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Our Mission: For Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens, Universe Citizens and Universe Community Members

Our Mission:

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit, social benefit organization with a positive new vision for a sustainable future. Our mission is empowered by time-proven principles and wisdom derived from evolution's greatest successes in sustainability. 

Based upon evolutionary science, our mission's educational actions are:

1.) Empowering Sustainable Prosperity lifestyles and livelihoods to create a Sustainable Prosperity future for all(Sustainable Prosperity is a comprehensive set of actions and strategies capable of creating a more sustainable and meaningful prosperity than has ever been previously thought possible).

2.) Resolving humanity's most urgent global challenge climate destabilization due to global warming. 

One unique aspect of our mission is that we always do our best to make achieving our mission as enjoyable and as fun as possible...

Our meta-mission at the "big picture" level is to:

"help forward progressive evolution within the universe(s) --- resulting eventually in --- the complete unification and stabilization of the many diverse inter-connected and inter-dependent parts of the universe(s)."

We hold that this "big picture" evolutionary meta-mission when fully unpacked best honors and reflects the Great Mystery of Ultimate Reality and its evolution within the universe(s).

We enact this mission by educating about progressive evolution, the Universe's Principles of Sustainability and Evolution 2.0. For those of a spiritual nature we also educate about Evolution 2.0's sub-section for creating your own personal spirituality --- Religion 2.0.

The preceding areas of evolution and science grounded information will help create informed, highly-adaptable, effective and thriving:

a.) individuals,

b.) national citizens,

c.) Evolutioneers,

d.) planetary citizens,

e.) universe citizens and,

f.) Universe Community members.

We do this primarily by educating about Evolution 2.0's meta-principles of universe-scaled, progressive evolution, its new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe's Principles of Sustainability. If you have not read our description of what progressive evolution is and does, please click here and do so now.)

Once you understand the meta-principles of progressive evolution it will directly help you to effectively:

1.) "forward the progressive evolution of:

a.) yourself as an individual,

b.) your groups and nation,

c.) our planet, and,

d.) humanity, (and humanity's children,) both here on Earth and eventually with future generations out into the stars and universe."

2.) "create a just, safe and meaningful civilization of sustainable prosperity for our current generations as well as future human generations and the coming generations of humanity's children." (Humanity even has the evolutionary possibility in future generations to evolve through genetic engineering and to parent new forms of non-biological artificial intelligence.)

These mission meta-goals above may be the most important of all goals because they are the core foundation upon which all other wise and well ordered personal, business and national goals emerge and can be sustainably realized over time.

This is true in part because we hold that the highest overall life purpose of the individual and humanity is:

"To first understand and then align one's personal actions with the actions, values and meta-principles of universe progressive evolution and then self-organize--- as a partner and co-creator so as to effectively contribute to forwarding of progressive evolution of the universe, humanity and humanity's children both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars."

Within this single meta-purpose (when understood,) is contained all of the other worthwhile, meaningful and life-affirming purposes of life from every other area of life such as politics, economics, society, religion etc. This is because we are physically embedded in a vastly larger and more powerful universe evolutionary system and directionality.

If we do not align with and contribute to the flow of the universe's ever-controlling evolutionary meta-system's directionality, how can we ever expect our lives to go well, be sustainable or, be more free from unnecessary or avoidable pain and suffering?

The greater evolutionary purposes to life do not negate your personal goals and passions for happiness and the comforts of life. It asks you to both use and elevate those self-chosen goals and passions for happiness and comfort by aligning them with pre-existing and dominant directionality of evolution in the universe as a whole system. This consequently will also more optimally insure that you will be more effective and sustainably over a longer period of time. (You will understand this better after reading about progressive evolution.)

Our current social activism mission in relation to humanity as a whole and the planet and its bio-systems is:

"to help prepare for and resolve the planet's single greatest (and most critical,) adaptive challenge and transformational evolutionary adventure ---- irreversible climate destabilization (what we call the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan,)

We do this by educating on how to mitigate and prepare for global warming caused climate destabilization. The escalating global warming currently occurring is due primarily to human fossil fuel burning resulting in the massive carbon and methane pollution of the atmosphere. If we do not solve this adaptive challenge soon, within decades human life as we know it will be radically worsened if not completely or nearly eliminated.

We empower our mission using the wisdom of:

  1. the universe's 13.7 billion year-old, time-proven and practical meta-principles for successful progressive evolution. (These are the core principles that the physical universe uses for successfully sustaining, evolving and thriving life. We call these new basics of a fit, adaptable and thriving life, the Universe's Principles of Sustainability.)

  2. a multi-disciplinary sciences approach, (particularly in the areas of universe cosmology and new discoveries about the universe’s progressive evolution when seen as a whole multi-billion year old system.)

  3. the new systems thinking and the new dialectical meta-systemic thinking tools for understanding and managing today's interacting complex adaptive systems. (Click here to learn more about these new thinking tools.)

  4. how to succeed while on the ​Three Great Adventures in Life. (These adventures insure a self-directed purpose, principle and meaning filled life.)

  5. and if you are spiritually inclined ... the Religion 2.0 evolutionary spiritual wisdom gathered about the Ultimate Reality of the universe discriminatingly integrated from all of humanity’s great spiritual heritages. We have also evolved this integral and balanced integration of the sciences and evolutionary new form of Religion 2.0 by consciously avoiding the pathologies and extremes of scientific materialism, scientism or the pathologies and extremes of stifling and fossilized traditional religions. And, if you are spiritually inclined, Religion 2.0 will help you expand and evolve your own personalized form of spirituality in balance with the science and evolution information above because we deeply hold that "there are as many unique types of spirituality (personalized religion,) in the world as there are people."

How We Achieve our Mission

We do it through:

  1. an attitude of love, delight and enjoyment of life as it is right now and,

  2. through practical, integral and artful daily actions that help you succeed on the ​Three Great Adventures in Life.

Who We Are:

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to educate people about how to align their lives with the meta-principles of universe progressive evolution that have been shown, over 13.7 billion years of evolutionary testing, to sustain life and cause it to adapt successfully, thrive and be sustainable. (For those spiritually inclined, our Religion 2.0 educational process also integrates humanity's nondenominational, life-affirming spiritual wisdom wherever applicable.)

Who is in Our Global Universe Community

Our diverse and collaborative Universe Community includes discerning individuals who honestly see the challenges that we face as a global society and who may also describe themselves as sustainability advocates, evolutionaries, evolutioneers, evolutionists, evolutionary transhumanists, teachers, artists, change agents, scientists, eco-spirituality pioneers, business people, cultural creatives, leaders, Bioneers, intentional community members, spiritual progressives, cosmists, members of the Millennial, Integral, Transhumanist, Evolver, Wayseer or Zeitgeist movements, as well as those individuals who call themselves ​planetary citizens or universe citizens.

Our Commitment:

We pledge to do everything we can to help you become progressive evolution informed and effective Planetary Citizens, Universe Citizens and Evolutioneers and to support you in living a sustainable, prosperous and meaningful lifestyle and livelihood. And if you are spiritually inclined, in also creating your own science-grounded, personalized form of Religion 2.0. We pledge to use current science (particularly evolutionary science,) and humanity's vast heritage of life-affirming spiritual wisdom to:

a.) evolve better more meaningful and sustainably prosperous individual living conditions,

b.) a safer and more sustainable planet and

b.) forward progressive evolution out into the universe.

In the Longer View of Human Evolution:

Our Evolution Forwarding Mission is Also Includes Humanity Consciously Evolving Its Own Human Biological And Cognitive Nature and Consciously Giving Rise to Its Own Evolutionary Children and Successors. From a big picture evolutionary perspective humanity as a species appears not to be an end unto itself. By looking at the long term evolution of the planet it is clear that humanity as a species has appeared due to the rise (and in many cases extinction,) of many predecessor species. It is therefore only logical and reasonable to believe that since 99.9 percent of every species that has ever lived on the planet is now extinct, humanity as a species will give rise to humanity's evolutionary successors --- just as humanity's evolutionary predecessors gave rise to it.

Part of the possible steps in giving rise to humanity's successors would be for humanity to transcend its limiting biology and the current limitations of its mental abilities --- what we normally consider its mostly-fixed human nature. The transcending of human nature may even be considered a new kind of freedom that only is being articulated for the first time here in the 21st century because, we now have the actual ability to begin achieving it.

This new  freedom is freedom from the limitations of past, pre-determined inborn genetic limitations. Inborn genetic limitations can include everything from genetic defects, to built-in and hardwired emotional responses that are no longer appropriate to today's life conditions and environments --- to limitations on the cognitive processing abilities of the brain itself.

This freedom can also include freedom from current physical limitations through mechanical and biological augmentation. Already, it is common in society for individuals to get artificial hearts, hips, joints, arms and many other mechanical or biological enhancements to help them resolve or enhance current physical conditions or remedy limitations. (For more information on this click here to learn more about evolutionary transhumanism, and then click here to learn about overcoming the limitations of human nature with new technologies and the appropriate safeguards.)

Human nature initially evolved solely through the mechanics of genetic evolution. Once humanity started creating culture, human nature started evolving quicker because of the values, laws, education and the repetitive practices of cultural evolution. Because of cultural evolution, human nature was civilized and evolved for faster than just the random genetic mutation that pure genetic evolution could ever achieve.
Now humanity has the opportunity with the proper safeguards to speed up the evolution of human nature as never has been done before by also using the new technologies of genetic engineering. Just as cultural evolution speeded up the evolution of human nature humanity also now has the ability to speed up the evolution and development of human nature by wisely using these new technologies. Click here to learn about overcoming the limitations of human nature with new technologies and the appropriate safeguards.

Accepting all of the above evolving human nature issues also as part of a higher mission for you, the universe and humanity can be challenging to all that you have ever read in modern goal books that focus their advices on life's core goals being first about individual human happiness and comfort and getting what you want. But, if you learn more about why our mission above is about the larger, more powerful and effective truth that includes all of the smaller important truths read a brilliant new book called, Human Purpose and Transhuman Potential: A Cosmic View for our Future Evolution by Ted Chu, PhD.  In inspiring and motivating factual detail you will discover why you might just be able "to have your cake and eat it too."

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