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Where Can You Go to Get Training in Dialectical Meta-Systemic Thinking

Our organization highly recommends learning Dialectical Meta-Systemic thinking skills as part of our Evolution 2.0 skill set. It is a complex and advanced service that we have chosen to best leave with its originator, Prof. Otto Laske, and his InterDevelopMental Institute as well as other friends of our organization who are teaching their own variants of this vital skill set. (Those other individuals are John Stewart and Victoria Wilding.)

US Training

To learn more about Dialectical Meta-Systemic thinking, why we recommend it so strongly and why this skill set is vitally important to you, click here.

To explore the on and offline Dialectical Meta-Systemic training offered by Prof. Otto Laske and his InterDevelopMental Institute in the United States, click here. Please note that you may have to pass an interview to be accepted by the InterDevelopmental Institute as a student. Also see:

1.       http://www.interdevelopmentals.org/Intro_to_dialectical_thinking.php

2.       http://www.interdevelopmentals.org/certification_dialectical_thinking.

Australian Training

To explore the Dialectical Meta-Systemic training offered by John Stewart and Victoria Wilding in Australia and elsewhere contact them directly at the following e-mail addresses. Please note that they only accept students after an interview.

John Stewart  future.evolution@gmail.com


Victoria Wilding
SHIFT Foundation
Phone: +61 407 877 445