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Learn, Adapt, Evolve, Thrive

Are the Universe Communities Survivalist Communities?

"You cannot be called an alarmist if there really is something to be alarmed about." Unknown

Please do not mistake us for some kind of survivalist or apocalyptic community concerning our research on our current out of control global warming and the other 11 major converging global adaptive challenges facing our collective future. Our message is simple and it is not survivalist focused.

Our new Universe Eco-community's proactive and wise core message on out of control global warming and our other 11 major converging global adaptive challenges is:

1. "We are an eco-community that believes being prepared is wise and that life on Earth has always found a way to survive so far. In the last 4.5 billion years of Earth's evolution, life has survived 5 mass extinctions.

2. We, humans, are intelligent and adaptive beings and we are able to solve or adapt to almost anything.

3. The future is unknown and full of unpredictable negative and positive wild cards. This means that there is still hope for some part of humanity and civilization to survive if we quickly exercise responsible, intelligent, and effective critical path adaptive actions that will resolve our most pressing global challenges using a "first things first" strategy.

4. We can make it through our current evolutionary bottleneck because of escalating global warming and minimize the worst of the transitional evolutionary retrogression that we are currently in (and creating.)

5. Working together in new sustainable eco-communities (like our Universe Spirit Eco-community model,) we can make our lives as happy and as good as they will get during the temporary global warming retrogression and transition period.

6. In spite of the rough road ahead, we can still fully enjoy each day (as best as we can, even in spite of the rapidly destabilizing climate and the other 11 deteriorating or retrogressing global challenges.)

7. When we or future generations do proactively get through this global warming emergency, this great evolutionary bottleneck, and our other key global challenges we will have built something new together that is far better adapted and suitable for creating a positive and sustainable future for ALL.  

8. Overcoming this emergency will help us better solve even our currently unknown future challenges as one effective and united human family, and it will help us live the Universe Principles of progressive evolution and of sustainable prosperity

As Michael Dowd the evolutionary teacher likes to say "what really matters is coming back into the right relationship with reality." Because we have failed to effectively resolve escalating global warming and our other deteriorating global challenges, we now will be literally forced by their consequences to come back into the right relationship to and with reality.

We are a new evolutionary community of Evolutioneers and Planetary Citizens that value the historic wisdom of appropriate threat preparedness and living sustainably. We are not fear manipulated or fear dominated, but we do not ignore data that should trigger positive and protective evolutionary fear reactions. We will always use the appropriate and positive evolutionary fear/warning feedback contained within accurate, but survival-negative information to wisely anticipate, prepare, and quickly adapt.

We are not survivalists or merely "preppers." We are full of hope that we can create and model the needed new behaviors and systems that will resolve today's biggest global problems and become the basis of a better world for all once we come out of the mass extinction of much of humanity by mid-century and the subsequent global collapse of many of our social, economic, ecological and political systems. (We are not preppers. We are "prepare-ers" for a temporary transitional ecological or ecological-related meta-crisis in other planetary financial, political, and social systems.)

We are preparing our eco-communities in advance for this temporary human-created crisis and a new kind of temporary and transitional "evolutionary bottleneck and evolutionary retrogression." We are doing this solely because the current facts clearly shout to us that many of our global systems are in a severe challenge or, are nearing critical tipping points with no or low remaining recovery resilience. This is over-abundantly true in the global catastrophe amplifying and multiplying area of escalating global warming.

To the discerning evaluator and researcher, both human history and the current accelerating global warming with our other 11 non-climate global challenges indicates that our lives will continue to get worse at faster and faster rates with little realistic hope of correction before the chain reaction of multiple or, cascading global catastrophes and crossed tipping points shake us and awake to the need for drastic evolutionary improvement toward more sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles.

Because of what we are now doing (fossil fuel use carbon pollution,) and not doing, (immediately establishing strictly enforceable international carbon pollution limitation laws,) global warming is rapidly getting worse on a non-linear, exponential curve. It will get much worse in the decades to come. Worse yet, we really can't do much about it at this late date with our current political and economic climate, conditions, and inertia.

We believe that it is important to not hide these reasonable and rational rapidly increasing global warming facts and high probabilities.

We are not detached survivalists. We are engaged sustainability advocates, Evolutioneers, and Planetary Citizens. We believe in whole-heartedly working for the best possible future while at the same time wisely being prepared for the worst possible temporary human transition period.

We will fully prepare for the worst, and then forget about those preparations while we then focus and wholeheartedly work for the best!

We envision that the establishment of new eco-communities will play an essential and possibly significant role in securing the survival of humanity and civilization and in the establishment of the new sustainable prosperity vision within the post-global warming macro-culture. They will do this by using only peaceful and evolutionary means and --- where we can still find enjoyment and joy in relationships and experience in our day-to-day lives.

By creating a new eco-community model all over the world driven by the urgency of global warming emergency and its convergence with our other 11 major global challenges, we together can proactively help create a long-term future for humanity and our civilization, and we and our children will eventually successfully evolve both here on Earth and eventually out into the stars..."

Finally, even if the escalating global warming emergency and the convergence of it with humanity's 11 other key global challenges were somehow resolved in the next 30 to 50 years or turned out to be not as bad as currently is currently predicted, these new eco-communities would function even better and more joyously on their other main goals of helping to co-create the necessary restructuring and re-alignment of society necessary to create:

a,) a sustainable prosperity for all of humanity (and because of the 5000-year Sustainability rule,)

b.) a just and equitable civilization and

c.) thriving and meaning-filled individuals and communities --- all of which align with and forward the progressive evolution of life in the universe. (See all of the Universe eco-community operational details below in the following booklet pages at the bottom of this page.)

(Special note: To understand all of the key global warming facts and other global problems facts behind the rationale for our high urgency in quickly self-organizing eco-communities around the planet, it is essential to learn more about global warming itself. For a full overview of the current global warming facts see this page on  out of control global warming and our Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan. Click here now and read about the climate facts and honest solutions in depth. Once you have done that please continue reading the rest of this section below...)

To learn more about the wisdom of preparedness and to see our specific preparedness strategies please click here. 

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