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Latest Universe Spirit's E-Mail Blast!!! Oct. 2015

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Over the past few years it has become increasingly evident that Universe Spirit’s mission to promote Sustainable Prosperity cannot be accomplished without first addressing the threat of global warming and the resulting climate destabilization.
If we cannot reverse accelerating global warming then it is highly unlikely that we can achieve Sustainable Prosperity. So our work has shifted to promoting the most effective actions you and I can take to re-stabilize Earth’s climate.
There are two major projects that are now coming to fruition:
  1. An exciting new book is in its final months of writing and editing. This book challenges the established climate change establishment and includes:
    • Most of what you are doing to fight global warming is wrong
    • The most effective actions you can take now that will make a difference
    • The 16 benefits of global warming
    • The wrong data, assumptions, plans, reduction targets, and agreements of the upcoming Paris Climate Conference                    
  2. You will be invited very soon to connect and take action at the new Job One for Humanity website.
Watch for invitations to sign up for excerpts and the first chapter of the book. See below for simple ways you can volunteer now. Please contact us with questions you may have about the changes happening at Universe Spirit. Your financial and volunteer support are always appreciated.
In Partnership,
Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director



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