The Sustainable Prosperity Manefesto and Revolution: The New Good Life and Path to the Future

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Introduction to the path to a survivable future which IS living the principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

As difficult as it seems to understand, at the deepest levels, the current global warming extinction emergency and many of the world's other 11 major global crises are directly or indirectly caused by Overshoot. Overshoot simply means that resource demand is over and beyond that resource's regeneration or renewal capacity. 

Excessive demand leading to overshoot is driven by both consumption and population. Right now, the human population's need and demand for the Earth's resources has well exceeded the Earth's carrying capacity to regenerate those resources. For example, our current fossil fuel use, which is causing the global warming emergency, is caused by our increasing population demanding more consumer goods. As a result, not only are we depleting the non-renewable fossil fuels that took millions of years to create, we are also polluting and poisoning our atmosphere and oceans with toxic fossil fuel by-products.

One also could call overshoot an environmental and energy management ignorance or even greed in simple moral or ethical terms. But, whatever you call it, our taking more resources from the Earth than the Earth can renewably supply or resupply is the single deepest cause of most of today's major global problems. It contributes significantly to our air, water, and land pollution and even many of our current economic and social inequalities. 

While our current global warming emergency is directly caused by burning fossil fuels and polluting the atmosphere and our oceans with carbon, methane, etc., for its complete long-term solution, it is critical to address the deeper, underlying overshoot issues on ecological, economic, social, and energy management levels. It bears repeating that many of these same overshoot issues also fuel our 11 major global crises' worsening.

The opposite of overshoot would also include creating a sustainable population level balanced with its available renewable resources. (This is commonly known as the carrying capacity of an area.) For humanity to begin to live within its carrying capacity and not continue to overshoot its resources, we will have to do something radically new, which we call living the principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

We believe that the principles of Sustainable Prosperity (below) will most likely come into being only after the Great Global Collapse has occurred. The reasons for this are:

1. Existing economic, political, and social systems and human power structures are so entrenched and self-protecting that they will never allow the needed fundamental changes, which in many cases would remove their positions of special privilege, advantage, and power.

2. The populations which support the existing economic, political, and social systems are widely ignorant of the concept of resource overshoot and its accelerating dangers. They also have become so used to the comforts these systems provide; they will resist needed improvements until something happens to them that is so devastating (the Great Global Collapse) that they will finally be ready to change. It is like the old saying, "people will only change when the pain going forward is less than the pain of staying where they are."

As you read about Sustainable Prosperity in this booklet, you will discover the many social, economic, and even political policy overshoot causes hidden behind our inability to create long-term global warming solutions and many of our other 11 major global crises. If we do not quickly apply the principles of Sustainable Prosperity to our lives, livelihoods, and societies, we and humanity will become like "dead man walking" who will be unable to slow or stop our own ecological, economic, and social demise. 

And finally, after you have finished the following Sustainable Prosperity booklet, please also review the following two links to review Part 2 of the Job One for Humanity Climate Resilience Plan. They will provide additional and essential adaptation steps aligned with the principles and processes of Sustainable Prosperity to help you better manage the global warming emergency and the other 11 global crises we are now facing. We also strongly recommend reading the book Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change by William Catton.

What is Sustainable Prosperity

We all wish for prosperity (abundance) and for it to continue as long as possible (sustainability). But in these uncertain times of the escalating global warming emergency and the worsening of the world's other major 11 global crises, can we count on having this?

As we move toward raising families, wouldn't it be nice to know that we, others, our environment, and our economic and social systems will continue to prosper sustainably? Of course, we want that.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was a way to create lives and livelihoods of sustainable prosperity to create a better world, so many of us are seeking?

Where did the principles and processes of Sustainability Prosperity come from

Many Sustainable Prosperity principles are derived from evolution's time-proven principles for sustaining success in an individual, group, or system. Other principles and processes of Sustainable Prosperity come from various movements such as the Sustainability movement, the Simplicity movement, the Deep Adaptation movement, and the Degrowth movement.

What are the core concepts of Sustainable Prosperity

The core concept of Sustainable Prosperity is that:

there is an intelligent way for everyone to have ample sufficiency and abundance (prosperity) in the vital and meaningful areas of life and have this prosperity be sustainable over the long term without destroying other biological systems or harming the other essential Earth systems.

This new Sustainable Prosperity has processes and principles that support one person's prosperity contributing to another's without detracting from it or the wellbeing of other species and the Earth.



The above is the most basic starting idea of Sustainable Prosperity. But, there is much more to understand about ts principles and achieve its strategies, as you will find in the following pages of this online booklet.

The Sustainable Prosperity principles can:

a.) help us correct the problems of resource overshoot.

a.) sustainably improve most areas of your life besides just physical prosperity.

b.) help us resolve the tremendous adaptive challenge of escalating global warming caused by fossil fuel burning. (Practicing the action steps of Sustainable Prosperity can also do a lot to help us get close to meeting the life-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.)

c.) help us resolve many of our 11 other major global crises facing humanity.

d.) help us also create new sustainable economics and a new sustainable consumer (prosumer), driven economy. (This would be to replace the current modern environment-destroying, "consume, waste and pollute" consumerism.) And,

e.) create hundreds of millions of well-paying new jobs as we transition from the Second Industrial Revolution to the Third Industrial Revolution during the next 20 years.

Why the principles and processes of Sustainable Prosperity are so crucial at this time

Humanity is at a crossroads. We are already in a global collapse process because our existing economic, political, and social systems do not deal with resource overshoot and the overpopulation which drives it. 

These existing systems are unlikely to make the needed changes until these systems fall in the Great Global CollapseBecause of this harsh reality, humanity must begin envisioning the structural and process improvements required for the future. This way, some of humanity that survives the Great Global Collapse can use these principles and processes to create the new structures and systems required for a possible Great Global Rebirth. 

The Sustainable Prosperity booklet below is starting this envisioning process for our future. Many people and groups have already adopted many of its principles and processes.

"The principles of Sustainable Prosperity are necessary evolutionary adaptations for our current economic, social, and political crises. These adaptations will help humanity both thrive and overcome the harsh realities of Earth's diminishing resources, as well as the challenges of supporting humanity's remaining population. These new Sustainable Prosperity adaptations are critical to resolving global warming and our 11 other major global crises. If humanity wishes to go on as a species, the principles and actions of Sustainable Prosperity will need to be embraced globally." Lawrence Wollersheim

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When you are reading the Sustainable Prosperity pages below, keep in mind that these are the processes and principles that we eventually will need to enact to prevent future overshoot and resolve global warming and our 11 other major global crises!

Heard enough? 

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An Overview of the Implications of the New Sustainable Prosperity

The Implications of Sustainability:

Sustainable Prosperity is composed of two words. The first word--"sustainable"--has a robust meaning. Most of the definitions of sustainable contain elements for not only allowing life to survive but more importantly, allowing life to thrive in all the important and meaningful ways and for longer and longer periods of time!

Embedded within the definition of sustainability as we use it is the concept of "seeing" the natural world as a complex adaptive system interdependent and interconnected instead of separate parts. When one sees the natural world in this integral way, one does not just see a single species in competition with another. One steps back and sees the larger picture of an ecosystem and union where cooperation between various ecosystem niches is the more dominant force of biologic evolution.

This has special implications for how Sustainable Prosperity unfolds. For instance, sustainable prosperity solutions cooperatively involve all of the interconnected and interdependent stakeholders and all those affected by a particular decision or evolutionary change. Like our unified, interconnected, and interdependent planetary evolution when seen from a big picture perspective, Sustainable Prosperity does not "polarize to mobilize" with "us versus them" adaptations and changes.

Sustainable Prosperity does not seek to shame, blame or make people wrong for not understanding or applying sustainable prosperity principles or practices. It seeks to educate about the best practices and principles on how to cooperatively redesign our products, industries, lifestyles, and livelihoods to both fit benignly into and harmonize with the natural world that supports every aspect of our existence. Sustainable Prosperity ultimately seeks to demonstrate to each of us how a Sustainability Prosperity lifestyle, livelihood, and society are ultimately within our best evolutionary self-interest.

Sustainable Prosperity is not just about technical solutions for our current climate, environmental or resource problems. Sustainable Prosperity frames the necessary adaptive challenges for individual, economic, social, and political improvement as a great transformational evolutionary adventure.  Through its multidisciplinary approach, Sustainable Prosperity helps us to evolve integrally from both the inside out and the outside in.

The Implications of Prosperity:

The second word of Sustainable Prosperity means to thrive. It means to have the appropriate abundance necessary and ample sufficiency to maintain life and, where appropriate, grow. (It also has many other expanded new meanings as you will discover on the following pages of this online booklet.  The following online booklet pages will go both deeper into the definition and practices of Sustainable Prosperity as well as the hundreds of millions of new jobs it will create.)

For more information on what Sustainable Prosperity, sustainable economics, and sustainable consumerism are and how they are created, continue on to the next link on the right below.



Why the Sustainable Prosperity Revolution Now? The Full Sustainable Prosperity Definition

Why Sustainable Prosperity Now?

The new ideas and practices of Sustainable Prosperity, sustainable economics, and sustainable consumerism (prosumerism) have come into being as a wise adaptation to current local, national and global conditions. Those conditions are:

1.) a rapidly growing global population needing and competing for increased amounts and levels of LIMITED energy and other resources,

2.) our destabilizing global climate due to human-caused global warming and fossil fuel burning,

3.) the negative effects of increasing other forms of air, water, and soil global pollution that waste, destabilize and further degrade LIMITED resources critically needed by our growing population for its current use and future and,

4.) the very finite level of resources present on earth forcing upon us to live by the 5,000 year reduce, recycle, and reuse rule.

The Full Definition of Sustainable Prosperity, Sustainable Economics, and Sustainable Consumerism/Prosumerism

As mentioned earlier a Sustainable Prosperity, sustainable economics, and sustainable consumerism (prosumerism) for all are defined as follows:

Sustainable prosperity is an intelligent way for everyone to have ample sufficiency as well as abundance (prosperity) in the vital areas of life and to have this prosperity sustainably over the long term.

But there is much to unpack in this definition's specifics to really understand it. To achieve the Sustainable Prosperity goals stated and its definition, Sustainable Prosperity would eventually need to utilize the total and individual productivity of ALL of humanity to create and maintain itself and its supporting biological and physical environments.

It would do this through fair and appropriate merit/value exchanges between all participating parties for greater and expanding periods of time and for greater and expanding scales (numbers of people, communities, nations, ecosystems, etc.)

Breaking down  the above goals and processes a bit further, Sustainable Prosperity will always work toward satisfying the following essential needs and conditions:

  1. the initial satisfaction of basic physiological survival (nutrition, shelter, warmth, basic health care, etc.), security and safety needs in ample sufficiency (police, army, courts, etc.).

  2. the creation of individual and group productivity-based surpluses. These surpluses will eventually also provide for and encourage the full satisfaction of all of the other often education-enhanced physical, emotional, and spiritual needs found at the higher levels of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy. (Click the Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy graphic link in this sentence to make these additional and higher human needs clearer.)

  3. a stabilized maintenance for all essential humanity-supporting ecosystems (biological species, diversity, and habitat), and physical systems (clean air, water, productive soils, etc.) To do this will also require new verifiable and enforceable international laws that cause every environmental polluter to pay the full cost of their pollution and cleanup. Currently, polluters externalize the costs of their pollution by passing them on to taxpayers within the nation and human commons. The new verifiable and enforceable international pollution laws will have to ensure that this can no longer happen and all pollution costs are always internalized to that polluting individual or organization. If this was done today, they can no longer burden or destroy the common spaces, the collective wealth, and collective well-being of both individuals and humanity as a whole! All pollution economic advantages to any entity anywhere in the world must be equally punished with standardized, painful fines and restitution charges. This is done by mandating all other verification and enforcement actions needed to ensure compliance with these new International laws.

  4. the establishment of adequate special reserves and surpluses (building redundancies and system resilience), to maintain basic group physiological survival and safety needs relating to natural disasters, accidents, mistakes, and other unpredictable "black swan" emergencies.

  5. the utilization of all waste products through reusing and recycling (or sequestering if needed), to renew and replenish appropriate resource stocks and systems. This will naturally increase profitability for individuals, organizations, and nations adapting the no un-recycled or re-used waste policy.

  6. create additional surplus and reserves to offer assistance, charity, and protection for care of the ill, the incapacitated, handicapped, or elderly who truly are no longer able to be productive in fair and appropriate exchanges with others and the society. These surpluses and reserves would be created by improved or sufficient individual, group, and national meritorious productivity.

Please note: Points 1-5 above can only be attained in a sustainable way. That sustainable way is defined as a way that simultaneously also balances and integrates the appropriate needs of other living species, of our planetary biological support systems (clean air, water, etc.), and assures alignment with the interests and needs of the progressive evolution of the universe as a whole. If we do not balance and align our needs with the needs of other systems upon which we are dependent or that have a controlling or conditioning influence over us, we will soon become unsustainable as a species. (More will be said about progressive evolution and its role in bringing about the ideas of Sustainable Prosperity later in this online booklet.)

More Depth to the Definition:

In addition to the previously given Sustainable Prosperity definitions, Sustainable Prosperity has some deeper ideas that make it work and give it legitimacy. A Sustainable Prosperity practitioner or Evolutioneer also understands that:

a.)  We need to live within natural or functional limits of nature. Growth is not limitless on a finite planet or in a finite universe. The popular free-market principles of "growth economics," which are based on the theory of endless economic growth and infinite resource substitutability in the closed resource system of the Earth are in fact a dangerous delusion that will eventually bring about local, national, and global collapse.

Keep in mind cancer cells grow endlessly and are the zenith of endless growth and un-sustainability. Their endless growth almost always kills their hosts. (if you are curious, also see the idea of Degrowth which is the opposite of the growth economics principles and is yet still substantially different than the ideas of Sustainable Prosperity presented here.)

b.) There are inherent and intrinsic evolutionary interdependencies and interconnectedness in life in a particular environment, economy, and society. The universe in which we in all of our systems exist is truly one single union and the "text for which no other context exists." Because we are all embedded in the one universe union, our sustainability practices must also reflect this reality.

c.) There needs to be appropriate and fair distribution of technology, information, opportunity (access), and resources within and between the parts of any given grouping based upon merit, fair exchange, and essential basic need. Without this distributive justice element active within a Sustainable Prosperity grouping, sooner or later Sustainable Prosperity practices will break down.

d.) the universe's evolutionary principles for successfully sustaining life have been proven over billions of years of trial and error testing. The Sustainable Prosperity principles have been drawn directly from how evolution has successfully sustained individual life and groups over its history.

e.) Sustainable prosperity eventually deals with the excesses of extreme wealth and extreme poverty because unless this energy distribution imbalance is corrected it will be difficult if not impossible to establish a true Sustainable Prosperity for everyone. Applying the actions recommended in this Sustainable Prosperity online booklet as well as by applying the Universe Principles (which will be presented later in the booklet) will naturally and gradually help rectify the unsafe, unhealthy, and inherently unfair energy imbalances of extreme poverty and in extreme wealth.

Sustainable Prosperity Also Implies…

“It is not hard to imagine a new kind of prosperous and sustainable world using the principles of sustainable prosperity.” -- A Sustainable Prosperity practitioner

When we say Sustainable Prosperity for everyone, we mean all individuals. But we do not mean that some individuals can freeload or steal, abusing the goodwill of a productive social group or community. Sustainable prosperity will not exist for long unless both individuals and groups are highly productive. If an individual is of able body and sound mind, can be productive and be in fair and appropriate merit exchange with others for their work --- they are part of the definition of ALL! This also implies that the social group may and should also provide support for charity situations for the truly infirm, disabled, or elderly from the surplus and reserves created by the super productivity of the group. That is how wise charity has been funded in one way or another since the beginning of time.

Sustainable Prosperity is a big new vision but creates a true win/win/win at the highest levels and it is more than worth the effort and extra creativity needed. Sustainable Prosperity for all also creates a far greater sense of meaning, satisfaction, and wellbeing in the lives of those who practice it. The principles of Sustainable Prosperity also will eventually lead to the end of most wars and crimes.

This is simply because Sustainable Prosperity maintains our supporting ecosystems and satisfies most of a human's needs listed on Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy. Most people, when given the chance, find deep value in being able to achieve more and increasing levels of Maslow's different need satisfaction levels in their lives.

Research has shown that personal life satisfaction is near-highest in individuals when basic physiological survival and safety needs are initially met. Life satisfaction goes a tiny bit higher on this satisfaction bell curve graph when just a few extra comforts or luxuries are added. The satisfaction level drops steeply when over-consumption occurs and people seek non-essential material needs instead of pursuing the fulfillment of their higher needs on Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.

One of the greatest beauties of sustainable prosperity is that through meritorious, fair, and appropriate productivity exchanges and wise maintenance of our essential and supporting ecosystems, we will create a lasting human civilization. (Here we are defining “lasting” in-universe time frames--in which 10 million human generations is hardly even a blink of the eye in the 13.8 billion years of universe time).

"Sustainable Prosperity sustainable economics and sustainable consumerism will also involve us increasing the time scope of our understanding about the 13.8 billion-year-old evolutionary process of life in the universe. Sustainable Prosperity then moves next to our personal commitment to increasing the satisfaction and meaning of our lives on all levels and finally it ends with our commitment to allowing the same for everyone else." --Lawrence Wollersheim

How to Apply the Rich Implications of the Sustainable Prosperity Full definition to Your Life:

Before you go onto the next page, take some time to think about each part of the full definition and foundational concepts above that make Sustainable Prosperity a system that works. For some of the above ideas, all you have to do is agree with their general premise and start to live them in any way you can. You will also get help with implementing these ideas in your lives and businesses as they are embedded into many of the practices and actions that you will be reading about in the following pages of this online booklet. For now, all that is important is for you to have some familiarity with the depth and breadth of the concepts behind Sustainable Prosperity.

Next, you will read about the secret problems in the global job market. This will set up the pages after that where you will learn about the hundreds of millions of new, good-paying jobs that Sustainable Prosperity will create.  Keep reading this online Sustainable Prosperity booklet by clicking the links below.



How to Resolve the Next Great Global Jobs Crisis that Politicians, Businesses and National Banks Dare Not Discuss For Fear the Millenials and Younger Generations Might Revolt!

The harsh jobs and unemployment reality that no government politician or business leader will discuss on the record is that because of ever-escalating "new technologies" improvements in productivity and efficiency, billions of good and average paying jobs will be leaving the global economy permanently!

And it is not the outsourcing of jobs in the Western economies that is causing this permanent and ever-escalating decrease in the global creation of new jobs.

The Real Threat to Future Job Creation:

As robotics, biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), nano-manufacturing, self-programming software as well as the new Web 3.0, the Internet of Things (IOT), and 3D printers become more developed and widespread, the job and career paths of work as we know them today are going to radically and quickly change. There are many examples of these new technologies increasing productivity and rendering old jobs obsolete in many job areas.

Escalating technologies will continue to eliminate new jobs due to more efficient productivity that requires less and less human participation (apart from a small portion of super-bright, super-educated technology designers and maintainers). The use of artificial intelligence to write needed new software or software upgrades automatically within 10-20 years may eliminate up to 70% of all human software engineers and programmers.

The exponential increases in current job elimination due to new more efficient new technologies is the harsh reality that needs to be openly and publicly acknowledged without denial or fear so that humanity can use this information and create a transition path to an even better level of existence and meaningful jobs. Unfortunately, our government politicians and business leaders do not want to discuss or even begin the necessary and realistic preparation for this escalating transition that is rapidly engulfing the world's labor force.

The early signs of massive structural job loss are all around us! Already many Western economies have seen 10-16% or more in real national unemployment as the new norm and soon even those numbers could continue to rise. (Many countries play accounting tricks with how they define real unemployment in their countries so as not to discourage the population or lose their jobs. For instance, in the US the unemployment rate is currently published at about 6.5 %, but that rate does not include millions of people who have become discouraged and have simply dropped out of the job market. The REAL unemployment rate in the US is around 12% or more.)

A Workable but Painful Solution to The Global Jobs Loss Challenge:

During the next 10-30 years, we will be in a Great Jobs Loss Transition period because we are rapidly moving from the Second Industrial Revolution to the Third Industrial Revolution. Hundreds of millions of Second Industrial Revolution jobs will be lost in the high-speed transition and there is little that can or should be done to try to fight or stop this natural evolutionary jobs transition. This transition will create a critical and painful "shoulder period" of too rapid of transition where the jobs of the Third Industrial Revolution have not yet fully come online while the jobs of the Second Industrial Revolution are disappearing at an exponentially increasing pace.

In order to avert a massive social job crisis due to escalating mass unemployment of workers trained for and doing the jobs of and related to the Second Industrial Revolution, we must initiate immediate training for the jobs of the Third Industrial Revolution. We must also utilize the windfall of the billions of new jobs that will also be created by applying the principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

If we use the new jobs created by the principles of sustainable prosperity as a stepping stone, we can make it through this looming Second industrial Revolution mass job transition crisis. We can then more easily transition to the many new jobs of the Third Industrial Revolution and the era beyond it. (The era beyond the Third Industrial Revolution promises to be one where there will be more abundance for all with less monotonous work and more time for personal and societal development, as well as healthy personal and social relationships.)

The information you find in the next link below to the right is all about what the new jobs of a new sustainable prosperity economy will be. That information, plus the other information on this website about how to create the new sustainable prosperity, realistically offers a path to manage this Great Jobs Transition crisis of today for the future. This online booklet providing Sustainable Prosperity information offers not only new structures, directions and solutions to help us through the Great Jobs Transition transition of today, it also offers billions more offsetting good and meaningful jobs and a practical and realistic plan for better and sustainable lives for all.

If we do not make the necessary evolutionary adaptations quickly to deal with the Great Jobs Loss Transition being caused by the advances in robotics, biotechnology, artificial intelligence (AI), nano-manufacturing, self-programming software, the new Web 3.0, the Internet of Things (IOT), and 3D printers, Millennials and the younger generations might revolt. They are already dealing with hardships and multiple global challenges like no other generation has ever faced!

To keep reading this online booklet, click the link below to your right.



What are the Billions of Good Paying and Meaningful New Jobs of the Sustainable Prosperity, Sustainable Consumerism and Sustainable Economy Revolution?

The principles of Sustainable Prosperity revolution come in part from the meta-principles of evolution. They will create a whole new and thriving sustainable consumerism and a new more fair-exchange-based economy based upon satisfying more and more of the need levels found within Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy for humanity.

The types of new and meaningful or expanding job types you will see in the new Sustainable Prosperity economy are:

  • Up to a billion or more jobs will be created worldwide as we adapt to the climate destabilization caused by global warming already built into the system. For example, by 2100 sea levels look like they will rise 1 1/2 to 2 meters and possibly more. This single consequence of climate destabilization caused by global warming alone (there are many others) will produce the greatest single construction and reconstruction project in human history as we move all homes and essential infrastructure at least 4-9 meters above sea level (due to storm surges, waves, and high tide peaks). There is also much we have to do for wildfire, drought, and inland flooding mitigation. To learn more about climate destabilization caused by global warming, click here.

  • Hundreds of millions of new sustainable and alternative energy jobs as we create the inevitable Third Industrial Revolution that could also, directly and indirectly, create as many as a billion new jobs worldwide. (The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World is described in detail in the new book of the same name by Jeremy Rifkin. It is the sparking new job creation in sustainable needed jobs that will create an initial momentum to move sustainable prosperity concepts into the main culture.)

  • Hundreds of millions of new recycling jobs will be created as the world adopts all facets of a new "recycle everything, waste nothing" culture. All facets of recycling will also do much to lower energy consumption and preserve scarce resources for future generations,

  • Hundreds of millions of additional new teachers of all kinds and skills will be needed as more of our leaders recognize that this is primarily a learning universe and education of humanity is the foundation to resolving all humanity's many challenges,

  • Hundreds of millions of farmers will be needed as food production shifts away from unsustainable, huge-scale factory farms to local smaller-scale, more sustainable farming,

  • Hundreds of millions of local business persons will be needed as business shifts away from unsustainable "too big to fail" multinational business corporations (who are finally made to capture all their true costs using the Triple Bottom Line) to more sustainable local businesses and cooperatives that can now compete fairly in the new sustainable prosperity economy,

  • Hundreds of millions of new jobs will be created by the hundreds of thousands of new sustainably designed products and the retooling of their production processes that will eventually be mandated by all world governments,

  • Hundreds of millions of new sustainable jobs will be created by exponentially increasing 3D printing applications and the Makers Movement. (See The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, The Collaboration Commons, and The Eclipse of Capitalist by Jeremy Rifkin),

  • Tens of millions of therapists and coaches of all kinds will be needed to help individuals and organizations achieve Maslow's higher needs,

  • Tens of millions of police and regulatory agents will be needed to create the security and safety needed for the learning to take place and to enforce the new sustainable lifestyle regulations until it becomes a natural part of the lives and habits of the peoples of the world,

  • Millions of artists of all kinds will be needed to help us achieve Maslow's higher needs,

  • Tens of millions of other completely new jobs of all kinds will be created to help people develop and achieve Maslow's higher needs.

  • And finally, we will need hundreds of thousands of new specialized mathematicians and accountants who can create the continually evolving algorithms and formulas necessary to track full consequence capture, fair exchange, and the triple bottom line. This will allow businesses, organizations, and governments to have this information available to make better choices for fair exchange-based sustainable prosperity and to accurately assign consequence responsibilities for current business costs that are currently being unfairly exported to others and often invisibly placed upon communities, individuals, and the environment.

Let's hope that our government officials begin immediately to execute the new training and programs that will facilitate the new Sustainable Prosperity jobs above being filled so that the exponentially escalating job losses as we move through the Great Jobs Transition from the Second Industrial Revolution to the Third Industrial Revolution are not so severe over the next 20-40 years as to completely disrupt our governments and societies!

Click the next link below to the right to keep reading about the actual steps needed to create the Sustainable Prosperity future.



Sustainable Prosperity and Financial Success, Maintaining the Essential Energy Balance

(Please Note: The following is a more advanced Sustainable Prosperity core concept. You do not need to fully understand it to use and apply the principles of Sustainable Prosperity. But, we do recommend them if you are one of that curious business and financial people who want to understand the many justifications for making sustainability improvements in your life.)

Sustainability and Sustainable Prosperity at its physical core is really ALL about:

a.)  energy exchange,

b.) energy balance and,

c.) energy regulation.

For any living thing (even families, groups, businesses, organizations, and nations) to continue to exist (or grow or prosper), it must establish adequate and appropriate energy exchange and energy balance through proper energy use and energy regulation. It is a, or the basic law of the universe!

Sustainable Prosperity at its essence is also all about how to:

create and regulate the optimal energy exchange and Energy input/output balance for greater and greater lengths of time and for greater scales of people, groups, systems, etc.

Sustainable prosperity works towards achieving this in spite of the all-powerful second law of thermodynamics also called entropy. (If you are not familiar with this entropy concept, we very strongly recommend you click the entropy link and learn more now to better understand what follows.)

This law of entropy simply states that any organizations or individual that does not establish economic and physical sustainability in the form of appropriate and adequate energy exchange, energy balance, and energy regulation are just energy unsustainable. This is similar in concept to many of our current lifestyle and livelihood practices that are currently harming the environment.

It is vital to understand that at its core the most important reason to adopt sustainable prosperity and sustainable prosperity practices is that sustainable prosperity practices more optimally deal with the reality and dominant problem of the all-powerful Second Law of Thermodynamics regarding entropy and energy loss.

And there is an additional benefit. Sustainable Prosperity practices done and integrated properly also optimize the energy efficiency of the whole production system over the full production cycle and area in which anything is being produced. Sustainable Prosperity practices when

applied equally

by enforceable law to ALL parties in the production system will cut production costs by increasing efficiency for all stakeholders on this now level playing field.

The full collection of Sustainable Prosperity practices will help producers better utilize synergistic and symbiotic relationships both within and outside of their facilities. This will minimize resource and energy losses in many ways far beyond just full waste product capture and recycling.

Sustainable Prosperity principles do not deny or attack financial viability and stability, they enhance it! In fact, in almost all of our personal or cultural organizations and systems, without financial sustainability, the organizations or systems simply could not continue to exist.

Sustainable economics is not something opposed to financial viability, it is something essential and critical to achieving it in the most meaningful, lasting, and satisfying ways. Any new form of sustainable economics also will be directly based upon continually establishing and improving a sustainable prosperity for all.

"When the full definition, opportunities, and principles of Sustainable Prosperity are widely understood they will be recognized as being indispensable for both long-term financial, social, and political viability as well as long-term prosperity. Sustainable Prosperity's principles will create a new form of economically viable, sustainable consumerism it Is now being called prosumerism." --Lawrence Wollersheim

For more of the detailed specifics of what sustainable prosperity is and how it is created continue on to the next link on the right below.


How to Create a Sustainable Prosperity Lifestyle, Livelihood and Global Society

"Our needs can be met without destroying our world." --Joanna Macey

"We can become prosumers and even thrive in our world using the principles of Sustainable Prosperity. When we become prosumers we also create hundreds of millions of new high-paying, green and life-affirming jobs as we apply these new principles and strategies."

--Lawrence Wollersheim

The Sustainable Prosperity action steps on the following pages are divided into two sections, personal actions steps and collective action steps. The personal action steps come first. These are things but you can do that should be within your individual zone of influence.

The second grouping of action steps our collective actions for the most part that we need to do together to get them accomplished. Many of the collective action steps are also collective action steps within the Job One for Humanity Climate Restabilization Plan.

Executing Sustainable Prosperity practices will cause humanity to finally think and act as an essential part of a whole system --- first as part of the whole biosphere and planet and eventually as part of the whole universe. --Lawrence Wollersheim​

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How to Use the Personal and Collective Action Steps of Sustainable Prosperity

"We must unlearn consumerism while learning the principles of sustainable prosperity and prosumerism." --Randle Billings

In the following pages, you will read about the personal and collective Action Steps sections of Sustainable Prosperity. In these steps, you will find effective and honest action steps that actually CAN be done successfully and that are within either our individual or collective zones of influence. You also will be presented with important personal and collective actions and solutions not currently found or openly discussed within other sustainability, environmental, or climate non-profit organizations.

Important "How To" Tips for Wisely Applying the Following Personal and Collective Sustainable Prosperity Action Steps

The Sustainable Prosperity personal and collective action step sections found on the following pages of this online booklet deal with the most critical areas of needed individual and collective action or change to create and maintain a Sustainable Prosperity for all. Collectively they also encompass a complete, holistic and systemic approach to creating a Sustainable Prosperity.

As you move from the following personal action steps to collective action steps will discover that when applied successfully, these steps will move both individuals and our societies into deep levels of transformation from both the outside in and the inside out. You also will discover the steps are also honest about the difficulties of the greatest adaptive challenge and transformation evolutionary adventure in all of humanity's history.

The most critical things to remember while you are doing the Sustainable Prosperity personal and collective action steps are:

a.) do not be afraid to experiment with all of the recommendations, processes, and solutions.

b.) watch the feedback from your and other's successful Sustainable Prosperity work or other new research. Carefully use that feedback to quickly, continually, and flexibly adapt and "tinker" your efforts until the very best personal, local, and global solutions and methods appear. Always keep in mind that we simply do not have the luxury of wasting time by not evolving our effectiveness at the greatest possible pace!

c.) start with the personal or collective action steps that get you involved fast and then allow you to build a success momentum in areas within your zone of influence in which you can actually make a difference,

d.) work collectively on the action steps that will more readily resolve the challenges creating a Sustainable Prosperity future

e.) work personally and collectively on all of the action steps that build new structures, policies, and where needed, new institutions.

f.) keep in mind “nothing in life is perfect or 100%." Everything is continually in process and evolving. Do not drive yourself crazy trying to do each step of the Sustainable Prosperity personal and collective actions perfectly. For example, after seeing the Cowspiracy documentary, one of our staff members immediately became vegan. This was because they saw becoming a vegan as the most effective thing they personally could do to reduce climate destabilization and protect the environment.

This individual was a lifelong animal and dairy product consumer. They are now still a practicing vegan, but in truth, there are times that they have a small amount of meat fish, meat, or dairy.

By being less than a 100% perfect vegan they have reduced their total animal and dairy product consumption by 85% to 90% and have maintained that level of reduction.  That is a huge improvement and a massive reduction in agribusiness-related carbon and methane polluting the environment from just one person’s personal action.

So, be kind to yourself. You will not do anything consistently perfectly even if you try.

g.) “Making trade-offs is natural, good, and necessary.” It also is derived a bit from the “Nothing in life is perfect or 100%." principle above.

What we mean by making trade-offs is natural, good, and necessary is that you will want to be flexible in how you work towards applying all of the recommended personal and collective actions. There will without a doubt, be some areas of your life that you will want to at least temporarily maintain a bit of pleasure and enjoyment while you are dramatically improving the sustainability of your lifestyle and livelihood in other areas. As a good example of this, another staff member has been highly diligent in following almost all of the action steps recommended in this Sustainable Prosperity booklet except that they have made a conscious and intentional choice to keep their high-performance sports car and not go to electric or hybrid for their day-to-day transportation.

Their logic on this was that they are making so many improvements and sacrifices in so many other sustainability areas that they did not want to become a climate or sustainability martyr and not maintain some essential transitional pleasures and joys in their life that would help keep them happy and sane as well as staying on their overall Sustainable Prosperity program.

This person also absolutely loves driving. To them driving should be immensely pleasurable so that you "enjoy the journey" not just the destination. This individual also believes that this natural and necessary indulgence or "free pass" was an acceptable trade-off because --- not only were they at high levels of sustainability success in other areas, this high-performance sports car also was one of the highest mileage, lowest emission cars in its class and, in lower emissions, it was comparable to vehicles at or just slightly above the hybrid car category.

So, please give yourself and others a break in making negative judgments about others making necessary trade-offs and keeping some flexibility with their creative personal and collective Sustainable Prosperity actions.

The critical "how-to" areas above are not enacted sequential, but wherever possible go on simultaneously.

Keep in Mind That Sustainability and Environmental Related Science is Constantly Evolving

We will always quickly amend or update our Sustainable Prosperity information any time more current and reliable new climate research becomes available. As with all scientific facts, we openly acknowledge that it is based only upon the sparsity of today's current state of research. Because of this wise and continual openness to scientific falsification, we invite you to always make up your own mind as to the usefulness and validity of our current conclusions regarding the future and what must be done NOW to resolve it.

If you think that we have made an error in presenting any data when viewed from a systems thinking and meta-systemic viewpoint, we invite you to use the comment field at the bottom of the page containing the information that you disagree with. In this field, present your precise criticism and counter-information.

The current environmental data is so bleak that there is nothing that our organization would like better than to be proven absolutely wrong on our climate and environmental research data and predictions. All of our future lives would be so much happier, easier, and better if the core of Sustainable Prosperity and Job One for Humanity Plan information was simply wrong on its most important conclusions and projections.

You are now ready to start the personal and collective action steps!

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Live Within the Carrying Capacity of the Local, Regional and Global Ecosystems

Personal Action Step 1:

Understand the basics of the Earth's carrying capacity concept. It will help you to learn why we need to live within Earth's resources and means at all levels.

To see the estimated total carrying capacity of the Earth, click here.

After you understand the idea of carrying capacity then begin to work towards the goal of living within the carrying capacity of your local, regional, and global ecosystems.

The following personal and collective action pages of this online booklet will give you many specific actions that you can take to help live within your local, regional, national, and within the Earth's overall carrying capacity.

If you do not understand the key sustainability principle of carrying capacity, click here.

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Recognize That All Physical Growth Contained on Earth has limits!

Personal Action Step 2:

All physical growth contained on Earth has limits! There is simply no such thing as infinite economic growth or infinite substitutability in any closed physical system such as the earth.

Resources in a closed planetary system are finite such as in peak oil to name just one critical resource. The current theories of growth economics are founded on a core foundational false premise.

Individuals, organizations, nations, and a civilization cannot keep growing indefinitely in a closed system of finite and limited planetary resources if that growth is focused primarily on non-sustainable physical growth. No natural systems continue growing forever without losing their dynamic balance or creating other problems (population collapse, resource or energy starvation, etc.) that inevitably limit their growth.

On a social/cultural level we need to embrace the new, deeper, and broader evolutionary definition of sustainable prosperity, sustainable economics, and sustainable consumerism, and growth. One creates a sustainable prosperity, sustainable economics, and sustainable consumerism through the recognition that prosperity is not just (or primarily defined by) endless things or more material things that fulfill life's basic physiological survival and safety needs from the Maslow Needs Hierarchy.

Truly sustainable prosperity also expands upon attaining the many attainments, meanings, and the satisfaction of the higher-level needs of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy and the needs of evolution in the universe once one's basic physical and material survival and safety needs have been met. This means that growth, thriving, and prosperity also need to be seen not just in physical and economic material terms, but also in terms of non-physical and non-material evolution, growth, and development such as in the deeper and broader satisfaction and meanings that come from maturing and learning, wisdom, and having meaningful experiences and relationships (Maslow's higher needs), and contributing to the evolution of life and humanity in the universe.

Growth can also be seen and well-served by viewing it as the developmental process of the human body in life. The body does not continue physically growing forever, but mentally and emotionally (and spiritually, for those so inclined). We can continue growing and maturing indefinitely along the higher non-material needs of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.

Moving from a view of growth, thriving, and prosperity nearly exclusively in material terms to a view of growth, thriving, and prosperity that also includes and values achieving the higher non-material needs of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy and the needs of evolution itself is both a critical and essential part of Sustainable Prosperity. (It is also part of the objectives of Job One for Humanity and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, which you will learn more about later.)

Just like individuals and organizations and civilizations can also be seen as seeking to achieve the various levels of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.  They too can grow and thrive in many other important ways beyond just physical growth.

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Divest Out of Companies With Poor Environmental Records and Unsustainable Practices

"Money does not just talk, it screams influence and power. If you want to see a change happen fast, properly incentivize it with money or penalize it by removing its profit. Divestment from companies with unsustainable environmental practices is a way for you to exert an immediate and powerful influence on their poor behavior." --Lawrence Wollersheim

Personal Action Step 3:

Divest out of all of your personal investments in the fossil fuel industry and all other businesses that have poor environmental records and unsustainable business practices. Then do everything within your zone of influence to convince others to do the same. Convince other individuals, businesses, pension funds, endowments, and national governments to also divest out of all of their investments in the dying fossil fuel industry or other businesses with unsustainable environmental practices as soon as possible.


Because money talks and it talks very, very effectively!

This is one powerful way to send a strong signal to our governments and the power elite that the age of fossil fuels and unsustainable environmental business practices is over and the age of green energy generation and Sustainable Prosperity is here. Each of us can do something to remove all government financial support and subsidies from the fossil fuels industry and all the other industries with unsustainable environmental business practices as soon as possible.

Personally divesting from all fossil fuel investments also will be one of the more effective ways of forwarding the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan and lessening climate destabilization. (For more information on why you should become a fossil fuel divestment promoter please click here for a four-minute animation that explains this tactic in more detail.)

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Reduce Your Personal, Your Business's, and Your Nation's Eco-footprint

Personal Action Step 4:

Eat less animal meat and dairy products as often as you can and get your protein in other ways. The global agri-business (the cattle, pig, chicken, and fish industries), is probably THE single leading cause of climate change and global warming when its total climate polluting greenhouse gas emission effects are taken into effect. One study has estimated global agribusiness responsible for 51% of all global warming caused by greenhouse gas emissions. (The total fossil fuel industry is estimated to be responsible for 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions.)

In fact, eating less animal meat and dairy products appears to be the single most effective individual thing that you can do to directly make a real difference that matters in reducing carbon pollution --- in fact, by many, many times over all other personal eco-footprint lowering activities when taken as a whole. Reducing or eliminating all animal and dairy products from your diet is also important because it IS something within your power right now.

If you want to do something truly effective to dramatically reduce your personal greenhouse gas emissions--many, many times more effective than all of your other personal eco-footprint lowering activities--we strongly recommend reading "Eat to Live" by Dr. Joel Furhman. You will learn about how to personally do your part to save the planet from climate destabilization while also being healthier and looking better than you can imagine.

If you would like to learn more of the hard science behind why dramatically reducing your animal and dairy product intake or becoming a vegan is so important to the planet's future, watch the documentary called Cowspiracy and go to this page

"If you're really committed to reducing your environmental footprint, consider phasing in a plant-based diet. Why? Because the most highly leveraged environmental action any individual can take is to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products (meat, dairy, and eggs). Vegan and vegetarian diets generate up to a whopping 42 percent fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and have dramatically lower overall environmental impacts than nonvegetarian diets do. Consider this: Eating a plant-based diet less than one day per week reduces more greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than buying local food all year long and switching to a full-time plant-based diet results in greater GHG reductions than switching from a sedan to a hybrid vehicle." --Carol Misseldine

Also live the slogan reduce, recycle and reuse wherever you can. A little less of what you do not really need today will mean more for tomorrow. If you can:

a.) walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving,

b.) use fewer plastics.

c.) find ways to increase the energy efficiency of everything that you use.

d.) shop locally,

f.) grow some of your own food if possible.

Climate destabilization, peak oil, and resource depletion are just around the corner. Those individuals and businesses who begin practicing and preparing now will be ready and will not go through the shock of those who do not practice and prepare now.

We all need to begin to decentralize, downsize, de-carbonize, de-materialize, and diversify toward a new balance if we are going to have a world that lives within the closed system of the Earth's means.

Each day ask yourself what can you do today to reduce your eco-footprint and carbon pollution of the environment. Reduce, recycle and reuse is an essential part of the new sustainable consumerism. (For more information on what you can do personally to reduce your eco-footprint and carbon pollution click here.

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Waste Nothing or Nearly Nothing!

Personal Action Step 5:

Treat all waste as lost profitability and lost sustainability. Like nature, ensure that the idealized goal is to target having 100% of all waste reused and recycled.

If it can not be recycled, ensure that it is sequestered so that it cannot harm people or the environment. This is so that all appropriate resource systems are adequately renewed and replenished and not harmed and so that all waste recycling and reuse becomes a source for increased profitability and/or lower costs for those so recycling and reusing their wastes.

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Learn the Difference Between What you Want and What you Really Need!

"I'm a practitioner of elegant frugality. I don't feel comfortable telling other people what to do, so I just try and lead by example." --Amory Lovins

Personal Action Step 6:

Sustainable Prosperity is Also About Learning the difference between what you want and what you really need!

We highly recommend books like "Your Money or Your Life." It really can help you learn and do this. Using this book's true need and finance principles you will find yourself enjoying your life far more with far less and things that you did not really need or want anyway!

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Create Personal, Group, and System Reserves and Resilience

Personal Action Step 7:

There can be no long-term or lasting sustainable prosperity without creating or demanding the establishment of personal, group, community, and national large-scale reserves. Reserves offer critical support and resilience in an unexpected major crisis. Individuals and social systems that do not have adequate reserves will eventually collapse with repeated crises and stress which will need resources for management or recovery. Creating reserves implies creating a surplus.

Economies that run at deficits and do not create adequate reserves are simply not sustainable. It is not even enough to just "balance a budget" one must provide specifically for emergency reserves as an intrinsic and essential element in any budget.

Click here to learn more of the reasons why creating emergency reserves and system resilience is wise and essential.

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Embrace the Sustainable Prosperity 5,000 Year Rule and the Reduce, Recycle and Reuse principles.

Personal Action Step 8:

Even if the escalating global warming caused by fossil fuel burning that causes global warming did not exist, (which it does), you will still want to reduce, recycle, and reuse to reduce your eco-footprint. There are two very big reasons for paying attention to the 5,000 Year Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse Principle.

First, there is the finiteness of Earth's resources factor. Everything that everyone will need who will live on Earth over the next 5,000 years will have to be found primarily only on Earth itself according to our scientists. This is because living on the closest potentially inhabitable planet would take a space flight of 5,000 years --- if we could increase the speed of current space flight by 100 times. Bringing resources back to Earth from closer planets would be both technically and economically unfeasible in the quantities that we will need.

Secondly, there is the peak oil challenge and the many transportation agricultural, and other major changes it will bring in the near future. Let’s face it--Earth with its current limited resources is all we have to live upon for the greatest mass of our population for the next 5,000 years --- we have to reduce, recycle, and reuse! (If you are not quite sure what the peak oil challenge is, click here.)

To help you reduce and have more enjoyment, time and other benefits with less we recommend reading the book called "Your Money or Your Life." While we have to adapt to the increasing complexity in life, this does not mean that we always must have more. We can be happier with less and balance the growing complexity as life evolves with an informed and rewarding personal simplicity that uses the complex advances of life in an intelligent and appropriate manner. For additional information on how the "law of diminishing returns" provides another key incentive for us to reduce, recycle and reuse, click here.

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If You Are of a Spiritual or Religious Nature, Use the Power of Your Faith to Help Make Sustainable Prosperity For All a Reality!

Personal Action Step 9:

If you are of a spiritual or religious nature, you can further motivate and enhance your practice of sustainable prosperity by applying the Universe Principles of Sustainable as the new eco-spirituality principles. Make them key elements of your individual faith and your faith community. Click here for more on eco-spirituality principles.

To learn more about the personal action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet click the next link to the bottom right.

Also, see our online booklet on Evolution Spirituality.



Use Temporary Personal "Deep Divestment" Where Needed as a Stepping-Stone Solution to Our Currently Unsustainable Societies and Values

Personal Action Step 10:

Deep Divestment is ideally a temporary emotional, psychological and cultural divestment from our macro culture and its unsustainable value structure and behaviors. Until our national and global macro cultures fully support and enforce sustainable prosperity practices and protect our shared climate, ecosystems, and environment, for many individuals a deep divestment strategy may be a temporary but essential stepping stone to help them do their part to create or maintain a stable climate.

This psychological, emotional, and cultural divestment may need to take place at some point if you are also forwarding the Sustainable Prosperity and the Job One for Humanity Plan practices. But only you will judge if this is necessary.

This is a new and deeper kind of divestment in addition to the physical divestment from your financial investments in the climate-polluting giant fossil fuel, agribusiness industries, from your divestment from eating animal and dairy products, or from your divesting from using non-green, fossil fuel energy --all recommended in the Job One Plan and within the Sustainable Prosperity practices.

What deep divestment is partially based upon is the reality that most of the current values and practices of our economic, political, social, and even religious institutions do not forward sustainable prosperity. They also do not generally favor re-stabilizing our climate away from either fossil fuel dependence or the climate polluting unsustainable practices of agribusiness. Not only do some of these structures not favor these new more sustainable directions, they actually make climate destabilization and general sustainability worse.

Please keep in mind that deep divestment is not about creating any polarized us versus them mindset. Never forget we are all at different levels of evolutionary maturity and education. (Evolutionary maturity combines the maximum current level of physical, socio-emotional, educational, cognitive, and cultural maturity into a combined evolutionary maturity level.)

Deep divestment starts the moment you make a personal commitment to living as sustainably as you possibly can and to do everything within your zone of influence to ensure that we do not reach the levels of out-of-control or extinction-level global warming. This deep personal commitment leads at least in some cases to a temporary deep divestment from the practices and values of our unsustainable macro culture.

For many individuals making this deep divestment is a longer, slower process that will occur in natural phases and gradations as you continue working on building sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods and reversing climate destabilization. As your often invisible process of deep divestment proceeds, you will discover you are no longer participating in economic choices that are unsustainable and harm the climate our ecosystems for the environment. You will also discover you are no longer participating in social groups and interactions which also are unsustainable or harmful to any of these things.

Many of you will naturally find yourself gravitating out of existing social groups and conditions that are not holding or honoring your deepest life-affirming value-- and this is a good thing! Today many of our economic, social, and religious organizations are either impervious to any real improvement and change or they are so slow to get a new message and make the necessary changes that by default, it is too late for the destabilizing climate, our ecosystems, and environment and, for the well-being of future generations.

This suggests that expending huge amounts of effort and energy on trying to educate or evolve highly change-resistant individuals or organizations should be seen at this critical phase of escalating climate destabilization as a luxury that we can poorly afford. In many cases, we will be far better off by simply bypassing these individuals and organizations and not engaging or fighting with t them and their highly change-resistant organizations and structures.

In the above situation what we can do that will make a meaningful difference is to form new groups, social organizations, and economic alliances that will contribute to a new micro-culture of climate restate re-stabilization and a Sustainable Prosperity for all.

These new groups, communities, and micro-cultures are our best hope for the future for several reasons.

First, these groups and communities will provide critical emotional, physical and psychological support to the Job One Evolutioneers who are building a new future for us all by re-stabilizing the climate. Make no mistake about it. The macro culture with its often culturally enforced or economically supported behaviors and norms is such a powerful and relentless force that few can resist its dominating and nonconformist punishing behavior for very long. There is a famous cultural quote relevant to cultures and their power over the individual:

"The nail that sticks up gets hammered down."

Like salmon swimming against raging currents, we must find and create still microculture pools behind rocks where we can be renewed and honored for our cultural norms of the future. Forwarding Sustainable Prosperity is often moving in a difficult countercultural direction with little or no support or validation.

Secondly, our new social groups, communities, and growing microculture will become successful examples of all the changes that need to be made. In this way, these new communities and micro-cultures will become critical “beacons of light” for the critically needed new sustainable behaviors in the future.

There may be a climate destabilization time when everything goes the wrong way and we will need the safeguard of these new groups, communities, and microcultures to help preserve and protect US. In times of crisis, societies are fearful and tempted to go into security-seeking retrogression. At that critical time the new "beacon of light" sustainable communities and microcultures will be there able to stand up and say “here's another way and here is a successful example of how it should work”. We Job One Evolutioneers will be powerful voices at a time of widespread confusion and fear when much of the population will foolishly empower activities that may take away basic human rights and put the society into an emergency or martial law mode.

The third and most important reason is that within these groups you will be recognized and honored for your sustainable actions. You will be able to find more sustainable lifestyle and livelihood transactions with fellow members of such groups. When you do your lifestyle and livelihood transactions within these new groups, communities, and micro-cultures as much as is possible, you forward and support your own values and do not give life-supporting profit to those unsustainable values and actions of the macroculture.

The good news here is that evolving into new sustainability value-based groups, communities and micro-cultures should only be a temporary, but necessary move. Eventually, as the microculture of sustainable prosperity grows, it will eventually become the macroculture and you once again will be a full-fledged participant in the macroculture.

If you are at the point where you are ready to embrace getting the support that you will need to live your sustainability values by moving into the new social group, community, or microculture, we recommend that you openly acknowledge this possibility. If so moved, we recommend you consciously make a commitment to at least be open to letting this new social group, community, and microculture possible transition happen has it might evolve.

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Promote Sustainable Prosperity to Create More "Prosumers" and A Better World

Personal Action Step 11:

The prosumer principles and practices of Sustainable Prosperity, sustainable economics, and sustainable consumerism are not just the keys to sustainability for us, future generations, the environment, and its supporting bio-systems. It is the essential foundation needed to build a lasting, thriving, and a more profitable world and civilization. Here is what you can do to make this happen:

  1. Take personal responsibility for spreading the ideas and practice of Sustainable Prosperity. Set a goal for how many people you will inform about the ideas of sustainable prosperity.

  2. Build a meet-up or support group for yourself and your friends for this evolutionary improvement. Once you have the facts, having adequate support is 90% of the reason you will be successful in building a mini-culture of sustainable prosperity and eventually a macro-culture that embraces Sustainable Prosperity.

  3. Forward Job One For Humanity Plan to Restabilize the Climate and create a Sustainable Prosperity because it is an absolutely critical keystone action for creating a sustainable prosperity. Click here to read about Job One For Humanity. It will become apparent how this essential program to reverse catastrophic climate destabilization is vital to the goals of creating a Sustainable Prosperity.

  4. Be sure to read The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World by Jeremy Rifikin (September 2011). It will show you just how practical, real, and important creating the new jobs of sustainable prosperity will be to our future survival and prosperity!

  5. Do everything within your influence and creativity to educate your political representatives as to the change society and our international laws must make from the old job, consumerism culture to the new prosumer, sustainable job, consumerism culture as described in the principles and definitions of Sustainable Prosperity. (Click here to learn more about why new enforceable international laws are so important to protect the environment and for creating sustainable prosperity. This section relates directly to the effects of global warming and climate destabilization on sustainable prosperity and many of the reasons behind creating international law to keep everything fair and equal.)

  6. Wherever possible, work to creatively build cooperative and non-polarizing Sustainable Prosperity solutions that focus on the mutual self-interests of all stakeholders. (While this process will be too slow for resolving the immediate climate cliff of climate destabilization, it will be adequate for the long-term re-stabilization of the climate after we have taken the emergency steps needed to resolve the immediate threat of global climate destabilization.)

  7. Help others to understand that a Sustainable Prosperity, merit-based and fair exchange-based Market Capitalism in its healthy, balanced, and appropriately regulated state (which includes things like triple bottom line accounting and paying for all of your pollution) is an evolved cultural sub-system of the universe's progressive evolution. As such, the core principles of progressive evolution that create sustainability and stability are controlling and senior. By re-structuring and re-aligning current Market Capitalism to the evolution-proven principles of Sustainable Prosperity (derived in part from the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview), we can make a stronger, sustainable and healthier Market Capitalism with far more winners!  

  8. Spend time learning the full definition of Sustainable Prosperity as found in this Sustainable Prosperity online booklet so that you can start better adjusting your (and your group's and nation's) actions and incentives and disincentives towards achieving this new goal.

We welcome your help as a new Sustainable Prosperity prosumer and Job One for Humanity Evolutioneer.

For more information on the personal action steps of Sustainable Prosperity click the link to the lower right.



Create or Join a Supportive Micro-culture (communities of local communities) dedicated to the Principles of Sustainable Prosperity

Personal Action Step 12:

Begin creating or join a supportive microculture (communities of local eco-communities), dedicated to the principles of sustainable prosperity with close friends, family, or associates for honoring sustainable prosperity practices in individual lifestyles and business livelihoods! The macroculture has not yet evolved to the point of consistently regulating, supporting, or incentivizing the practices of sustainable prosperity.

In fact, in many cases, the macroculture actually discourages sustainability through various additional costs or social disincentives. This means that we have to also create new microcultures that do support individual and collective sustainable prosperity practices --- if sustainable prosperity's practices are to be sustainable themselves.

This means building a family, friend, or associate network of sustainable prosperity practitioners and advocates. Wherever possible, only do business with those individuals or their sustainable businesses (even if your initial costs are higher or your personal convenience is lower!). Effectively create and grow these mini-cultures of sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods. Keep pushing for new enforceable national and international laws that support sustainable prosperity life practices. These actions will eventually reduce the profitability of non-sustainable practices. This also will make your mini-culture's sustainable prosperity practices more appealing to the self-interests of the members of the non-sustainable macro-culture.

Your increasing support for these sustainability practices in a growing mini-culture also helps reduce their costs because of the improved efficiencies that come from greater scale and repetition. Behaviorists have long known that having support from your mini or macro culture can be as much as 90% of the reason for the success of some desired change.

Unfortunately, the only way we will get this support in today's culture is to first build the mini-cultures ourselves where we do get this support and can then model the needed behavior for the macro culture! It is worth repeating that support and a supportive culture are 90% of the reason why new ideas and practices are sustained once one knows the facts!

These microculture building and support-building steps are part of the indispensable foundation that is needed to expand the practices of sustainable prosperity. Start building your local sustainable prosperity mini-culture today. Watch it grow while you enjoy what it does for your life while you work on the rest of the key sustainable prosperity steps.

Another key aspect of building or joining sustainable prosperity communities or groups is to do everything to replicate these groups so they spread all over the planet. This way microcultures of sustainability eventually become the new macroculture. To see our vision of what the structure and practices of such sustainable prosperity communities or support groups would look like, click here.

When you create thriving local communities and eco-regional cooperatives and partnerships that are self-reliant,  you begin to live in harmony with the means and carrying capacity of your local and regional ecosystems. You may also want to implement the key food growing and provision providing ideas and reforms suggested and described in Life Rules by Ellen Laconte.

Life Rules is one of the best books yet written on what we can do about all of the converging global meta-challenges threatening our collective futures and how principles compatible with most of these other sustainable prosperity principles will be essential. (While our organization agrees with much of what this author says we do not agree with all of her conclusions or recommendations. We take a much stronger position on the establishment of verifiable and enforceable international law on global warming and the environment as well as the creation of those global judicial, executive, and legislative divisions that would help this coming to being.)

To learn more about the personal action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet click the next link to the bottom right. 

Please click here to see the most recent updates on our eco-communities, their locations, and membership criteria. We call these eco-communities Universe communities.



Create Organic, Bottom-Up Democratic Self-Organizing Governance Within Sustainable Prosperity

Personal Action Step 13:

To run your local or regional or national group or community, implement the ideas and reforms for the organic, bottom-up democratic self-organizing and governance suggested in the new book called Life Rules by Ellen Laconte. Bottom-up organic self-organizing democracy that harmonizes with the natural laws of closed system planetary evolution is much different than the top-down, power-influenced democratic governments driven on "growth economics" theories of infinite growth and infinite substitutability that we have today.

(Please note: While this organization agrees with most of the ideas in this book, we differ with the author on numerous issues and recommendations as well as the importance of what we believe is the local/global balancing, critical and simultaneous role of international law and international governance to limit individual, local and regional excess and expansion while simultaneity educating about, aligning and enforcing essential policies for the planetary common good.)

Click here to learn more about our version of eco-communities.

To learn more about the personal action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet click the next link to the bottom right.


The new economic laws of the Triple Bottom Line (people, planet, profit,) and Full Cost Full-Cycle Accounting for All Businesses

Sustainable Prosperity through these new principles of sustainable economics is created by all businesses and organizations embracing fair and appropriate exchange, the Triple Bottom Line Principle as well as product and production Full Cost Full-Cycle Accounting in managing and determining economic profitability. Full cycle accounting prevents individuals, businesses, or nations from exporting and externalizing ANY costs (including particularly all forms of pollution or other harms to society from things like the costs of alcohol, cigarette or gambling addiction,) related to the full production and safe disposal cycle of their product to any other entity, including taxpayers. 

Full cost accounting enforces full consequence capture onto those who have created the consequence. The Triple Bottom Line also redefines profit in terms of a sustainability, which involves fair and appropriate exchanges, the profit of the stakeholders (investors and employees,) of the organization, and the community/nation and environment the organization exists within. 

Profitability that makes profit for the organization and then unfairly exports costs and harms to the individual, community,  environment, bio-systems or even the nation is not sustainable or based on fair-exchange profitability. The Triple Bottom Line accounting would show all such costs and help to ensure such costs were recaptured fully by the source of such costs. 

The triple bottom line when applied to all nations and businesses equally creates a level and fair playing field and it clearly helps to show at an environmental level which companies are truly profitable and which companies or nations are stealing from their communities their nations and other nations by failing to capture the full environmental and community costs of their production. A great example of the triple bottom line factor at work to have the polluter capture all of the costs of their pollution is the carbon pollution fee and 100% direct dividend to the public plan.

To learn more about Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet click the next link to the bottom right. 


Align All of One's Individual and Group Actions With the Progressive Directionality of Universe Evolution

Personal Action Step 14:

"Imagine if you could take the most successful and sustainable principles from evolution's 13.8 billion years of trial-and-error testing and put those life lessons into simple actions and "attitudes" that you could use to guide your life into more meaningful and sustainable success. That's exactly where many of the principles of sustainable prosperity come from." Lawrence Wollersheim

Align all of one's individual and group actions with the progressive directionality of universe evolution. This is an advanced step as it takes you into the core reasons behind Sustainable Prosperity. It is one of the most important, effective, and detailed ways to empower and maintain long-term individual and group Sustainable Prosperity.

This is done by aligning one's life, actions, and goals (or one's organization or nation), with the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe. Nothing has ever proven to be more successful for creating and sustaining life and the systems necessary for life than the universe's evolutionary processes.

To successfully align one's actions (or one's organization's or nations' actions), with the day-to-day practical action and attitude principles and "values" of progressive evolution itself.  We call these principles the Universe Principles of Sustainability. They are the directionalized and unstoppable flow of progressive evolution, one would specifically seek to align oneself to the highest degree possible with the

To learn more about just what are the steps and levels of the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe and what these Universe Principles of Sustainability can do for your life and organization, click here.

To then learn how to apply the Universe Principles for successful action and attitude, click here. They will help you apply the proven directionalized power flow of progressive evolution to your day-to-day life in practical ways.

Please Note: The Universe Principles' "success attitudes" (found in the links just above) are particularly applicable to uplifting and expanding our perspectives on how the sustainability movement's environmental activism can be more effectively re-aligned and executed. Progressive evolution is also one of the foundational ideas of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

You have just finished the personal action section on what you personally can do to create the sustainable lifestyles, livelihoods, and societies of a Sustainable Prosperity world. It is now time to move on to the collective actions necessary to create Sustainable Prosperity. These actions by their very collective nature usually are more powerful, more effective, and will create Sustainable Prosperity micro-cultures faster than just individual actions.

To learn more about the collective actions of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.


Protect the Future From Extinction Level Global Warming

Collective Action Step 1:

Escalating global warming is our most immediate and global challenge. Whipsawing into all of the other 11 mega-global challenges (peak oil, desertification, water pollution, population, etc.), global warming amplifies them toward an extinction-level crisis. There can be no sustainable prosperity if we do not get the rapidly escalating global warming fixed quickly!

We completely depend upon the global climate's stability for our food production and much of our physical security and safety. Each increase of average temperature lowers global food production by an estimated 10%--and that is only one of the many dire consequences of climate destabilization caused by global warming.

Put even more simply, we cannot create sustainable prosperity if the rapidly escalating consequences of human-caused atmospheric carbon pollution reach the level of irreversibility or create such a level of climate destabilization that it destroys half of all species and starves most of the human population to death (extinction-level climate destabilization.) In our organization, our focused climate recovery program in this area is called Job One for Humanity because it deals directly with the most destructive and imminent threat to our whole climate and life-supporting ecosystem in the form of human-caused carbon pollution of the atmosphere.

It is this human-caused carbon pollution of the atmosphere, which is now causing catastrophic and what soon will be irreversible climate destabilization if we do not act wisely and now! (To learn more about these global warming consequences and why the Job One for Humanity plan is so important for creating sustainable prosperity click the Job One for Humanity link in this sentence.)

To learn more about the other collection action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Evolve Global International Laws, Courts, and Enforcement Mechanisms For Natural Resource Management

Collective Action Step 2:

At some point very soon, in addition to new international pollution laws that prevent all polluters from paying and internalizing the full costs and consequences of their cost-externalized pollution of the environment, we need to evolve international laws, courts, and enforcement mechanisms for natural resource management for all of the Earth's resources for the good of ALL of humanity as a current whole as well as for future generations.

There's a lot more to be learned about creating these new verifiable and enforceable international laws that have been discussed in the Job One for Humanity plan. Please click here to read more about this adaptive challenge applied in the climate destabilization area.

To learn more about the collection actions of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Support and Create the New Third Industrial Energy Revolution of Green Energy From Non-Polluting, Renewable, and Near Inexhaustible Energy Sources

Collective Action Step 3:

This will create one of the fastest possible pathways to global sustainability and hundreds of millions of new energy and energy-related jobs worldwide. This is a central key to converting unsustainable energy sources s to sustainable energy sources and systems. and This is the greatest single tool for the creation of millions of new jobs and a sustainable economy and prosperity since the first industrial revolution of 1850-2000.

Click the following to learn more details, The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World by Jeremy Rifkin. It is the green energy job creation manual for the new jobs that will help create an initial momentum to forward more of the sustainable prosperity concepts into the main culture.

To learn more about the collective action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Create and Demand a New Sustainable Manufacturing Culture

Collective Action Step 3:

Create and demand a new sustainable manufacturing culture where sustainability, durability, reusability, and recyclability is engineered into every part of every product's manufacturing cycle, as well as the full life cycle of the product (from raw materials through manufacture to recycling) so humanity can survive at least 5,000 more years only on Earth's current resources. (More will be said about this shortly.) Products that will help create a sustainable prosperity are designed intentionally to have all of the following:

a.) effective functionality to a purpose,

b.) cost-effectiveness,

c.) sustainability throughout the full manufacturing process,

d.) fully recyclable and safe disposability,

e.) safe to use,

f.) wherever possible, able to be upgraded or replaced in sub-sections during the product's life cycle,

g.) artistically designed and beautiful,

h), and if possible enjoyable and fun to use.

The creative and daring designers of the future who use these seven qualities in their designs will help lead us all into a new sustainable prosperity. Enacting sustainable product design according to the above a-h criteria is key to creating a new sustainable consumerism and millions of new jobs. Always keep in mind the full life cycle of a product when deciding which product to buy.

For example:

a.)  buying an electric car in an area where the electricity is generated by high carbon polluting coal or tar sands or,

b.) where the "new tech" batteries used in the electric cars use rare natural resources or,

c.) creating resource wars in unstable countries where these raw materials are mined or,

d.) where parts of the electric car are so toxic or so difficult to recycle that they are not really a better sustainable solution.

In the purchase process, sometimes a strategy claiming to be a more sustainable solution creates more problems and less sustainability when seen from the "full product life cycle and full manufacturing context" perspective.

Shop wisely as an informed Prosumer...

To learn more about the collective action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Get Your Home and Business Converted Over To Green Energy Systems As Quickly As Possible!

Collective Action Step 4:

Home And Business Energy Energy Conservation

Home and business energy conservation is simply finding those places where your home business is leaking or using existing energy inefficiently.

There are many subsidies and tax incentives for home and business energy conservation already. But, do not put the cart in front of the horse.

To prevent going over the climate destabilization cliff, first, we need to stop making the problem worse. We urgently need to stop adding any additional carbon and methane pollution into the atmosphere from fossil fuels. Switching to decentralized green energy generation on a widespread basis will be a more cost-effective, time effective, and successful strategy than trying to fix the much smaller energy loss inefficiencies of homes and businesses everywhere.

"Convert all of our homes and businesses off fossil fuel energy and over to green energy generation to lower of our eco-footprints and we WILL effectively help re-stabilize the climate." --Lawrence Wollersheim

To continue reading in this Sustainable Prosperity booklet, click the links to the right or left below. Click the UP link to see all of the linked pages in this booklet at the bottom of that page.

Going Wisely Green

Even if you don't own your home or business, there is still something you can do here to forward national security, be a real patriot, and forward Sustainable Prosperity. You can convince those who you are renting from or you work for that converting to green energy as quickly as possible is the smart and patriotic thing to do for cost reduction, emergency preparedness, national security, re-stabilizing the climate and environment, as well as the future.

Green energy generation can be solar, wind, hydro-electric, or some other alternative of green energy generation than using any fossil fuels. Today, the reasons for using green energy generation in our homes and businesses are stronger than ever.

1.) Going to green energy as soon as possible is also a patriotic duty and national security imperative. Both the US and many countries in the world currently get much of their polluting fossil fuel energy supplies from high conflict zones where our energy supplies could be cut off, radically lessened, or priced so high that these changes would destabilize the productivity and stability of countries in any way dependent upon importing those fossil fuels. Additionally, nations that import these fossil fuels from the high conflict areas find themselves dragged into expensive and unwinnable conflicts in those fossil fuel producing areas. These high-conflict fossil fuel producing zones are also prime sources exporting terrorism back out to the very parts of the world to which they sell fossil fuels.

When you convert your home or business to green energy systems, you are making a powerful move to help build your national security and you are acting as a true patriot! You are taking power and the current security threats away from the fossil fuel-producing areas and returning that power and security to your own nation. A nation with decentralized green energy systems in use by most of its population is no longer dependent upon or held hostage by the fossil fuel producers from the high conflict areas. Additionally, not having to send our military forces into these areas to protect our fossil fuel supplies and economic stability will also save tremendous taxpayer costs to our national budgets and these monumental savings can then be better used in other areas.

2.) Green energy generation makes good economic sense by saving you money over the long-term. Today many individuals and businesses are not converting to green energy because they are sustainability advocates or save the climate from global warming, they are going green purely to save money.

3.) Green energy generation has become cheaper than ever due to the increasing number of people converting over. This increase in demand has created vast improvements in both manufacturing and installing green energy in your home or business.

4.) Green energy has come of age to such a degree that it is increasingly easier to finance large and small green energy home and business installations. Soon it will be no more difficult to get financing to go green than it will be to get financing to get a new car.

5.) Green energy generation is still subsidized in many areas with either direct subsidy payments or tax deductibility.

6.) Homes and businesses that are operating on green energy are far more prepared for any kind of emergency that would affect their current power systems and productivity. Having homes and businesses operating on decentralized green energy creates a high-level of emergency reserves and quick recovery resilience at both the local and national levels to any kind of emergency that would affect our existing centralized energy generation.

7.) Energy is power. When you go to green energy generation, you decentralize power away from large utilities and energy corporations and you bring real power and independence back into the hands of average citizens and small businesses.

Moving to decentralized green energy generation in homes and businesses across the World makes sense on so many levels. It is what is within your current “zone of influence” to dramatically lower polluting carbon and methane greenhouse gases choking our atmosphere.


Divest Out of Companies With Poor Environmental Records and Unsustainable Practices

Collective Action Step 5:

Divest out of all of your personal investments in the fossil fuel industry and all other businesses that have poor environmental records and unsustainable business practices. Then do everything within your zone of influence to convince others to do the same. Convince other individuals, businesses, pension funds, endowments, and national governments to also divest out of all of their investments in the dying fossil fuel industry or other businesses with unsustainable environmental practices as soon as possible. Why?

Because money talks and it talks very, very effectively! One way to send a strong signal to our governments and the power elite that the age of fossil fuels an unsustainable environmental business practices is over and the age of green energy generation and Sustainable Prosperity is here. We need to work collectively to remove all financial support and subsidies from the fossil fuels industry and all the other industries with unsustainable environmental business practices as soon as possible.

Personally divesting from all fossil fuel investments will be one of the more effective personal ways of forwarding the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan and lessening climate destabilization. For more information on why you should become a fossil fuel divestment promoter, please click here for a four-minute animation that explains this tactic in more detail.

"Money does not just talk, it screams influence and power. If you want to see a change happen fast, properly incentivize it with money or penalize it by removing its profit." --A Job One researcher

To continue reading in this Sustainable Prosperity booklet, click the links to the right or left below. Click the UP link to see all of the linked pages in this booklet at the bottom of that page.



Stop All Current Toxic and Dangerous Environment Polluting Practices

Collective Action Step 6:

Full cost, triple bottom line accounting, common sense, and Sustainable Prosperity principals also demand that we stop all ongoing toxic and dangerous pollution and polluters appropriately. This means that all toxic and dangerous polluters will fully remove (and/or make safe) all toxic and dangerous pollution they create either before or after it enters the environment at their full cost!

The most powerful and effective way to do this by creating new and enforceable national and international laws that enforce full consequence capture for pollution onto those who have created the pollution consequence. Clear international toxic and dangerous pollution laws and consistent enforcement is the essential and necessary structure needed to deal with our primal and overriding natural self-interests.

In evolutionary terms and systems, self-interest is the dominant driving force and motivation for the parts of the wholes in evolutionary systems. (We as individuals are parts of the whole evolutionary system known as humanity.) Unless these primal self-interests are managed by some form of government with the enforceable power to reward and penalize --- private individual or corporate self-interests will win out over the commonwealth and well being (the self-interests), of humanity as a whole.

New consistently enforceable pollution laws must be designed so well that the most ignorant and selfish person among us will want to follow them because of the negative consequences for not doing so are so swift and certain that there would be an immediate reduction in achieving their self-interests by not following these wise laws. Alternatively, these new pollution laws are designed so well that the most ignorant and selfish person among us will also want to follow them because of the positive consequences for doing so are so swift and certain that there would be an immediate increase in achieving their self-interests (graduated rewards), by following these wise laws.

If any nation goes first in setting these new enforceable pollution laws and other nations do not follow, that nation would need to set tariffs on the products and services of the other nation so that no nation or business could gain competitive advantage by polluting.

To learn more about the collective action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Restore All Destroyed and Polluted Ecosystems Wherever Possible

Collective Action Step 7:

Restore all destroyed and polluted habitats and ecosystems wherever possible using appropriate technology and bio-systems mimicry. Appropriate technology does not try to control or overwhelm natural evolutionary systems--it aligns with them.

In the restoration of toxic dump sites and areas or intrusion into restoring bio-systems, we need to move humbly and in slow small steps due to the unpredictable nature of complex adaptive systems. Millions of new jobs will be created when we get serious about restoring all the toxic sites and destroyed and damaged bio-systems and habitat that we will desperately need in the future.

To learn more about the collective action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Protect, Steward, and Build Resilience Into the Natural Environment

Collective Action Step 8:

Protect, steward, and build resilience where possible into the rest of the natural environment (water, soils, and its life, other species, and its ecosystems), with enforceable international laws. Part of these protection laws would be directed at slowing and reducing the ongoing destruction of the environment and bio-systems.

The preceding mandate for protecting the environment also implies that we need to always treat environmental pollution as theft --- either a misdemeanor or felony depending upon its scale, frequency, and harmful impact! It is the theft of the health and resources of those (both currently alive and future generations), whose existing health and resources (to clean it up), will eventually be depleted by it.

The planet is loaded with toxic dump sites and other heavily polluted areas loaded with carcinogens and other toxins that will harm the health of the general populations closest to it for generations to come.

This step also means that we will need to demand common and aligned national and international pollution and sustainability laws that consistently enforce full pollution cost capture (one key aspect of triple bottom line full-cycle accounting, see above step), by the source of the pollution so that ALL must comply. Without these enforceable national and international pollution laws, those individuals, businesses, and nations who can still pollute without penalty create unfair economic advantage (profit) for themselves and steal the health, quality of life, and economic viability from those that they are polluting.

Always treat pollution as serious theft from the economy, community, nation, and from future generations. Creating enforceable international pollution laws to protect the environment is one of the most important points for the long-term success of sustainable prosperity as a new way of life. (The reasoning behind its importance lies in the fact that clear laws and consistent enforcement are the essential and necessary structure needed to deal with both ignorance and our primal overriding self-interests.

In evolutionary systems, self-interest is the dominant driving force and motivation for the parts of whole systems. We as individuals are part of the whole system known as humanity.

The new consistently enforceable pollution laws must be designed so well that the most ignorant and selfish person among us will want to live in a sustainable prosperity lifestyle because the negative consequences are so swift and certain that there would be an immediate reduction in achieving their self-interests by not following these wise laws. There is no other consistently effective way to achieve long-term success for humanity's sustainability than to have these enforceable and aligned national and international pollution laws to combat natural ignorance and expedient self-interest motivations.

While we are creating micro-cultures of sustainable prosperity, we must also change the national and international laws of the macro-culture if our new micro-cultures of sustainable prosperity are to survive and replicate themselves.) (If you are spiritual in nature, also treat pollution as a moral wrong and a sin at various scales.)

To learn more about the collected action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Use Appropriate New Technologies to Help Create Affordable and Sustainable Abundance For All

Collective Action Step 9:

"New technology is useful, but it's inefficient and ugly; it knows it'll be obsolete by lunchtime tomorrow, so it has no incentive to be anything else." --Tom Holt

Keep in mind that these new technologies will most likely work best if they appropriately align and harmonize with the planet's natural systems rather than try to overwhelm, dominate, and control those natural systems. Failure to think this way in the past is a significant part of why we are in this crisis now.

There is a special nave for the best new technologies to use. It is the term appropriate technology. Please click here for the definition of what appropriate technology means in terms of our future.

One area that we urgently need a better technology solution is in finding a new way to clear land or prepare it for the next harvest other than burning it. It is estimated that each hectare of land burned produces the same carbon pollution as 6,000 cars. Now multiply that times the billion-plus hectares of forest and cropland burned each year, and you begin to see the destructive impact on atmospheric carbon that could be mitigated with new technology solutions.

Among other things, use new technologies to help create an affordable and sustainable abundance of energy for all by applying the principles of the Third Industrial Revolution in Jeremy Rifkin's new book The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, The Collaboration Commons, and The Eclipse of Capitalism. This is another inspiring and motivating must-read book for anyone serious about Sustainable Prosperity because it can help create an affordable abundance for all.

At this point please see our position paper on using technology and new technologies wisely and safely in conjunction with biological and social systems. It contains important warnings and caveats in the use of new technologies and about the dangerous techno-optimism that sometimes surrounds their promise.

To learn more about the collective action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Ensure Justice For All. Justice is the Essential, but Often Invisible Structural Foundation For Holding or Expanding Sustainable Prosperity

Collective Action Step 10:

Justice as understood within Sustainable Prosperity models always consists of:

a.) a level playing field,

b.) fair, equal, and open access for all and

c.) fair exchange.

To solve our most pressing current climate destabilization challenge, justice now also must include fair national and international carbon pollution/theft laws and other environment and sustainability laws consistently applied and enforced on everyone. Without fair justice systems upheld in both national and international governmental structure, those who try to live and create a micro or global sustainable prosperity may be delayed, disadvantaged, or stopped.

Keep in mind that even if justice does not exist at a macro-cultural level, you can still create and uphold it at a micro-cultural level in your own Sustainable Prosperity support groups until it does become part of the larger culture, (which it will eventually have to do if the macro-cultures are to survive).

To help you with this justice building, the Universe Principles of Sustainability can also be seen as the system for how the evolving universe maintains justice or more specifically, the fair energy exchange justice between individuals and groups. While you are practicing the Universe Principles of Sustainability as individuals and in groups, what you are also doing is creating an indispensable, foundational new mini-culture of both fair energy exchange and life justice. This micro-culture can then eventually evolve to become the macro-culture of energy and life justice that will then further expand sustainable prosperity at faster rates.

Ensure justice for all. Justice is essential, but the often invisible structural foundation for holding or expanding Sustainable Prosperity!

To learn more about the collective action steps of Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Ensure Women Play a Larger Role In Society and its Power Structures For Sustainable Prosperity to Fully Manifest

Collective Action Step 11:

Wherever women attain equal power and control in the world, things generally go better. This is particularly true in the sustainability movement. Wherever you can, forward women into positions of power and watch how they protect mother nature.

There is something else that women can do that is extremely powerful that will help create a sustainable prosperity future. If intelligent women in the society more frequently select and reward men who practice sustainable prosperity and cooperation vs old style competitive consumerism, slowly but surely more men will become sustainable and cooperative.

We don't need to go into all of the obvious reasons for this, but men generally make competitive showings of strength and seek to acquire far more things than they need to attract mates through symbols of wealth, power and status.

If intelligent women select men who practice sustainable prosperity and intelligent cooperation first, men will adapt quickly to the new feminine desirability selection criteria.

To learn more about Sustainable Prosperity in this online booklet, click the next link to the bottom right.



Who is Practicing Sustainable Prosperity Today?

There are many early-adopter groups currently aligned with the Sustainable Prosperity principles. They are often also known as:




sustainability advocates

the new environmentalists

conscious evolutionaries

Lohas advocates (lifestyles of life health and sustainability)

integral evolutionaries

eco-spirituality practitioners

simple living advocates

cultural creatives

Job One for Humanity advocates 

big history advocates

planetary and universe citizens.

In addition to these early-adopter groups, many progressive members of religious faiths are also becoming sustainable prosperity advocates and activists.

We invite you to join us and also become a Sustainable Prosperity Evolutioneer!



Conclusion: Becoming a Sustainable Prosperity Movement Evolutioneer

At the end of the personal and collective action steps of our Sustainable Prosperity program, we ask you to take some additional time to reflect upon this major life support and life evolution decision that you have or are about to make. Will you choose to deny or ignore the adaptive sustainability challenges that we all face? Will you deepen your practice of the action steps of Sustainable Prosperity within your zone of influence and share with all other Sustainable Prosperity advocates the greatest transformational, evolutionary adventure in human history?

As you have discovered within the Sustainable Prosperity program found on the proceeding pages, no one is fostering illusions about what the essential critical path for re-stabilizing the climate, environment, or our lives actually are! No one is hiding the fact that the essential critical path to a Sustainable Prosperity future is far more dependent upon key collective policy actions then just personal actions.

Becoming a Sustainable Prosperity Evolutioneer may be the most important single decision of your life as well as your family's and nation's future. The consequences of this life-critical decision will most certainly be yours and everyone else's as well. (We call individuals who make the commitment and help forward the goals and practices of Sustainable Prosperity, Evolutioneers.)

In the proceeding Sustainable Prosperity personal and collective action steps, we did everything possible to show you what are the wisest things that can be done given the uncertainty that remains surrounding our risk and consequences. If you decide to help forward through Sustainable Prosperity movement we welcome you to a team working to solve the greatest adaptive challenges in human history.

We invite you to take some time right now to remake or deepen a now well-informed decision surrounding becoming a Sustainable Prosperity advocate and Evolutioneer. If it is the right decision, it will releases powers, potentials, and opportunities that simply would not appear had you not made this decision and had you not begun to put this decision into action.

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness. Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation), there is one elementary truth the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings, and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. I learned a deep respect for one of Goethe's couplets:

Whatever you can do or dream you can begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it!”

-William H. Murray

The Sustainable Prosperity movement needs your boldness and genius!

To understand the urgency for applying the Sustainability Principles found in this online booklet, we also strongly recommend first reading about the coming global warming consequences and its related widespread collapse consequences. After you have finished reading the preceding page, click the following two links to review Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One for Humanity Plan, which will provide additional essential emergency preparation and survive and thrive adaptation steps for the new realities we all are now facing.

Congradulations! You have finished the whole Sustainable Prosperity booklet. 

Please click the following two links to review Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One for Humanity Plan. They will provide additional essential emergency preparation and survive and thrive adaptation steps for the new realities that we all are now facing.

Do not miss the information in Part 1 and Part 2 of the Job One for Humanity Plan.



A New Science-Grounded Worldview that Supports the Principles of Sustainable Prosperity

(Please Note: If you are a person who wants to know all of the deeper reasons why or how something works or, why it is true, the evolutionary science and wisdom of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview will help you to both justify and maintain Sustainable Prosperity practices in your life. This is because you will understand evolutionary science and wisdom at a much deeper level.

If you are the kind of person who doesn't need to know all of the reasons and justifications for something being valid,  just follow the Sustainable Prosperity personal and collective actions and practices given to you up to this point in this online booklet.

We do strongly recommend that you at least learn and try out the Universe Principles of Right Action And Right Attitude found below because they will add to the quality, meaning, and sustainability of your life. They also represent the next immediate level of science-grounded justification supporting the practices of Sustainable Prosperity. These evolution science-based justifications lay just underneath the ideas of Sustainable Prosperity.

A New Science-Grounded Worldview Supporting the Principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

“The legitimacy of the Sustainable Prosperity principles is derived directly from the time-proven principles progressive evolution and the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. -- Lawrence Wollersheim

Worldviews are important. They invisibly shape our behavior and values. The new evolution science-grounded worldview behind and supporting most of the principles of Sustainable Prosperity is called the Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

In spite of today's many converging, amplifying, and whipsawing national and global major challenges, this new evolution framed worldview with its time-proven principles of success and sustainability (derived from the deep patterns within 13.8 billion years of evolution itself) has the needed knowledge and tools to resolve these national and global challenges and create a more sustainably prosperous, just, and meaningful civilization. (Some of those major national and global challenges are global warming, economic instability, and inequity, peak oil, water pollution, desertification, deforestation, overpopulation, food and resource depletion, ocean fish stock depletion, increasing droughts, war, terrorism, regional conflicts, poverty, political injustice, and political instability.)

This new evolution grounded worldview also points to the next logical evolutionary alternative model beyond our current model dominated by military/industrial, western consumer societies with their unattainable "infinite growth" goals and their waste and pollution-based hyper-competitive consumer economies. This new evolutionary worldview provides the powerful antidote to the isolating polarization and the growing product lifestyle dissatisfaction created by the insatiable, desire-manufacturing Madison Avenue advertising machine.

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview helps us to evolve from a system of power, wealth, and wellbeing mostly only for today's privileged and empowered elite to a new vision and system based upon

a.) science,

b.) union, (we really are all in this together),

c.) evolutionarily wise and balanced sustainable growth,

d.) minimal waste and pollution,

e.) a cooperative triple bottom line for profit (of stakeholders, community, and environment), and,

f.) the broad creation and sharing of physical wellbeing, meaning, and satisfaction for ALL.

That is the vision and promise behind the sustainability-creating principles of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview within's Sustainable Prosperity revolution.

If you are rightfully concerned about your and your family's future well being, your nation's future, or our rapidly deteriorating global environment, and you believe that humanity urgently needs a new and unifying, science-grounded way of seeing the world (a new worldview) start using the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its Sustainable Prosperity principles. It will provide the new tools, ideas, and procedures to guide us through the necessary restructuring and realignment of our economic, social, political, and even religious systems.

To review these more advanced progressive evolution principles and the deeper practical working "values," actions, and attitudes effective for justifying, creating, and maintaining the Sustainable Prosperity principles, please review the following more advanced materials:

  1. To explore the deeper principles of the practical success actions for Sustainable Prosperity in what we call the Universe Principles Right Actions, click here.

  2. To explore the deeper principles of the vital success attitudes for Sustainable Prosperity in what we call the Universe Principles Right Attitudes, click here.

  3. To explore even deeper into the principles of Sustainable Prosperity expressed within a quick overview of the core steps and levels of progressive evolution, click here.

  4. To explore the big picture framework of Sustainable Prosperity found within the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, click here.

  5. To learn more about evolution science, click here.

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Technical Notes on Where the Key Principles for Sustainable Prosperity Come From

The basis that creates and informs the Sustainable Prosperity principles includes the following. They are arranged from the most complex level of derivation to the less complex:

  1. the meta principles of progressive evolution.

  2. the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

  3. the creative interpretation of optimal actions derived from the meta-principles of progressive evolution, or what we call the new Universe Principles Part 1. Click here for all of these optimal actions.

  4. the creative interpretation of the optimal attitudes or what we call the new Universe Principles Part 2. Click here for all of these activism success attitudes.

Each of the above levels will take you into the concepts, derivative reasoning, and evolutionary science upon which many of the core ideas and principles of Sustainable Prosperity have been constructed.

Using the above optimal actions and optimal attitudes of the Universe Principles both creatively and wisely will shift the attitude, perspective, and actions of the environmental movement. It will help shift it away from often reactive or piecemeal activities driven by polarization, impending crisis, and fear consciousness. Using the above optimal actions and optimal attitudes of the Universe Principles will move us into a more proactive, big picture and unifying process-focused consciousness. This would be far better suited to creating the optimal sustainability and environmental results in the most effective and efficient ways.

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