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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

The Short Form Universe Principles of Right Attitude for Creating Thriving and Sustainable Individuals and Groups

"The only way to apply the Right Actions of the Universe Principles effectively, wisely or compassionately is by using the balancing universe scale meta-perspectives of the Right Attitudes. The Right Actions and Right Attitudes are inseparable. They create an integrated whole and a balanced evolutionary system for sustainable success. The Right Attitudes provide a near ultimate balance, a biggest possible picture perspective and an essential evolutionary framing for the many relative and small-scale practical decisions and actions that we need to take each day." Lawrence Wollersheim

There are several ways to use these power principles of right attitude:

1.) You can use them as a quick review or as a test to see how many of them you are applying in your life or in any particular situation. (This is because the more you use and apply them to any situation the more sustainable and successful you will be.)

2.) You can read them every day as a quick meditation or reminder to support, clarify and motivate better decisions and actions in your life.

The Right Attitudes of Successful Evolution Are:

1. The universe is the only "text" with no "context." It is the context that holds everything in one total union! From what we know now, only one universe exists, everything is included and nothing is excluded from this great union. Enjoy being completely embedded within a unique universe union and being in a matter energy space and time sharing partnership of yourself with ALL other beings and things that are also sharing our progressively evolving universe union with you. _____   _____

2. Acknowledge that at the deepest levels the universe --- just is! (This infers that there is a fundamental kind of neutrality existing inherently within the universe. This existential or ultimate neutral "issness" to all universe realities also infers that there is no inherent or intrinsic deficiency within you, the evolution process or any thing or reality within the universe. Everything is in a continuous, inherent and natural core state of "issness" in spite of whatever else you later add to that "issness" when you think about it. Acknowledge and feel this nuetral "issness" found at the core of everything within your life and r-e-l-a-x!) _____   _____

3. Accept that no matter how it looks right now, every thing that is emerging into being is emerging at the “perfect” timing for its own next step of evolution! _____   _____

4. Embrace the universe as being the current most IDEAL place and "University" for:

a.) releasing and developing the full inherent potentials of any thing through experience and sharing relationship,

b.) learning and adapting to guiding developmental feedback,

c.) having diverse and novel experiences.

(Know that there can be no complete or real loss whenever you have either developed or learned or, have expanded your experience and relationships.) _____   _____

5. Accept that unending change is natural and dominant in evolution. (Resisting the reality of continuous evolutionary change and evolutionary process is what you can add to the pain of uncomfortable change to make it last longer and hurt more!) _____   _____

6. Trust that everything always works out for the greatest possible good. (This is initially always true at the level of the universe as a whole system. Next it is also mostly true (at the highest possible percentage of good for your own life's actions.) if your life is well-aligned with these Universe Principles!) _____   _____

7. In spit of how it often looks, the evolution of the known universe and our planet is currently in the most evolutionarily developed and best state of its known existence! (Whatever you see this is just where we are at individually or collectively at this stage of humanity's evolution. This IS our current developmental best! And, don't forget that nothing that "IS" at this time is also inherently and ultimately wrong or deficient.)  _____   _____

8. Let it go when anything needs to be over! Recycle it back into the universe for reuse for in new experiments. _____   _____

9. Enjoy each now of today as best you can! (There are no 100% guarantees for your or the future! Evolution is filled with necessary uncertainties and unpredictable creative spontaneity. ) _____   _____

10. Feel the wonder of our universe being one single UNION consisting of the inter-connection of all things in:

a.) inter-dependent relationships that also share in wone way or another,

b.) ALL universe matter, energy space and time.

(It is and always has been an energy, matter, space and time SHARING universe in spite of what many of our current cultural systems suggest!) _____   _____

11. Celebrate existing within a universe of ongoing:

a.) spontaneity,

b.) creativity,

c.) abundance,

d.) beauty and

e.) adventure.

(For over 13.8 billion years the universe's system of evolutionary processes have consistently proven themselves to be not only the most successful system that has ever existed, but they have also shown themselves to be the source of the largest abundance of energy, matter, space and time that has ever been known to exist!) _____   _____

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