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Welcome to the Universe Community and Our Universe Spirit Website

What We Do, (Our Mission)

Universe Spirit is a nonprofit social benefit organization with a positive new vision for a sustainable future. Our mission is to use the science and time-proven meta-principles of evolution for:

1.) empowering and legitimizing sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods,

2.) resolving humanity's most urgent global challenge and,

3.) creating a Sustainable Prosperity future for all." (Sustainable Prosperity is a comprehensive set of sustainability actions and strategies capable of creating a deeper and broader prosperity than previously has ever been thought possible.)

Because we are practical in our mission, we also recognize that there is a major roadblock and urgent adaptive global challenge that humanity must first resolve to get to a sustainable and better new future. This urgent global challenge is how to:

a.) prepare for,

b.) adapt to,

c.) and hopefully even lessen the... escalating economic loss and trans-generational suffering due to increasing global warming and its consequent climate destabilization. (Climate destabilization is caused by global warming, which is caused by current human fossil fuel use.) 

Without a doubt there IS much to be concerned about in all of our other major and escalating global challenges such as overpopulation, resource depletion,  economic inequity and instability, pandemic, terrorism, conflicts and wars leading to political and social instability and other non climate related environmental pollution and ecological degradation. Unfortunately, it is climate destabilization that IS the largest single and immediate threat multiplier for almost all of these other major global challenges and therefore, there is a real urgency to handle it on a "first things first" priority basis.

Even though things may be going well in your local, regional or national area, it is not hard to sense or see that at the global level we are going in the wrong direction on most of the major escalating global challengelisted above --- not including global warming! 

From a "big picture" evolutionary perspective it can be said that we are currently going through a temporary and natural evolutionary compression period. When things are not adapting well, natural evolutionary compression periods "bring things to a boil" and intensify the adaptive challenge's pain or loss. Evolution does this so that the building pressure and pent up "energy" of the compression period will suddenly be released like a compressed spring to help "energize" and facilitate what is needed to be done to make the critical adaptation. A good example of this evolutionary cycle in history is how after the evolutionary compression period of the Dark Ages humanity surged forward into a great new Renaissance period.

Our current natural evolutionary compression period is defined by:

a.) how our major global challenges are still escalating and whip-sawing into each other and moving toward an eventual great and catastrophic convergence. And,

b.) that we still appear functionally unable to evolve the necessary effective global mechanisms to resolve our major global adaptive challenges.

These natural evolutionary compression factors if left unresolved will eventually and at least temporarily catastrophically destabilize our current local, regional and national areas. The good news reminder once again is that that this temporary compressive destabilization period will also eventually lead to a great surge forward for humanity. 

"The practice of Sustainable Prosperity lifestyles and livelihoods is no longer just another economic or social values option. It is now a mandatory survival imperative for all of humanity." Lawrence Wollersheim

Our organization specifically educates on how to re-stabilize the climate as well as lessen all of our other major global challenges specifically by forwarding:

a.) the Job One For Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan, (First things always first!)

b.) the "Sustainable Prosperity" principles, (based upon the meta-principles of evolution,)

c.) the meta-principles of evolution (we call this Evolution 2.0 and the Universe Principles,)

d.) a new "Universe Evolutionary Worldview" based on current evolutionary sciences and the meta-principles of evolution.

(Please note that items b, c and d above also form the core of our positive and realistic new vision and blueprint for a better future for all of humanity.)

Why our Sustainability and Climate Mission Focus Based Upon the Meta-Principles of Evolution is Important to You Personally?

1.) Using the core meta-principles of successful evolution as a proven scientific foundation for creating long-term sustainable prosperity, individuals, groups, businesses and nations can significantly improve their evolutionary fitness, adaptability and control of their environments as well as function more cooperatively and effectively in relationships and groups. This simply equals more successful sustainable and prosperous living!

2.) Escalating climate destabilization is the most credible and immediate threat multiplier that could eventually take away the essential planetary "game board" as we know it now. Once the planetary game board sustaining all life has been destabilized everything else functioning upon the planetary game board becomes destabilized as well. It is just that simple!

The critical knowledge of the meta-principles of evolution for sustainable success will not only effectively help to eventually lessen and resolve escalating climate destabilization, they will also help to eventually lessen and resolve all of the other world's greatest global challenges! (Click here to see all the particulars on these six other greatest global challenges challenging humanity's future wellbeing and survival.)

Why Using the Meta-Principles of Evolution is Critical to Everyone's Future?

Evolution within the universe is:

a.) science's greatest discovery,

b.) the most trial-and-error tested, time-proven success and sustainability system that has ever existed,

c.) the best documented "theory of everything" that currently exists.

The meta-principles of progressive evolution in the universe (part of what we call Evolution 2.0,) are simply our best tools for personal daily success in practical and sustainable ways. Alignment with these core principles of evolution is also fully capable of dramatically enhancing and evolving our:

a.) economy,

b.) society,

c.) political and biological systems,

d.) environment and if you are of a spiritual nature,

e.) even upgrading our traditional "Religion 1.0" ideas and practices into the new more universal, science-grounded and balanced principles and practices of the new upgrade --- Religion 2.0.

What Kind of People Use This Website or are a Part of Our Organization?

They call themselves by many names such as social activists, futurists, Collaborative Commons advocates, change agents, Millennials, progressives, open society advocates, Internet and culture advocates, planetary citizens, cultural and economic entrepreneurs, Third Industrial Revolution advocates, cultural creatives, innovators, education and social pioneers, evolutionists, evolutionaries, sustainability advocates, co-op advocates, planetary citizens, scientists, environmentalists, cosmists, evolutionary transhumanists, artists, hipsters, intellectuals, spiritual progressives, eco-spirituality advocates, agnostics, atheists, humanists or members of the Integral, Evolver, Wayseer or Maker movements. They also sometimes describe themselves by the newer terms of Evolutioneers or Universe Citizens. They also are individuals who are advocating for the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan and/or adopting the new ideas of Evolution 2.0 and its Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

Our Universe Community is composed of intelligent early-adapters who are concerned not only about their own personal daily success. They are also concerned about current economic, political and ecological stresses that are challenging their own future hopes as well as their children's hopes for a better and safer life.

Many people from different movements are forwarding the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-Stabilization Plan, Evolution 2.0 and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. They have discovered these new tools and this new worldview better underpin, validate and justify the importance of their own movements and why we have to act collectively to build a better world.

More Details on How We Practically Achieve Our Science-Grounded Mission and Great Evolutionary Adventure:

1.) We use current science to better understand the objective reality of nature (particularly, the universe's 13.7 billion year old evolutionary processes when seen as a whole system.) From these scientific meta-observations of universe evolution one uncovers the "best practices" and basic "operating system" of evolution itself. We then use these best practices and the evolutionary "operating system" to guide our education about the most effective and practical actions that we all need to take to better align our lives, businesses and nations with the universe's proven meta-principles for creating sustainable long-term success. We educate individuals and organizations about meta-principles of evolution at whole system and universe scale. We then demonstrate how to apply these meta-principles of universe-scaled evolution to improve the success and sustainability of all smaller sub-systems of life. (Systems such as our personal, social, economic, political, biological, environmental and even religious systems.)

2.) We use the core meta-principles of evolution (Evolution 2.0,) and its new Universe Evolutionary Worldview to provide the science-grounded foundation and its needed ideological clarity and justifications to underpin the validity of the new ideas, processes and goals of a decentralized, collaborative, democratized, networked and laterally-scaled new "Third Industrial Revolution" and its vision of Sustainable Prosperity economy of abundance for more of humanity. (Evolution 2.0's and its new Universe Evolutionary Worldview will help to validate and facilitate the creation of billions of new jobs as the Third Industrial Revolution and the Zero Marginal Cost Society transition comes more fully into being with its many new kinds of completely new jobs that do not even exist today.)

3.) We work in the world to forward the Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan. (The Job One for Humanity Plan is how to do our individual and collective parts to prepare for, adapt to and mitigate a potentially irreversible or even possible extinction-level of global warming and its consequent climate destabilization. The escalating global warming currently occurring is due primarily to human fossil fuel burning resulting in massive carbon pollution of the atmosphere and climate destabilization. If we do not resolve this climate destabilization challenge soon, within just a few decades human life and civilization as we know it today will be either radically altered or irreversibly worsened for much if not all of the population.

"One half of the US population knows that evolution is a fact of settled science. Yet few of these individuals actually know that the success and sustainability meta-principles of evolution have dynamic, practical and real power to improve their daily lives and the world. Something has to be done quickly about this. " Lawrence Wollersheim

4.) We work to create self-organizing and independent new Evolution 2.0 empowered groups, centers and "Universe Communities" that will actively use and spread the meta-principles, perspectives and tools of progressive evolution, the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and of Sustainable Prosperity.

5.) We support work to help facilitate the wise evolution and enhancement of human cognitive and biological potentials as well as humanity's eventual and necessary exploration and migration out into the stars. We do this by educating on the wise and safe use of new technologies and we even explore the possibilities of evolutionary trans-humanism as a potential future part of the human evolutionary adventure and journey. And,

6.) For those individuals of a spirituality nature, there is also an option to self-create a new kind of Religion 2.0 personal spirituality that is based primarily on evolution and science and best of the world's heritage of life-affirming spiritual wisdom (not dogma or beliefs.)  (Please note: If you are not of a spiritual nature, there are many purely science-grounded areas of our website, mission and vision that will help you improve your life and conditions in practical ways.)

How We Deliver our Mission Services:

Our educational platform is comprised of our websites and the various workshops and events given at our San Francisco center or or at other independent Universe Community and Evolution 2.0 o(r Religion 2.0,) Centers as well as online courses at our Universe College.


In Summary:

This website and our organization is about a new and better vision for our shared futures and a new and better and way to live sustainably and prosperously based upon the science and wisdom of the time-proven meta-principles of universe evolution. If you feel you want to join in our efforts in resolving our most urgent adaptive global challenges as well as becoming an active part in the greatest transformational evolutionary adventure in human history, we gladly welcome you as a fellow Evolutioneer.

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