future climate will be. See more at http://www.joboneforhumanity.org/new_guardian_tipping_point_article 


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  • What major change happened at Universe Spirit and what is going to Happen now?

    To our thousands of members and subscribers,

    This is Lawrence the executive director and I wanted to speak personally to all of you. It's time for a candid update about both our organization's recent past and our future. It is also best to get the facts from us rather than from someone who is not from within our organization.

    What major event has happened recently at Universe Spirit? 

    For many years our organization provided spiritual services, meditations, retreats, sustainability education and worked to expand the ideas of eco-spirituality found in our Spirituality 2.0 writings (fully explained here.)

    One day about 10 years ago I was in a deep meditation and a strong thought and feeling filled my awareness. It contained the clear concept that I and our organization needed to stop our current mission focus on eco-spirituality education and focus on researching the current facts on global warming. This just came to me completely out of the blue.

    I really did not want to carry out this idea because as its executive director, I loved the spiritual work that I was involved in within the Universe Spirit organization.

    For months, I fought this reoccurring idea, but it kept reappearing in my daily meditations and it grew stronger.

    I finally decided to see a psychologist who had been a Luthern minister and taught at a seminary. After extensive counseling sessions trying to both reality test and refute the validity of this persistent inspiration or "calling" if you like, I finally came to accept that the Universe and/or it's and mysterious Originating Spirit was guiding or leading me toward some new, but very unwanted mission. This was also in spite of the fact that I had never before done any research in this area and, I am a hard science guy and these kinds of persistent meditative inspirational new mission thoughts were very new to me.

    For the next 9 and 1/2 years, using my understanding of systems theory and meta-systemic thinking, I studied and re-analyzed most of the current published research on global warming (some 15,000 pages.) Unfortunately, what I discovered was that global warming is far worse then we are being publicly told by anyone! (This anyone includes our governments, the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC,) and surprisingly the biggest names in environmentalism and global warming education.)

    The most important thing I realized is that global warming has now become irreversible for at least the next 50 years! (This page will explain in detail why we are now in a state of irreversible global warming for the next 50 years and exactly what that means to your future.)

    As a result of these near full-time studies, with the help of the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization, I published a book called Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It. Additionally, the Universe Spirit organization also supported the creation of this new Job One for Humanity website to help educate about global warming's real consequences, tipping points, and the extinction-level crisis coming soon for most of humanity unless ---we radically and immediately change our ways! (This new Job One for Humanity website also provides all the critical information on how to prepare for, adapt to and survive this emergency and the soon-coming consequences as well as you can.) 

    Because both I and the Universe Spirit organization shifted our new mission focus towards warning the world about how bad global warming actually is, as opposed to what we are being told, Universe Spirit's ongoing eco-spirituality education and other related service activities had to be greatly curtailed over the past extended period. 

    That's the past...

    What's important now is what's going to happen at Universe Spirit with your support!

    Slowly we are going to go back to doing much more of our eco-spirituality and sustainability work once again, but our focus is still going to be a bit different based on the disturbing new facts we have learned about the global warming emergency.

    This is what we are now planning to do going forward:

    1.) We are going to move our organizational headquarters and key staff as well as those Universe Spirit members or subscribers who want to join in the creation of building sustainable eco-communities to the far north of the United States. The first eco-community will be located in an isolated area that will remain a global warming safe zone for the foreseeable future. This founding first new eco-community will be based on the ideas of Sustainable Prosperity, the Job One for Humanity Plan to survive global warming and Spirituality 2.0.

    We are moving north because the science clearly shows that within as little as 10 to 15 years global warming's 20 worst consequences will dramatically increase in scale, severity, and frequency and will be hitting most of the areas of the United States as well as other parts of the world below the 45th parallel north. By beginning the process of finding the land for our first founding and global warming safe, sustainable eco-community, we will:

    a.) be well ahead of the escalating global warming crisis curve as crops fail and the Great Migration north begins (within about 10 years,)

    b.) have adequate time to prepare, adapt and build a fully-functioning sustainable eco-community,

    c.) This new eco-community would be science-grounded in the ideas of Evolution 2.0 and for those of a spiritual nature also grounded in the new eco-spirituality of Spirituality 2.0 that will help sustain us through the hard times to come, and most importantly,

    d.) create a "beacon of light" founding eco-community that hopefully, will become a living example of sustainability and community success for the rebuilding of a broken world for the time when we finally come out of this global warming emergency and ecological crisis. (Please see this online booklet to better understand what we mean by a sustainable "beacon of light" eco-community and why we are not acting from a survivalist mentality, but a wise, sustainability advocate's mentality.)

    If you are one of those rare individuals who understand what's coming because of accelerating global warming and its 20 worst consequences, and you would like to participate in helping us build this sustainable eco-community in a new global warming safe zone, please let us know after you read these pages. We will put you on our new eco-community email update/newsletter list. (Send your notification email to me personally at Wollersheim@msn.com and copy our organization at manage@universespirit.org We will have our first meetings in San Francisco soon.) And,

    2.) Our organization currently still located in San Francisco will gradually also re-begin its Spirituality 2.0. education services and sustainable prosperity training work while it forwards our new mission focus and the goals mentioned previously.

    Just One more thing...

    To help us make this new an updated mission real as fast as possible, please make a tax-deductible online donation now. This will take you to the Job One website. Both Job One and Universe Spirit are part of Factnet an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

    With your ongoing support, we promise we will move forward with the new Universe Spirit  mission focus and goals mentioned above and we will keep delivering the truth about the world’s current failed global warming reduction efforts. We will also continue to provide deadline-driven effective actions found in the Job One Plan that will help save and preserve you and your loved ones as the escalating global warming situation deteriorates. 

    Please make a quick and easy online tax-deductible donation here and keep our new mission alive

    Lawrence WollersheimYours for humanity, our children, and the earth,

    Lawrence Wollersheim
    Executive Director


    PS: If you don't understand how bad global warming already is or, how bad it's going to get, please take this challenge and let us prove it to you. Get the book Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive It. It will prove to you using hard science what is coming is as bad as what we are saying. By this time you are probably also now asking if it's this bad, what can you do about the global warming emergency right now? That can be found in the newly upgraded Job One for Humanity Plan.

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  • Are our comfortable delusions destroying our future and the future of humanity?

    (This article is from our partner organization Association for the Tree of Life. It discusses the coming global warming chaos as well as other factors leading to the end of humanity before 2100 and as we contend 70 to 90% of humanity dying within the next 30 to 50 years.)

    It’s time to accept that we are not going to dislodge the entrenched interests holding back effective action on looming climate chaos by any means tried so far. Believing that 97% of credible scientists is consensus enough is 103% short for effective response. (Even 200% may not be enough.) Undeniability and incontrovertibility are the only criteria that will work to break through the Hydra-Headed Delusion Dragon clutching all of us.

    Click Here to read whole article.

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  • Liberal philanthropy is dooming the planet to climate disaster, documents reveal

    We need a people’s movement to mobilze for ecological regeneration and systemic transformation

    One of the world’s biggest philanthropic initiatives to address climate change is set-up to fail catastrophically, according to a strategy document setting out the initiative’s five-year plan.

    The strategy document, published by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation in January, represents the third renewal of the Climate Works initiative originally founded in 2008. The initiative was executed through the Climate Works Foundation in coordination with other big philanthropic foundations, the Packard and McKnight Foundations.

    The Hewlett Foundation strategy document, titled Climate Initiative Strategy 2018–2023, reflects on the strategic thinking behind the process that led to the announcement last December that the foundation would commit $600 million to address climate change over the next five years — a 20 percent increase from previous funding.

    Click here for the rest of the article.

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  • Calculating Your Current and Future Global Warming Risks and Threat Levels

    Click here for effective ways to envision and evaluate your personal risks, threat levels, and the true urgency of the escalating global warming emergency on your life. It will help prepare and protect you from what is coming. 

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