Divest Out of Companies With Poor Environmental Records and Unsustainable Practices

Collective Action Step 5:

Divest out of all of your personal investments in the fossil fuel industry and all other businesses that have poor environmental records and unsustainable business practices. Then do everything within your zone of influence to convince others to do the same. Convince other individuals, businesses, pension funds, endowments, and national governments to also divest out of all of their investments in the dying fossil fuel industry or other businesses with unsustainable environmental practices as soon as possible. Why?

Because money talks and it talks very, very effectively! One way to send a strong signal to our governments and the power elite that the age of fossil fuels an unsustainable environmental business practices is over and the age of green energy generation and Sustainable Prosperity is here. We need to work collectively to remove all financial support and subsidies from the fossil fuels industry and all the other industries with unsustainable environmental business practices as soon as possible.

Personally divesting from all fossil fuel investments will be one of the more effective personal ways of forwarding the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan and lessening climate destabilization. For more information on why you should become a fossil fuel divestment promoter, please click here for a four-minute animation that explains this tactic in more detail.

"Money does not just talk, it screams influence and power. If you want to see a change happen fast, properly incentivize it with money or penalize it by removing its profit." --A Job One researcher

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