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Sustainability, Spirit & Community

The Short Form Universe Principles of Right Action for Creating Thriving and Sustainable Individuals and Groups

"Right relationship to reality is what ultimately matters." Michael Dowd.

The Universe Principals reflect the right reality relationship to the core principles of reality --- the core principles of ongoing evolution within the universe.

There are several ways to use these power principles of right action:

1.) You can use them as a quick review or as a test to see how many of them you are applying in your life or in any particular situation. (This is because the more you use and apply them to any situation the more sustainable and successful you will be.)

2.) You can read them every day as a quick meditation or reminder to support, clarify and motivate better decisions and actions in your life.

The Right Actions of Successful Evolution Are:

 1. Experiment! (In at least a small portion of about 5% -10% experiment in whatever you do.) 

 2. Be fully present in each moment for guiding or correctional feedback. 

To effectively discern accurate and unbiased feedback be continually aware of:

a.) yourself, (your actions, thoughts and feelings.)

b.) others and,

c.) your environment  _____   _____

 3. Quickly use all positive or negative feedback to adapt or "tinker" your experiments closer toward success. (Failure to adapt to what you cannot change or control means that you will eventually be broken down and recycled by the universe for new experiments.) _____   _____

 4. Continually expand your learning and expand your exchangeable life skills. _____   _____

 5. Improve your personal freedom and choice by improving your:

a.) self-organization,

b.) self-responsibility (This also means taking care of yourself so you can help take care of others.) and

c.) self-discipline. _____   _____

 6. Increase the quality, quantity and balanced sustainability of your individual and group productivity. (Everything needs a continuous supply of energy to maintain itself or grow. Producing and exchanging something that has some form of energy involved within it is how life overcomes entropy a basic universe energy law. Also, if what you produce is not sustainable, the productivity will eventually fall apart.) _____   _____

7. Live, give and demand FAIR energy EXCHANGE! (Fair exchange of some kind of energy (in some form) is absolutely for maintaining the appropriate reciprocality for the exchanges of some form of energy needed to keep any individual, group or system balanced, in healthy relationship and sustainable. Life truly thrives in environments of fair energy exchange between all parties. ) _____   _____

 8. Wisely COOPERATE and always SHARE the benefits of that reciprocal cooperation with all cooperators. (It is not really just "survival of the fittest," but far more it is "survival of the most cooperative." Wise cooperation means to always insure that all of the cooperators sufficiently share in the benefits of that cooperation. This will help insure they will want to continue to cooperate. Wise cooperation also means insuring that "free riders," "freeloaders" and "gamers of the system" do not drain the resources of any cooperative group without providing fair exchange for what they use or take!) _____   _____

9. Build more as well as larger benefit-sharing cooperative groupings. (Build cooperative groupings aligned with the Universe Power Principles. This also means fairly contributing to and exchanging with a "commons" area or any grouping you you all draw benefits from.) _____   _____

10. Insure that ALL individuals or groups capture the fair and appropriate positive as well as the fair appropriate negative consequences of their own actions. (Achieve this by implementing individual and group full transparency, truth and accountability! This will create the fastest possible consequence reinforced evolution!) _____   _____

11. Within your wisely cooperative groups improve the:

a.) harmony,

b.) transparency,

c.) order and,

d.) integration _____   _____

12. Increase individual and group resiliency and reserves! (Do this for insurance against unexpected learning or other mistakes, natural emergencies, individual or social accidents, possible emerging new universe uncertainties needing unexpected resources or, for charity support distribution uses.)  _____   _____

13. Continue to release all individual and group potentials toward the the objective of transcending existing limits! _____   _____

14. Expand Universe Principle aligned influence, control or management into larger environments. (Do your important and needed role of being an a true partner in teaching and forwarding the wise principles of progressive evolution of the universe. Your life and group will eventually do better as more individuals and groups recognize and apply these principles.) _____   _____

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