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What is Religion 2.0? Science Grounded, Open Source and Evolutionary!

Some Key Facts about Religion 2.0 and How it is Different from Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5:

Before we can define what the open source and evolutionary Religion 2.0 is, we first have to say something about the earlier versions of religion. Religion 1.0 is traditional "old time" religion with all of its dogma, exclusive or special authorities and rituals. Religion 1.5 includes the most life-affirming ideas of the newer progressive religious movements and theologies like Creation Spirituality, process theology, liberation theology, Integral Spirituality, the personal spirituality movement and even some of the "Newer Age" religions like Unity, Religious Science and Unitarian Universalists all without their inappropriate or no longer applicable, beliefs, qualities and practices.

An open source and evolutionary Religion 2.0 (AKA Evolution Spirituality,) is a major upgrade on the older1.0 and 1.5  versions of religion. It is dominantly grounded in science, particularly science about the evolutionary process of the universe.

"The relationship worked out between science and religion will determine the destiny of the human race." ---Alfred Lord Whitehead

Religion 2.0 is partially different in that it also has secular areas that can be practiced in completely secular ways. This means that if you are not spiritually inclined, or are an atheist, agnostic or a humanist you can use all of the science-grounded ideas and practices found within the secular areas of Religion 2.0 and still be a practicing member of Religion 2.0 or our Universe Community and Evolution 2.0 movement.

While Religion 2.0 is very different from Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5, it still honors and includes the best of what Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 has to offer. Religion 2.0 transcends, but can still include the best goals and most life-affirming ideas and practices from Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 without their many known pathologies and prejudices. This quality reflects one of the most important qualities of Religion 2.0 which is complete personal choice, you are always the one who gets to decide how much, how little or what parts of Religion 2.0, Religion 1.5 or Religion 1.0 that you want to use!

Because of Religion 2.0's strong science grounding, practitioners of its principles can significantly improve their evolutionary fitness, adaptability and control of their environments as well as function more cooperatively and successfully as groups and in groups.

Religion 2.0 practitioners also participate in something far greater than themselves by helping to consciously co-create and forward the evolutionary adventure of the universe.

"We do not belong to ourselves, even mostly. We belong to the universe." Buckminster Fuller

Religion 2.0 is a completely new emergence in the biological and cultural evolution of our planet and in religion like nothing else that has ever come before. It has many other unique features and qualities that you will not find in Religion 1.0 or Religion 1.5.

To keep learning more about the many new or unique features and qualities of Religion 2.0 keep clicking the links to the left or right at the bottom of each page of this online booklet. At any time you can click the UP link as well. It will take you to the first page of this online booklet where at the bottom of that page you will find a link to every page in this booklet.

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