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 Universe Spirit (US) is both a community and a nonprofit organization dedicated to personal and collective wellbeing and flourishing. We practice a science-grounded, evolutionary social activism integrated with a rich and balanced personal spirituality.

We call this new union of heart-full personal spirituality, science and activism, Evolution Spirituality.

Our members describe themselves by many different names such as; evolutionaries, change agents, cultural creatives, Wayseers, Zeitgeist movement members, sustainability advocates, spiritual progressives, universe citizens, eco-spirituality practitioners, integral movement members, post-modern leaders and spiritual, but not religious to name, but a few.

Our life-affirming spiritual wisdom (derived from ALL of humanity's spiritual heritages) and universe-scaled perspectives will not only help you be successful in earning a thriving, sustainable livelihood, our new information and tools will also help you create more meaningful relationships by showing you how to live in better alignment with the science-proven success patterns of our 13.7 billion year old evolutionary universe. For expanding your spiritual growth we provide information and tools for both understanding and aligning with Ultimate Reality. (Ultimate reality is whatever you believe life's ultimate concern to be, i.e. God, Buddha, Consciousness, understanding the universe’s Source, your ultimate meaning and purpose, etc., etc.)

To summarize, we help you integrate objective science and personalized spirituality in an loving atmosphere empowered by learning and open inquiry.

A Gift to Thrive Your Life

If you send us an email at manage@UniverseSpirit.org and put "Thrive" in the subject line, we will send you the E-workbook called DISCOVERING YOUR TRUE GOALS, The Key to Maximum Personal Empowerment absolutely free! In this simple and easy to use 60-page workshop workbook you will discover your most empowering true goals, create your own unique personal mission statement and learn how to visualize and manage your true goals into reality.

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Website Upgrading Notice: (Please excuse a few website problem areas that are still being cleaned up after the recent migration from our former Integrative Spirituality website.)

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